GP Kinross DK Lloyd Alexand'ear
* affectionately called DK

Born: March 1, 2002
Dam: CH Deekay Dorothy's Ruby Slipp'ears
Sire: GP Kinross Sterling Cross

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present Grand Premier Kinross DK Lloyd Alexand'ear! We are very proud of DK, and his love of life and his love of the showhall. Special thanks to Mary in taking him out and presenting him so well, to Don for loving him so dearly, and last, but not least, to Wally, his buddy, uncle, cage mate, buddha teacher and constant companion!


Recent Accomplishments:

Show Season 2002-2003: Best SH Kitten in Region 1
Show Season 2002-2003: National 9th Best SH Kitten

Kinross DK Lloyd Alexand'ear became a Grand Premier in CFA at the New Hamphire show on July 26, 2003. Congratulations, DK!

Show Season 2003-2004: Best SH Premier in Region 1

Show Season 2003-2004: 6th Best SH Scottish Fold in Premiership

HRH Queen Marbles, won't you come down and play with me?

The March cat is peace-loving and gentle
and may seem to be in a world of his own for much of the time.

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