Beepafold Wisp 'O Heather of Kinross

*affectionately known as Heather
*brown mactabby & white folded-ear female

Born: March 30, 1999
Dam: GRC Beepafold Ms. Barbara Underhill
Sire: CH Miribu's Georgie Porgie of Pegela

Heather was a very busy kitten, always on the go. She loved to get into mischief, and see what she could knock down. As an adult, Heather is a very friendly girl, seeking attention in her own way, never demanding.

See our brag page. Heather's baby picture (above left) won a spot in the best-selling second edition of "Cats for Dummies" written by Gina Spadafino, as an example of a Scottish Fold. We are certainly proud of Heather!

See Heather's babies below.

Heather is now retired and living with Maureen and Bill (and other feline friends) in Niagara Falls, N.Y. She is adapting well in her new life and we hope to hear from her (and her humans) often. Have a wonderful retirement, Heather! Here's a note from her new household...


Born: June 19, 2000
Sire: Valafold Rowdy Roddy Pipe'ear

"Ben Maxwell" aka Max
(brown mackerel tabby straight-ear male)

Formerly Ben (identical littermate of "Jerry"), his name is now Max. A lively, energetic, inquisitive boy, he is also very comfortable with people and all the other cats in the house. He asks to be petted, and how can you resist stroking that silky coat, especially when he responds by purring?

We say goodbye to our boy, but know he's in good hands with Pat, and her cat Philomena, and her mom, Edith, in Ballston Spa, N.Y. Hear the latest from Pat and the catS...


(brown patched classic tabby straight-ear female)

Maisy was the only girl in this litter -- although she had no problem keeping up with her four brothers. Activity was her second name...

She now lives with Colette & Robert, and their children, in London, Ontario. Hear about her new life...


(brown mackerel tabby straight-ear male)

Jerry was the spittin' image of his brother, Ben (above). Ben and Jerry spent all their time together, and it was extremely difficult to tell them apart. Jerry now lives with Barb in Burlington.


(brown mackerel tabby & white straight-ear male)

Piper is truly a beautiful kitten with his soft, honey-brown coat. His white chin, chest and four paws add to his dashing looks. His inquisitive nature endears him to all of us, and his playfulness as shown above is an everyday occurrence. We will miss this little dynamo, but we know that his new human, Julie from Homer, N.Y. will love him just as we did. And her older cats...well, how can they resist this cute little guy? We're looking forward to hearing about his ongoing adventures...

Hear about Piper from his new human...


(brown classic tabby folded-ear male)

This little guy is a very sweet loving boy. He is less active than his three brothers and one sister, more willing to watch and jump in at the right moment than to fight and tussle all the time. His gentleness and cuddle-ability, plus his soft silky coat, along with those big eyes and folded ears, make him a very attractive kitten, both to hold and to behold.

Tiger now lives with Bonnie in North York, Ontario. She is having fun with him -- that is, when he's not jumping into cupboards unawares and making her think he's run away...or when he's not lying on her neck when she's trying to sleep...


See our brag page. The picture on the right was a "Winner of the Week" in the Page-A-Day Calendar on January 7, 2002.