Brag Page

Brag Page

As you can probably tell, we are proud of the accomplishments our cats have made, whether it be in the show hall, or in the media, or in peoples' lives. Here are a few special moments captured in print:


Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: December 24, 1998
Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: February 7, 2000
Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: December 11, 2001

Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: January 7, 2002
Piper, Tiger & Ben Maxwell
Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: February 9, 2003
Rumbles & Fergie
Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: October 7, 2004
Callie & DK

Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: March 29, 2006
Simon / Tinka
Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: October 19, 2008
Rufus McGyver
Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: August 29, 2010

Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: March 21, 2011
Ruby's Babies
Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: May 8, 2012
Workman's Publishing Cat Calendar
Date: July 26, 2015

To recognize and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of The Cat Fanciers' Association, a special Centennial Celebration Challenge (CCC) was devised and all cats in CFA were invited to participate. In the first round of the CCC, 10 shows were selected in each region where a cat could earn points toward this special challenge. The top cats from each region in the Kitten, Championship, Premiership and Agility categories were selected for the first round of online voting in each category.

Cat lovers everywhere were invited to participate and vote for their favorite CAT IDOL in each of the four categories! Our Jimmy (GC, BW, NW Kinross James McGlynn) represented Region 4 in the Championship category and, when the voting was complete, Jimmy had emerged as the top Cat Idol in the Championship category. The second round of voting pitted the winners of the four categories against one another for the top Cat Idol in CFA.

Voting during both rounds was both competitive and fun. We received votes from all over the world. Unfortunately, we couldn't quite match the sheer numbers from the larger pool of Maine Coon fans, and the Maine Coon Kitten ultimately won the Centennial Celebration Challenge in a race with Jimmy that came right down to the final day of voting. However, Jimmy did achieve the status of top CAT IDOL in Championship both in the Great Lakes Region as well as Nationally. We are proud of how well Jimmy did and appreciate the support we received from so many different people, including several Maine Coon owners as well.

Here is the link describing the CFA Cat Idol Finalists.


In September 2006, Cat Fancy Magazine published an article entitled "Cats In The Classroom." It was written by Hilary Parker and featured Mary Williams, a second-grade teacher, and her cats -- Wally, DK & Mikey -- who help her teach. Read the online version of the article here. Pictured is Mikey helping Colin with his reading.

In 2008, Animal Planet produced a series of television programs entitled CATS 101. The very first breed to be featured was the Scottish Fold. Rufus is the cover cat! Also featured are Wally, DK & Mikey and Duncan.

View the condensed version of the CATS 101 TV series. For the Scottish Fold clip, scroll down the list of breeds when you get to this site.


In May 2008, Oliver was selected as the cover cat for the online cat magazine "Catnip Chronicles."

A few of Oliver's nicknames:

To the tune of Spaghetti O's....Uh-oh, it's Olly-O!
and, of course, O'Bear

In March 2009, Duncan made an appearance in his local newspaper when he assisted his human mom, Mrs. Williams, with teaching of her 2nd-grade classroom.

"Her 8-year-old cat Wally "teaches" math; DK, 7, does phonics and spelling; Mikey, 5, handles cursive writing; and Duncan, 1, instructs in language, including writing and grammar."

Check out the online article here.

Mary Williams was contacted in early 2009 about doing a photo shoot for Baker & Taylor publishers. Baker and Taylor have had Scottish Folds as their mascots for a number of years as they work with a lot of libraries and Baker & Taylor were two library cats by those names. This year Baker & Taylor wanted to upgrade the look of their mascots. So in June 2009, Mary took GP Kinross Mikey Likes Life (a.k.a. Mikey) to Philadelphia for a photoshoot. Joining Mary & Mikey in Philadelphia were Sandi Lewis and GP, NW Whiteiron Native Dancer (a.k.a. Swayze). After taking several pictures they produced an artist's rendering of Mikey and Swayze who will now be the Baker & Taylor mascots. The original Baker & Taylor were shorthairs but they now have one shorthair (Swayze) and one longhair (Mikey). Here is the Baker & Taylor roll-out page.

This is GP, RW Kinross Geordie of Euphoria. Geordie now lives with Jeri and Dan in Harrisburg, PA. Jeri was approached back in May or June 2009 about the possibility of doing a photoshoot for Fresh Step. So Jeri travelled to New York City where the photographers took dozens of pictures of his body parts so that they could photoshop the picture that appears in the ad. This ad is appearing in many magazines, including People Magazine, Woman's Day, Natural Health and others.


Baker & Taylor Facebook Album

Sapheara and her brother Robbie went to a photo shoot in New York City. Here's one of the pictures that was published in marketing material printed for the library.

We were privileged to have a world-famous photographer (Keith Kimberlin) come into our home in 2005 to photograph a litter of kittens. The result was several photos published in his calendar - not only in 2007, but in 2008 and 2009. The two images to the right were included in the 2007 calendar.
This is Kinross Milady of Jollycats.
This is GC Kinross McGyv'ear This!.

This is Kinross Lovely Boy of Empirecats in the 2008 calendar done by Keith Kimberlin.
This is Kinross Lovely Boy of Empirecats and Kinross Milady of Jollycats in the 2009 calendar done by Keith Kimberlin.
This is Kinross Blueberry Patch of Amber Snow in the 2009 calendar done by Keith Kimberlin.

This picture of Scotty and the cat bird bath won First Place in CATS USA 2001 in the "Hilarious Hijinks" category!
This picture of Scotty sitting in his favorite position won First Place in CATS USA 2003 in the "Pure Silliness" category!

This picture of Seasaidh and baby Kara-Mel won Honorable Mention in KITTENS USA 2002-2003 in the "Amusing Moments" category!
This picture of Molly won Honorable Mention in KITTENS USA 2000-2001 in the "Sweet Baby" category!

This picture of Heather was chosen by author Gina Spadafori in her book "Cats for Dummies 2" to represent her section on Scottish Folds. We were so proud!

Another picture of Heather was used by Workman's Publishing "365 Kittens A Year" calendar for 2015. You can see Heather on the cover along the left-hand side, and also for the month of June on the days of June 2 & 3.