Our Standards


Kinross Cattery is dedicated to producing Scottish Fold cats/kittens that you will love and nurture for many, many years. We believe, through experience and speaking with breeders who have been breeding for many years, that certain practices are conducive to a quality cattery. When you are looking for that perfect cat, either as a pet or to show yourself, you will appreciate the extra care that goes into each little kitten. Our sales agreement will cover a number of items including:


A kitten/cat purchased from us may not be resold, leased or given away, or sold to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.

This kitten/cat will be kept indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outside.

Kinross Cattery advocates strongly against declawing a cat. If you feel that you MUST declaw, it should be as a last resort ONLY. However, Kinross Cattery will not be held responsible for any behaviour problems as a result of declawing.

This kitten/cat is healthy and free from genetic defects, and has received two sets of shots at the time of the sale.

Kinross Cattery will provide pedigree and registration papers for this cat/kitten.


You are entering a world of incredible responsibility with the purchase
of a new kitten/cat. However, along with this responsibility comes
amusement, joy, pleasure & laughter.
We would love to keep in touch with our cat families to see how
our "babies" are doing.