letters from proud owners...

Kinross Buster Boy

"We still have a cat after four weeks but I think he has already used up most of his nine lives. One day we could hear him rattling around inside the stove after he had been here a week and somehow he had managed to squeeze through an inch and a half of space between the wall and the stove and wound up in the drawer.

...Mum put out the big white rabbit just around the corner from his chalet and he ran over there to bat the ball and as he did and ran through, he was suddenly confronted by this huge thing with lop ears. He stopped on a dime with all four paws together, back arched to its limit and the tail fluffed out to its fullest. He stayed immobile for the longest time and then warily circled it very slowly until he got behind it and then gingerly sniffed under its tail...then...he lit into it with all four feet and what surprised me was that he was able to pick it up in his mouth and carry it around.

...Buster's big discovery this week is the fact that there is a huge other world on the other side of the curtains. His first indication of this was when he hurled himself across the bed and threw himself into the venetian blinds when he saw a bird light on the verandah roof. The only way we could prevent a recurrence of this was to raise the blind and leave it up while he was in the room.

Letter from Simon's humans, Christine & Ben:

"I just want to tell you HOW MUCH we are enjoying Simon. He is really sweet. Now I cannot understand why I didn't want to adopt him the moment I saw him. German people call something like this "love at second sight! ...If we continue shooting pictures at the present rate, we'll soon have to move to a bigger apartment. Simon will be the most photographed cat in town."

Letter from Rascal & Willie's humans, Lucy, Gordon & kids:

"As you can see from the photos Willie and Rascal are getting progressively larger and more mature looking. They seem to be quite comfortable here and have almost full reign of the house. Unfortunately their predator instincts don't allow us to keep the door to the bird's room open. They've had a few interesting encounters. However, you'll be glad to know the bird is still alive and well. We can't say the same for one of Kristen's two (formerly) fish. It was not a great tragedy.

We have all enjoyed them immensely. From observing their play to watching them sleep, to cuddling up to them, we have accepted them totally into our family. We can no longer remember what it was like without them. Thanks again for all the time you took with us when we were considering getting them."

Letter from Oreo's human, Saira:

Hi! We bought the cat Oreo from your cattery. I looked up Kinross Cattery on the internet and I found this site. It's really cool that you have a picture of him on the site!! Oreo is doing great. He's really big now and still playful.

Letter from SamToo's human, Barbara:

#1 SamToo continues to settle in more and more each day. We arrived home last night and our son, Robert, had a number of friends in. In the middle of about 10 young people there SamToo sat, happy as could be. He is clearly a "people" cat. Wherever we are, he is with us, either playing or sleeping on our laps. As Rob said today, "everyone loves this kitten". So true!!!

I think we are going to name him "SamToo". Our other Scottish Fold was Sammy and somehow we thought that this little guy was like Sam too, Sammy was also very friendly and affectionate. So hence Samtoo. All in all, things are working out very well. Thanks for this wonderful pet.

#2 SamToo is proving to be an absolutely wonderful pet. He's, as our vet said, a "people-oriented" cat. He loves to be where the people are and is so affectionate and gentle. Needless to say he has become a very cherished family member!

Letter from Maggie & Stewart's human, Sandra:

#1 Maggie and Stewart are playing (chasing) each other. Maggie still growls at the little guy. They have not fallen asleep together yet. They both like to sleep on my desk but inches apart. I do not separate them any longer. Stewart is a very "BUSY" boy and a real little doll. Everyone loves him. It sure makes life interesting around here.

#2 Maggie & Stewie are doing great. They are a real joy. Maggie is a beauty as you can see from her picture. She is definitely my girl. Stewie is so playful and full of energy. He just loves people and company.

Letter from Finlay's family:

#1 He constantly purrs and seems quite vocal for a Scottish Fold (I heard they tended to be quiet). His voice is high pitched but when he wants attention he really whines for it. He spends his days lounging in the sun and eating, and his evenings skipping from bed to bed to sleep with his human companions. He is enjoying his new toys, and of course all of the attention he is getting. We lost thier beautiful cat Toby roughly one year ago. Since then, we did not plan on having another cat as Toby was so special to us that no other cat would seem to live up to his legacy in our household.We are enjoying our newest family member as if he was meant to be here all along.

#2 Finlay remains a joy in the family. He also remains a bit of a loud-mouth, begging to be let outside or to have a taste of whatever the humans around him are eating. He is content to sit in our laps on the deck in the backyard enjoying the weather with us. We are also impressed with how gentle and passive he is when we administer his medications. One would imagine a cat could get impatient with his humans, but Finlay takes it in a stride and waits for his favorite cat treat that always follows. We couldn't have asked for a greater character in a cat.

Letter from Piper's human, Julie:

#1 Well, he is truly wonderful! I awoke at some time during the night and was aware that there was a kitty asleep on my pillow above my head with his little paw on my forehead! And, then at 5 a.m., he was awake and wanting to play - had toes, fingers nibbled and everything on my nightstand shoved off. The two adult cats have their noses out of joint but that will change with time.

#2 Piper (named after his father) continues to be a delight. I have never had a more rambunctious, playful, inquisitive kitty - he can get in more trouble in 5 minutes and then, just as fast, tires and wants to sleep on your neck. He treats humans as his litter buddies and believes our bodies are for his comfort - to romp across, cuddle on, sleep on, nestle into. When near us, he always has at least some part of his body (usually, all of it) resting on us.

Our female, 7 years old, is becoming pretty tolerant - which is good, given that she has a very fluffy tail that is in constant motion which is very tempting to a kitty! Our 11 year old male is continuing to show his dominance - which Piper mostly ignores.

Thanks again - we love our new addition.

Letter from Heather's humans, Maureen & Bill:

#1 Our little Heather has been exploring on the second floor for days now. Last night there she was, calmly sitting in the cat tree, surveying the room. She climbed out of the tree and wandered all over...climbing on all the furniture, sitting in all the windows, eating and drinking from all the bowls, going from room to room, walking across me as i was sitting on the couch. She finally went over and laid down right next to "the head kitty" her big brother. She gets along very well with her 2 brothers...they frequently rub noses, but things are still a little rocky with her big sister...they still have their growling matches, only not as frequently as before. I'm sure, pretty soon, they'll be best friends.

#2 Heather hasn't ventured downstairs (too much) yet, (but) when I let her out of the carrier, she spent about 1/2 an hour touring the first floor. She drank out of all the waterbowls, ate out of the food dishes, examined the litterboxes, sat in the windowsills and played in and climbed the cat tree. She's very good at hiding when she wants to. Another thing she's very good at is eating...she eats everything that's put in front of her...wet or dry.

#3 Heather is crawling all over me and the computer as i'm typing. I think she feels she's not getting my full attention and she's determined to change that. She has definitely got a crush on her two older brothers. she's always hanging around them, and going up and sitting next to them, and rubbing against them, and touching noses with them. It's very cute to watch. They are very patient with her...they let her come up and start eating or drinking out of the dish they're eating or drinking out of. If one of them is sitting in a window looking outside, she'll jump up on the same window ledge and sit with them and watch.

#4 Heather and her big sister are getting along much better. I would say that they get along fine about 85% of the time, and the other 15% of the time is not too bad. As for heather and her big brothers.....she's managed to convince them that they should wash her when we go to bed at night. They used to wash each other, now they wash her....it's a riot! she runs around the house a lot, and the brothers chase her....it sounds like a herd of horses.

#5 Heather is a regular member of the family. she and her sister are getting along much better now. they still tear around the house and chase each other but that's not unusual, my other little girl does that to one of her brothers, too. Heather loves the windowledges. I got a couple of birdfeeders outside the front window so that the birds will come and she'll have some activity to watch. She also likes to watch the next-door neighbor's dog in the yard next door. You never know where you'll find heather....she likes to go up to the third floor and watch my son's tropical fish and sleep in his waterbed. she really gets around.

Letter from Holly & her humans, Ted & Joanne:

#1 Hi Everyone. Well, so far so good. I think I like my new home ok, but I miss Mum and Dad and everyone. I have a great space (cave) to live in, food is ok and my new parents got real excited when I used the Kitty litter--what did they expect? Tomorrow we are going to see my new doctor, Dr.Steve and then we will pick up some Royal Canin food. That's it for now...I certainly do miss you all but the future looks good.
Regards, Holly

#2 Just a brief report on Holly. She continues to do well in her new home. She has come to terms with her new "four footed" friends. Everyone is getting along well. Our vet gave her a clean bill of health- naturally. She has grown a fair bit in the nearly two weeks she has been with us.

She is truly all I had expected or hoped for and more. She follows me around, we watch TV together, especially Hockey. We are taking some pictures and will send you some of them shortly.

Letter from Megan's humans, Troy & Shelley:

#1 Megan has adjusted well. She likes to cuddle and sleep with us. She wakes us up while cuddling our heads. She is used to the new place after finding places to hide and smelling every corner of the house. She does lick a fair bit too. We think she's great.

#2 Just a Megan update. She is cute as ever. Last Christmas we took Megan along on a 10,000 km/10 day marathon trip in a Pontiac Aztek. She was great, just settled in like it was a small apartment with a great view. She even got mentioned in a national car magazine because of the trip(World of Wheels).

#3 Megan is getting along famously in our new place. Over the years she has grown more and more affectionate and a night doesn't pass where she doesn't sleep with us (purring wildly). She cleans us constantly and is always happy to sit with us all evening when we get home from work. Her favourite pastime is chattering at birds that fly up to our 11th floor window and on to our balcony. She is very brave as long as the bird is on other side of the glass.

Letter from Elvi's human, Pat:

#1 Just a short note to let you know how much fun Elvi is. I am wasting much of the weekend playing with him versus grading papers. Guess my kids are going to have to understand. When we aren't playing, he is helping me grade or chasing Beep's tail...

#2 Elvi developed a new pastime. He twists around when he is on my leg and rolls his head off, thus just about standing on his head. He is really getting to do it all the time. He likes me to rub his belly when he does it and just purrs and purrs. He is getting along good with Duffy at this point. They are good buddies now. The two of them and Roz are a riot... They have turned her into a kitten again.

Letter from Maisy's humans, Colette, Robert & children:

Maisy is becoming a real part of our family. She is very affectionate, curious and adorable. She has a wonderfully loud purr that can drown out the television volume. She follows us around the house wherever we go. We are still working on cat proofing the house (I can see this being an ongoing thing) but I think we are getting to know each other quite well already.

Letter from Piper's human, Julie:

#1 Well, he is truly wonderful! I awoke at some time during the night and was aware that there was a kitty asleep on my pillow above my head with his little paw on my forehead! And, then at 5 a.m., he was awake and wanting to play - had toes, fingers nibbled and everything on my nightstand shoved off. The two adult cats have their noses out of joint but that will change with time.

#2 Piper (named after his father) continues to be a delight. I have never had a more rambunctious, playful, inquisitive kitty - he can get in more trouble in 5 minutes and then, just as fast, tires and wants to sleep on your neck. He treats humans as his litter buddies and believes our bodies are for his comfort - to romp across, cuddle on, sleep on, nestle into. When near us, he always has at least some part of his body (usually, all of it) resting on us.

Our female, 7 years old, is becoming pretty tolerant - which is good, given that she has a very fluffy tail that is in constant motion which is very tempting to a kitty! Our 11 year old male is continuing to show his dominance - which Piper mostly ignores. Thanks again - we love our new addition.

#3 He's just like a 2 year old kid - we have to make him take naps as the world is so exciting that it is hard to slow down. His favorite toy at the moment is a piece of stiff plastic. It got into a shoe the other day so he went after it and got stuck! The vet's receptionist's comment when she saw him was "How can anybody not love that face!". We agree!

#4 He remains a delight. He is quickly growing to your estimated weight - tops off at 10 1/2 lbs., 1/2 lb. heavier than the oldest cat. He continues to believe that humans are there for his comfort at all times of the day and night. It is not infrequent that I awake in the middle of the night, aware that a 10+ lb. body is lying stretched out on my back. During his waking hours (which are many, I might add!) he is full of mischief and now has convinced our female to participate in his hijinks. He loves toys and is able to do a 180 degree flip, about 18 - 24 inches off the ground, when going after a feather on a bungee cord. He also imitates prairie dogs or meercats by sitting up on his haunches and looking around. He continues to get more handsome. The caramel color is becoming more prominent, the fish scale affect is turning into a pretty pattern, and his eyes match his coat beautifully. Add personality to that and we remain totally charmed.

#5 Just wanted to give you a brief update. As I have mentioned, Piper has been wanting a playmate and my two older cats were not at all cooperative. About 6 weeks ago I got a Bichon Frise puppy - 3 lbs. of fluff and energy. They have become fast friends: they sleep together, chase one another, wrestle (I know, I have seen some WWF wrestling holds). Piper loves having his ears nibbled and will position himself so Maggie, the puppy, has good contact. Together, they are hilarious!

#6 Piper continues to be a delight - he is a big sweetie and continues to get more handsome. He and the puppy are great friends and have wonderful chase and wrestling games. He loves to have his ears nibbled by the puppy. Time for more pictures - we will be sure to send one.

#7 We realized that it's been awhile since we updated you about our Piper. He remains a delight. He turned into a very big boy compared to our two other Scottish folds. He is long and about 13 lbs. His markings remain absolutely handsome and he has the sweetest temperment. He continues to love to lie on his back with his paws in the air - still shocks friends who think he has died! And, of course, one of his favorite spots is lying on our chest while we are reading or trying to sleep.

Letter from Max's human, Pat, and cat companion, Philomena:

#1 "Ben" purred all the way to Schenectady. I'm renaming him...from "Ben" to "Ben Maxwell" AKA Max, AKA Mad Max. Did I tell you what a sweet cat I think he is? I'm sure Philomena will end up liking him. How could she not? And I'll be happy that she has company. They've had a grand time of running around, Max to see what's here, Philomena right after him to see where he's going and what he's doing. He ended up on the hassock, with his front paws on the edge. She came up and gently raised her paw to gently touch his paw. As if to see what his coat was like. She really hasn't had a cat around before.

#2 Max tears about the house, and has LOTS of energy!! And we love him very much. Philomena is still adjusting, since he butts in to everything (as is to be expected). We all watched JAG together... Philomena on the couch on my right side, and Max, sitting quietly on my left.

#3 Every day they seem to be getting along better and better. Phil doesn't seem to get into tiffs over turf, too much. There are those times she lets max know she "doesn't approve". They were in facing bags in the kitchen the other day (how do you get a picture of that?). And, when not sleeping, they can pretty much both be found together someplace. And mom says "he's a smart cat"...


Letters from Rumbles' human, Enid, and cat companion, Biscuit:

#1 FINALLY, they are getting along. Chasing each other, and wrestling. Although Biscuit is twice the size of Rumbles, Rumbles takes no nonsense, and gives as good as he gets - sometimes better. The only time there's trouble is on our bed. Biscuit occupied that space as I was recovering from surgery for fully 4 weeks, and he wants it back. Rumbles could care less. His attitude is that there's enough room for two, and if you don't like it - tough. Occasionally Biscuit decides enough is enough and goes after Rumbles in anger. But they are easily separated, and it doesn't last. I fully I expect this will change as well.

#2 Biscuit now dearly loves Rumbles, wants to mother him, lick him when he's not feeling well, and play tackle with him, but Rumbles will have none of it. A very tough minded kitten, Rumbles is. This kid only wants to be petted, stroked, or whatever, on his terms, at his chosen times - and you know when that is. His latest is he chirps almost constantly. He chirps when he's looking for Biscuit, he chirps when he thinks its time for us to awaken, even tho he's been on my chest most of the night and he knows perfectly well where Biscuit is because he's sitting right next to him, and he chirps for no apparent reason. Its like having a bird in the house. We think he's the most beautiful Fold ever. I can't tell you how happy we are with this kitten. If you ever need testimonials you can count on us.

#3 Rumbles is quite a character as it turns out. His favorite toys is a feather. He's had several, but right now the favorite is a red one. He carries it around with him, finds a place to hide it and then digs it out. The other day Ed had collected some of the trash baskets around the house to empty, but first decided to have a cup of coffee before taking them out to the garage. Rumbles rushed upstairs, got his feather, and then spent a wonderful 20 minutes hiding it in the trash baskets, and digging it out. The game was over when all the trash, thank god it was just papers, was strewn all over the room. He also opens doors at will. Biscuit who makes it a point never to exert himself unduly in the absence of food just watches.

#4 Rumbles asked me to write and thank you all for his birthday card. He says he knew it was safe to open because he recognized your name on the return address, and nothing fell out but the card.. He said he noticed that the little bear had no toenails, and he could relate to that 'cause his had just been cut. He also said to tell you that he was very disappointed that his cousin, Biscuit, didn't even wish him a happy birthday, so he won't let him on the bed.

#5 Rumbles plays fetch better than any dog we've ever had!!!! He likes the twist-em ties- not the paper ones - only the plastic ones, and only black (I'm not kidding). You toss, he fetches, brings it to you and drops it for you to toss again. Unbelievable.

Letter from Fergus' human, Kitty:

#1 He is just so adorable and growing so fast. He is quite the chow hound, loves his food (and anyone else's!) He sleeps every night with me, usually right next to me or on me! I love it. He's adjusted very well here, and is loved a whole lot.

#2 Fergus and I want to thank you for the cute birthday card. He is getting so big! He looked forward to his favorite cat food today (certain wet foods). But he still gets his dry food too, which is second on his list. He still sleeps with me but only when he wants too...he is independent you know. He is always there next to me or on the adjacent pillow in the morning...waiting for his breakfast!

Letter from Mackenzie's human, Bev:

#1 He is doing very well. He weighs 7 1/2 lbs and has grown considerably. He is very cool and laid back and gets along very well with the dogs. Everyone that sees him thinks he is just a beauty, especially our vet. I'm sure you can tell that we just love the little guy.

Letters from Jenna's new family, Gloria, Ray & Gina:

#1 I thought you might like to hear from me and how my first 24 hours away from you has gone. As you know, I am not a very brave cat. I hid under that pillow for a while but I soon got a little brave and I tried to voice my complaint quite forcefully, but all they did was talk in soothing voices. I decided I might as well try to get some sleep. I did try to convince them a few more times to let me out, but we finally made it to these strange surroundings just before midnight. After Ray and Gloria and Gina went to bed, I thought I would look around. I managed to jump up on to the washer and dryer and then hid behind them (It was really dusty back there!). Ray and Gloria came to see what I was up to. They had to pull out the dryer to get me. They then tried to fixed things so that I couldn't get in. I actually let Ray pet me while I was looking out the window. I know you would be proud of me! Around 1:45 a.m. I decided to see if I could jump on top of the shelves way up by the ceiling. I made it! I knocked something down on the dryer and it made a big noise. I think I woke them up again. Ray took me out around noon this morning and held me on his lap in the living room. I behaved myself, but I sure wanted to run away. I hid under a pillow for a while and then made a dash behind the couch. They are very nice. They have talked to me and petted me a lot today but I am still scared. I hope I get over it soon. Do you have any suggestions? I miss you and all my friends. Please say "hi" to them for me, OK?

With love, Jenna

#2 She has really fit in so well. She "talks" lots and purrs too. She usually wakes us up in the morning - sometimes a little too early, but she loves to be where we are. Tonight she sat on my lap for a nice long time and loved to be petted. She usually comes when she is called too. In the evening she can hardly wait until I sit down. It is so neat to have her around - to talk to her when we come home, to pet her (especially when we feel tired). She is very therapeutic to have around. Thanks for allowing us to have her in our home. Although she seems to have attached herself to me, she does feel comfortable around Gina and Ray too. They love her too.

#3 Jenna is doing great. She is sitting on the desk with me while I am typing to you. She always comes to us when we come home from being away. She loves sitting on our lap when we sit down in the evening, and she complains if it is taking too long. We love her dearly. She is definitely part of our family.

Jenna & Rosie: #1 I am going to try to write you a quick note. Rosie thinks she can help too. She has sat on the keyboard twice already in my trying to get this far. Rosie is sure a ball of fun! She has fit in very well. She and I even managed to get some rest together today, which was amazing. Soon she laid down on my leg against the side of the chair and put one paw over my arm. She fell asleep purring loudly. It was so cute. At the moment she is on the desk, watching my fingers, and purring. I love watching her play with the blue pompom you sent. She carries that up and down the stairs and bats it around. I thought she lost it yesterday. I couldn't find it anywhere. She had it again today. I told Ray that Rosie has so much energy, she must have high energy food. I told him that I should try it, that maybe it would give me some energy! Jenna is adapting remarkably well. She will let Rosie pass near her now without hissing. They even play a little together. Today Rosie started pulling on her shoelace, her favourite toy. Jenna watched and it looked like they might try playing tug-of-war! Jenna lets Rosie eat and drink out of her dishes and Jenna checks out the room that Rosie's things are in too. Ray said that they even slept on the same couch this afternoon. Jenna still lets Rosie know that she is boss.

#2 Rosie and Jenna are racing together right now. They are quite a pair. Rosie went to lie down beside Jenna tonight. Jenna stayed and did not growl for about 2 minutes and then she got up and left the couch. Enough of that, I guess. They are getting closer all the time. We had an hilarious time the other night watching Rosie chase her tail. It seemed like she just discovered this wiggly thing at the end! She would go after it and then her tail would flick in the opposite direction!

#3 Did I tell you that Rosie turned on the bathroom hot water tap one morning around 6am? I think it was an accident though, thank goodness - because she hasn't done it since. She does have a fascination for water from the tap. She usually comes on the counter when I am brushing my teeth and puts her paws in the sink. She is a funny cat.


Letters from Kira's new family, Irene, Jeff & Alexander:

Well, Kira is now the big kahuna in our house. She has settled in very well, but she does not like to be left alone and will cry until she can see you. The difference now is that when you call her she comes, rather than us always having to go to her. She is eating, sleeping and playing like a kitten should. We will take her to the vet sometime this week, as we did not want to traumatize her too soon. She likes to chew on things and is very curious. She is fascinated with all our plants, especially the spider plants. She does like to climb and has done a few headers' off of the dressers, beds, counters etc. She refuses to sleep alone and has taken to sleeping on our bed, after she says good night to Alexander (this means chasing his feet under the covers etc.) Alexander was in stitches laughing so hard, as they played last night. She sleeps by Jeff's head most of the time, but she did curl up around my neck for awhile, guess she got cold. She just knocked over the clock, and away she goes! Anyway, she is full of beans that's for sure. I hear her running around in the bathtub now, oh, here she goes, meowing, expecting me to come running:>) I think we are spoiling her! Better go and see what she wants, I think it is time for her afternoon nap!!!!


Letters from Rory & Glen's new family, Brian & Andrea:

#1 When I left for work they were both sitting at the open window together watching the birds at the feeder and in the bird bath - making that chattering sound which I think is great !! When Brian was home for lunch today both boys climbed up and joined him on the recliner and purred their hearts out - proud Dad !!

#2 The boys have settled in great and we love them dearly. Rory is just a purry, cuddly baby - not so small now, tipped the scales yesterday at 8.7 lbs. Glen wants to be patted and made a fuss of, but he still likes to sit close beide you - but not on your lap, he weighs in at 7.7 lbs. Their latest source of amusement are the Hummingbirds, we have three feeders at different windows, so they now have, squirrels, birds and a little rabbit to watch, keeps them out of mischief !! - sometimes !!

#3 The boys are doing just great, both of them weighed in this evening at 10.4 lbs !! They give us so much fun and pleasure - Glen wants just about as much attention as Rory now, and we are happy to oblige.

#4 Rory and Glen are doing just great, both weigh in now at almost 12 lbs. Their personalities are very different, Rory is extremely talkative to both of us, sometimes we are not too sure of what he is saying !! He loves dripping water and scoops it up in his paw for a drink, he will sit in the bottom of the jacuzzi for ages just waiting for the faucet to turn on. He is such a poppet and loves to be carried around in your arms. Glen is still a little more reserved but can be every bit as loving in his own way, his coat turned out beautiful and is longer than Rory's with his gorgeous long white collar. We love them both dearly.


Letters from Cujo's new family:

#1 Can't believe it, Sammi and Cujo are upstairs playing as I type this letter. Last night there were a few growls from Sammi. We kept Cujo in a separate room unless we were right there to supervise. This morning Sammi just followed the kitten around and finally they began to play. So I am sure this is going to end up splendidly. I must say just how impressed and thankful I am for the care you give your cats. They are so beautiful and their personalities are clearly secure from a loving home. I truly do appreciate this because I know how much work this requires. Thank you so much. Must go, back up to watch the action!!!!

#2 So just to let you know that Sammi & Cujo are doing very well. What characters they are. Cujo is curled up here in front of the keyboard as I type, making the task alittle more difficult, but hey, what great company. Their personalities are so different. Sammi likes to play basically with us. He has never been particularly interested in toys unless there was a person on the other end of it. His favourite game is "chase". He likes when we hide and then he comes to find us and we then chase him and give him a good tummy rub. He is quite happy to sit beside us wherever we are and just "hang out". Cujo is much more active. He plays with whatever moves. He has also learned to play fetch. He will have us throw one of his favourite little balls, he then chases after it and brings it back. He too is a good companion and likes to be where we are. They both are getting along well and have times of play together. All in all we couldn't ask for more adorable and wonderful pets. They are also both turning out to be very large and very beautiful. The vet has asked for a photo for their wall because they find them so lovely.

#3 Cujo, who almost never leaves my side, is a reminder to me of God's constant presence in my life. Both Sammi & Cujo bring so much joy, I know my life is deeply richer with them in it.


Letters from Bella's new humans, Jessica & Justin:

#1 Bella is doing wonderfully. She already has the run of the place and she has regained her appetite. On the way home, for the most part she slept ... unless you count the first hour when she cried without a pause :) She has been very playful, especially at night when she likes to attack our blanket covered toes. Once again, Thank You so very much. Bella is a wonderful blessing!

#2 We just wanted to let you know that Bella is recovering from her spaying and she is doing very well. Thank You again for Bella; she is the little delight of our lives and everyone who meets her is in complete awe of her gentle and unusualy warm behavior. Most people that have met her say she would be the only reason they would ever buy a cat. We love her very much,


Letters from Fraser's new family:

Fraser is a terrific little kitten. He doesn't let me sleep all that much but he is getting better! One thing that boggles my mind is his love for water! He loves to play in water and has no fear of it. I never knew a cat that liked water so much. He is getting very big since I got him and we had a little birthday celebration for him last week.


Letters from Wally's new humans, Mary (and Don):

Just a quick line to let you know that this morning we woke up to find that Wally had left the safety of under the bed and gone downstairs. He's pretty nervous being down here with Her Highness and Checkers, but there is no hissing. They're all just leaving each other alone. More later.

He's been so playful the last day or two. He hasn't been especially laid back, but he's been lots of fun. I think he's trying to work out his place with the other cats. Checkers really seems to like him and want to play with him, but Wally's taking it slow. Marbles on the other hand, wants to make sure he knows she's the Queen. He also has a great purr.

He seems to be doing what he wants now, in spite of who is in what room. Marbles doesn't want much to do with him, but Checkers is dying to be friends. We got the two of them playing with a couple crinkle balls together last night. This morning, Checkers went up to Wally and gave him a couple licks on the face, but Wally hissed slightly. Checkers is quite sure of wanting Wally as a friend, but Wally remains a bit guarded. Wally jumped up on the couch last night and plopped down next to me and purred.

I was unloading the dishwasher this morning. I looked away to put some pans away. When I looked back, there was Christopher Columbus (Wally) the great explorer in the dishwasher. Of course, I pulled him right out. He gave me a very loud "I don't like what you're doing" meow.

I woke up at about 5:00 this morning, and Wally jumped right up with me. We had a long snuggle and purr session. He's such a love. Last night I didn't finish my pork chop. I left it to answer the phone. A little while latter Don started calling for me. Wally had helped himself to the pork chop and had it everywhere! If he keeps this up, he'll be in the sink all right. He'll need a bath!

Wally has also turned Checkers back into a kitten. We're very happy about this. Checkers stayed a kitten until his beloved littermate and best friend Hopscotch died back in Feb. Since then he's been very lonely and depressed. (Marbles doesn't play with domestics, especially if they don't realize that she has to win all the time.) Now that he has Wally to pal around with, Checkers is so much happier. We're really glad that we got the right kitten, not just for us, but for Checkers too.

Wally is such a cool guy. He and Checkers have been hanging out and playing together quite a bit. They're getting to be good buddies. Yesterday they were following each other around the house for quite awhile. I found the two of them hanging out on our bed yesterday afternoon. Wally has also been spending more time on our bed at night, which is encouraging. If he senses that one of us is awake, he turns the purr on full blast and comes up from by our feet and snuggles up about chest/neck high. Last night he came up and layed down with his head on my pillow and snuggled me around 2:30 am.

He's also learning to play fetch quite well. A very smart fellow too! He's even starting to play "chase" with me. That is, he goes up within a few feet of me and I start to move closer to him, and then he jumps up and runs away, expecting me to chase after him. Usually he dives under a bed, or behind a couch or something, then I walk away, and he comes out and it all starts all over again. Sometimes he leads me around the whole house a couple of times before diving someplace where I can't reach him.

Tomorrow, on his six month Birthday, we're having pork chops for dinner, since he seems rather fond of them, as you well know by now...

Yesterday when I got home, Wally followed me upstairs to change. Checkers was under the bed and jumped up onto the bed. The minute Wally saw him, he started purring full blast. Checkers held him down with his paw and groomed him. It was so cute. They're really good friends. Thanks again for Wally! We love him!

Today is Wally's and our one month anniversery together. Wally just keeps getting sweeter. This morning I woke up to his furry head in the palm of my hand. He's also a good friend to Checkers, who has been very lonely since the death of his sister Hopscotch. I could go on and on about his antics, but I'll just say that he continues to hang out in the bathroom sink.

Wally is starting to win over Queen Marbles. They now hang out in the same room or both on the cat furniture. That's not exactly snuggling up, but for Marbles, it's being very friendly. Speaking of HRH Marbles, I think Wally has really won her heart. He's so respectful of her, that she had to like him. The often sit together (never touching!) and enjoy each other's company. I'll send pictures of the miraculous friendship when I have them.

Wally is so funny. He now comes running when we have breakfast. He sits on the table (something none of our other cats have ever been allowed to do) and eats dry Cheerios then finishes the milk from both our bowls. Yes, he has our number. I really love him. Thanks again for letting us adopt him.

Yep! There's nothing like a kitty who sucks up to his mama! I really don't know how you could stand to part with him, especially since you really didn't know us, but I'm so glad you did. Hopefully by now you know he's in a good home and feel like you made the right decision. If you don't, forget it! You can't have him back!

Today is our one year anniversary with Wally Baby. I have to stop to thank you again for him. He's such a special part of our family, and I love him so much. It was very hard losing Hopscotch and Winky, and I still miss them, but I'm glad to have a kitty friend who's just as special as they were and who I love just as much.


Letters from Mi'ya's new family, Karen & Mary:

#1 The best way I can describe how Mi'ya is adjusting is to tell you about a phone call I received from Mary this morning...she didn't know quite what to do with Mi'ya. Mi'ya was following her all around the house, sitting on top of her desk starring at the computer as Mary was working. Now granted she was laughing in amazement, particularly at how well she (Mi'ya) has adjusted to Wiccy...she just ignores him and goes about her appointed rounds...and generally has made herself queen of the house.

She even made it through our annual New Year's Day brunch where we invited 13 people over. She made a very short appearance (just a hi!, she's here, isn't she beautiful) and when the crowd got down to a manageable four people, she just walked right on in and made herself at home. She is eating just fine, she loves to be groomed, and is settling into some sort of routine. Not quite sure what the fascination is with water...sure she's all cat? But she seems to be having a good time and is just a real love-child.

#2 She now follows Mary, me, Wiccy and guests around the house. Has incredible manners and will allow us to cradle her in our arms where she just goes to sleep. She does the prairie-dog frequently; loves water and can be frequently found playing in (or around) the shower, the toilet bowl, the kitchen sink and dog water bowl. She just has a good time. Mi'ya is just a love...I think she has become Mary's cat more than anything...but she seems to have enough love to go around to all her humans and animals. A definite princess...all the way around.

#3 On her 10th birthday we got this message:

Now here we are and Miya will celebrate her 10th Birthday on June 16th. She is just the most wonderful member of the family. She became the 'seeing eye' cat for our first Shar Pei when at 15 he was blind. She would walk in front of him so he could smell her so he wouldn't bump into things. She knew when he needed to go out and she would come get one of us and then walk in front of Wiccy to the door, stand by the door until he came back, and then walked him to a resting place and then rubbed against him and went off to play. When I was sick on dialysis she was a constant companion; and then helped to nurse me back to health when I had my kidney transplant. This past year she welcomed another Shar Pei puppy into our home, and now that she is Top Cat, has helped socialize our now 18 month old Shar Pei, who runs and plays with her. Dixie is now one win away from her Championship and I can't help but think that Miya's training and socialization is part of our Shar Pei's gentleness.

Miya will come when she is called. The dog will not. Miya will ask for water and tap your shoulder if you walk by to get your attention. Miya will sit and purr and lie all over the keyboard because she thinks all of it is hers. She will tell us if there is something wrong in the house and lead us to the problem. Miya is a human-cat and at 10 we are so grateful for the gift you sent us those many years ago. To thank you for our companion of almost 8 years is something I've been so remiss to do. And to your credit we have had a wonderful member of the family. There are no words that can ever approach how thankful we both are for your family's gift to us.

So Happy Birthday Miya's Mom & Dad. She sends you water-licks and love. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Letters from MacGregor & Bonnie's new family, Heather, Morley & Jenn:

#1 Well, it's been almost a week and everything is going just great!! He is a wonderful little guy. Very affectionate and has adapted to his new home and surroundings very well. Heather and I couldn't be more pleased. Heather has taken the week off work to help with his transition. Being with him each day this week has really helped with his adjustment. He has lots of toys and a new "kitty condo" to play with and in.

#2 We are having so much fun with our little fella! He has quite a personality and is incredibly vocal. We always know where he is in the house..............he is never quiet long! If he can't find us, his voice gets very loud and then when he spots us, he gets quieter. He is very happy to be carried around in our arms and he purrs up a storm. He comes and wakes me up in the morning by lying right across my neck............he puts his back feet on one shoulder, front feet on the other and lies across my chest and stares at me until I wake up (which usually doesn't take more than a minute because I start to sweat!) As soon as I wake up, he starts to purr and talk to me and the playing begins!

#3 Bonnie adapted to us and her new home by Saturday night and she and Macgregor saw each other many times through the glass door to our downstairs. There was lots of meowing and a real eagerness to really "see" each other. We let them really "see" each other a couple of times while we supervised. Just as you said, there was lots of growling and hissing......one minute they are being mean to each other and then they are falling asleep not 2 feet from one another and not really caring! They both fell asleep on the couch yesterday afternoon about one foot from each other and slept for hours. We are really hoping that this hissing and growling ends soon................Macgregor is very anxious to play with his sister.

#4 Macgregor and Bonnie continue to get to know one another. The other evening they were sleeping side by side and Bonnie reached out and placed her paw on Macgregor's body and licked his back foot! She isn't hissing or growling unless Macgregor corners her.............I think we are making good progress!

#5 Day by day Bonnie is getting used to us picking her up............I think she is starting to realize that we won't drop her. The two of them "chirrrp" to one another all the time..............sometimes it sounds like we have a house full of birds. Last night in bed I had Bonnie curled up in my left arm and Macgregor was on my right..............I had purrrrrring in stereo!!!!! All in all we have having so much fun with them. They have added real joy to our lives. They each have such different personalities and it's fun to learn about them every day.

#6 I almost forgot to tell you about clipping Bonnie's nails! I sat on the couch in the same position / place as you did and it was no problem at all to clip her nails. But wait until I tell you what Macgregor did........................when I was clipping the second paw, he came over and sat on the arm of the couch, put his paw on Bonnie's shoulder and licked her head! Up until that time Bonnie had been making the odd little sound, letting me know that she was not really happy, but as soon as Macgregor came over and touched her, she calmed down and was perfectly wonderful! Needless to say I was in tears by the end of the nail clipping! What a pair!


Letters from Fergie and her new humans, Pat & Alice:

#1 Meow:

I have now been at my new home in Windsor for two weeks and Pat and Alice think I am the "Cats Meow". They think I can do no wrong and I am the best kitten ever. I love my new toys - my favorite is the cat dancer and my mouse. I have the perfect spot for my cat perch to watch the boats go by on the Detroit River and to see the birds flying over head. Pat and Alice laugh at me as I sometimes scare myself in the mirror and think there's another cat in this house and then I realize that I am the queen of the castle (and I like it that way). They are also amazed that I like water so much. One of my favorite pastimes is sitting in the sink and watching the water drip. I am a very quiet kitty, don't talk much but purr a lot. I am very sociable, lovable and adorable when people come to visit. Alice is about to sit down in our favorite chair and I have to lie on her lap. Bye for now, Fergie

#2 As you can see, she loves water and hiding in the bushes. She has really made herself at home. She is very relaxed and purrs up a storm. She seems to really love it here and we love her.



Letters from Lassie's new human, Ruth:

Ruth called the kitten Lassie and it seems to fit her quite well. She has grown considerably and is quite active, and continues to be Ruth's constant companion. She has provided much solace during this difficult time. It is still amazing to us how she made a bee line for Ruth right away and has never left her side. She is well taken care of and very much a part of the family.



Letters from Boswell and his new humans, Lauren & Tom:

#1 "I'm HERE! I've been home for 45 minutes, and already used the pan, sniffed at the food and water, and tested the Official Cat Chair (the one next to the person using the computer, for easy petting.) Favorite places include the shelf under the computer table and the area under the futon. I also took an inadvertent trip down the hall but decided that was a bit much to cope with right now; the study has everything a young cat could desire... Is that a bird outside that window?"

#2 He's played with his tinsel-toy and two of his little fluffy balls until he is tuckered out. He's like a puppy with the balls; Once they have been properly captured, he carries them from place to place. He's still lonely-keeps calling for the other kitties. On the other hand, I don't think he minds having his food dish to himself! I have a bird toy, a bunch of feathers on a fishing-lure spinner attached to a black string and a black rod, and he keeps trying to take it off somewhere to bury it once he's "killed" it.

#3 Boswell has taken over this family quite completely! Each of us has our own "routine" with him; for instance, after the humans eat breakfast, he has 10 minutes of chasing his tinsel-toy with me, all over the bedroom. This gets him going to the point where he actually pants out loud! He then "winds down" with a few pounces at my hand (wrapped in a towel) and is ready to relax for most of the day. My son, who ordinarily has to be awakened by parental door-pounding, now finds himself greeting the day as Boswell patrols the window-sill next to his head. (You never know when a vicious beetle might try to break into the house!) He's thrilled to have a cat who wants to be touched and played with. My husband, who has become devoted to him, gives him supper in the evening, so Boswell meets him at the door, escorts him to the bedroom, supervises his change into "play clothes" and provides unlimited conversation until dinner-time. And evenings and weekends, you are likely to find Boswell sprawled out as close to one of us as he can get. He's a sprawler, rather than a cuddler, and prefers to be on his back with his legs akimbo, with or without tummy rubs. He's very good-natured and sociable with strangers, rather like his name-sake (a notorious man-about-London in the 1730s). He learns very quickly; he already knows that the tables and counters are off-limits, and that "Boswell" means there's probably food about, and that the tinsel-toy disappears after 10 minutes, and that I'm likely to disappear for the day after I put on my shoes but can be delayed by flirtatious behavior.

#4 Boswell continues to delight us. At 8 months, he is clearly an adolescent; into everything, and inclined to say "Whatever" when I tell him to get OFF the toaster and OFF the counter. Since we aren't at home during the day, we have to rely on things like knocked-over papers to know what's going on in our absence. He's never destructive-just curious and full of energy. And here's one I'll bet you never heard-Boswell waits for me outside the shower every morning, so I can wipe him all over with my wet hands! I started doing this during the heat of the summer, and he really enjoys it. We must look most peculiar, but it takes off a layer of loose hair and dirt. I'm probably the only woman in America who gets out of the shower and dries her hands on the cat.

#5 Boswell seems to be full of adolescent vigor. "Look, Mom, I can get up on the counter and over the toaster without knocking over a single one of your little ornaments!" "I don't care, get down NOW!" "But it's perfectly safe!" "Young man, what did I just say" "How about if I traverse the top of the piano, then?" And to think my human son just moved out. Last night, Bozzie conned me into leaving my comfy chair in order to pursue him, then took my warm spot. However, he has learned that I'm going to order him OFF the table tonight, just like I did last night, and has been known to look at me carefully and then give up. Which gets him a "good kitty" and a crunchy treat, so I think we're heading in the right direction. Favorite activities include rolling pencils under the scatter-rugs and crawling down under the bedclothes to toe level. I don't think we need to worry about the neutering making him fat and lazy just yet

#6 Just a note to demonstrate how Boswell rules the roost around here. One of his Christmas presents was a Lucite wand with a strip of fleece attached to it, which only my husband uses with him. Normally, this is put away on a high shelf in our closet, about 8 feet off the floor. Boswell spotted it, naturally enough. So, the other day my husband (who is blind) happened to be home from work. First, he hears a loud thump coming from the closet, and finds a few ties on the floor. Then he hears clattering and meowing, as though Boswell was dragging something behind him... a hanger, maybe? The sound goes all the way down the hall to the living room, and then, after some really frantic meowing, all the way back to our bedroom door. That's right-Boswell had captured his toy and was dragging it after himself, looking for Tom to play with him. I realize that normally the human decides to play with the cat, but not in our house. I also call your attention to the fact that Boswell has so far never done this when we aren't home, since there'd be no one to play with him then. I am beginning to think we're not smart enough to keep up!

#7 Boswell, to be honest, is driving us nuts.We are really unsure of what to do for him. His needs for attention and active company are exceeding our ability to play with him, and he often wakes us up at night because he ís banging on the Venetian blinds to get our attention.His other uncute tricks include knocking over trash cans right before our eyes and climbing onto various places where he can get hurt or damage things.Iíve taken to putting strong, scented oils on places where I don't want him, and even that ís starting to fail. Any time we respond, even negatively, to something he does, he will do it again.If we ignore him, he does it louder. At the same time, we really love him.He starts purring the moment Tom walks in the door, and keeps me company in the kitchen when I cook, carefully staying out of my way but talking to me from time to time. He ís so willing to participate in any play idea we come up with, and sp interested in everything we do.He ís just so much more of a person than any cat I ever had before.He thinks things through and remembers more.Tom is convinced that if he had opposable thumbs we'd be in big, BIG trouble. We do our best to give him plenty of toys, but they all seem to bore him.Our floor looks like we have an active nursery school with an unaccountable emphasis on felt mice.We are starting to be afraid that we just canít be home enough to keep him happy.He was so much more mellow when we had time off over the holidays! In short, we may need another cat. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but they'd be company for each other, and I really think Boswell needs companionship in a way that other cats I've known did not.He ís too young to sleep all day.

#8 Just wanted you to know that we seem to have gotten over the adolescent "hump" with Boswell. He's still as playful and vigorous as ever, but is more content to just be around us, without expecting us to be as lively as a nest of kittens. I am taking some 1-year pictures to send to you soon, including one or two of Boswell and Tom which I think are really sweet. And Tom is very grateful to him, as Boswell is an excellent back-up alarm clock!

#9 Boswell continues to live a quiet, though not uneventful life here. A while back, we had some work done that left a hole in the ceiling of our laundry closet-suffice it to say that we've had to nail up a cardboard patch until we can get it fixed, or we'd have a perpetually gritty kitty. Nails and cardboard were the only way-we couldn't close the closet door securely enough. This hole is about 10 feet off the ground, but within reach of some shelving if you're an adventurous cat. Maybe we should have named him after Sir Edmund Hillary, as his motto seems to be, "Because it is there." We bought him a more elaborate climbing palace, and put it next to a hot radiator pipe.

#10 Boswell is rejoicing in a new batch of hoppy-toys, which only come out for the morning hops. He still has that great spring you captured in his baby picture, and sometimes does a complete flip. And we still find him in very high places, from time to time, meowing for us to admire him (and help him get down) It's starting to be spring-like, once in a while down here, which means open windows and access to the sights and sounds of birds. Boswell has a special "bird call" that sounds just like a baby bird. Yet another reason why cats should be indoor creatures; we have a pair of cardinals nesting here for the first time in years. Boswell clearly can "see red", and red appears to mean lunch.

#11 He's really the sweetest fellow going. I spent some time home with him at Christmas, and we achieved a deeper level of human/cat understanding. I'm ready to write the Boswell Glossary of Purrs, Chirps, Hisses, Moans, and Meows. And his purr alone is worth the price of admission, especially when he crawls under the covers and sends up grateful thanks for warm, dark places.


Letters from DK's new humans, Don (& Mary):

#1 Just wanted to let you know that both boys are doing very well this morning. They're eating, drinking, using the litter box, and generally wreaking havoc. Both of them slept with us last night. They cuddled up together and conked out in the middle of the bed. Then at 2:30 am, they decided it was play time. DK bit both of us hard while playing bed mice. Don, of course, got up and took pictures. They finally went back to sleep, and so did we. DK and I had a nice snuggle and nap this afternoon. The highlight was when we woke up. He was laying on my chest, and he sat up looked at me, blinked, flopped down and buried his head in my neck. I'm the luckiest guy in the world. More accurately, I've been really blessed...

#2 He has insisted on exploring the house, but is very intimidated by our 20 lb Checkers, who is the size of a Maine Coon. Marbles and the famous Wally aren't too excited about the new addition, but Checkers thinks DK is very cool and is trying to make friends with him. This morning I woke up around 5:30 with the little guy Buddha sitting on my chest. Too cool!

#3 His name is Kinross DK Lloyd Alexand'ear. He has a few nicknames already, from the obvious DK (which stands for Don's Kitty), to Lloyd and Zander, and also DK MacSnoogums. He is incredibly sweet natured, and even purred at the vet appointment today. Purred so much the vet had a hard time hearing his heartbeat over the purr. DK is all I could ever have hoped for in a kitten. What a sweetie! He is just the nicest and most adorable little guy there is.




Letters from Lizzie's (now Heather) new humans, Dianna & Frank:

#1 This morning - she was on "her" coffee table sleeping when I came into the room. She is very affectionate with us right now. Frank told me last night he is already smitten. At the moment, she is sitting on a chair looking out the back door - the sun is just coming up. We have lots of squirrels around to keep her attention.

#2 I have been held cap(cat?)tive for many hours. Frank and I spent a half hour down here with her before he left, then just the girlie and me. She nosed around and managed to mark books under the coffee table, table legs and scratch post with her cheeks. She is interested in the glass top coffee table, 3 by 3 square, that she can sit under but reaches up to touch nothing! However, it seems it may be a fav place to nap. She had a go at the feather wand all by herself, just went nutso rolling around and giving it heck. Already lost two feathers from it, she was so intent on killing it. Then the niblet got up on the pc table, fell asleep with her head on the mouse, then moved here head onto the keyboard, and somehow shut down the pc! She really knows how to get your attention!

I cannot leave the room without her crying. She stays glued to me (do I mind? NOT!) She has settled down nicely when I am in sight. She is now at my feet sleeping, and seems quite content. Angus has been on the main floor and heard her cry, but did not investigate. He just went up another flight to the bedrooms.

#3 She is enjoying the attention, and we equally are enjoying giving it. She is a "sink cat" - found her in the powder room sink on Monday. So cute! Sorry Frank missed one of her "firsts", just like having a baby. He did get to see her play with the drips later. He is absolutely smitten. Angus, on the other hand, is very upset. She likes a large plant I have, the dirt. She is learning the word "no".

#4 I feel we have made some headway. They now tolerate each other's presence. A lot of just looking at each other. Last evening, Angus was up on the bed with me, and Lizzie jumped up. He gave a small hiss but tolerated her beside me. I reached over and stroked him too. She looks around for him now. She is timid of his threatening postures although he has not made a physical move toward her. She is not as needy as she was, and enjoys the run of the house, does not need me in sight, but occasionally calls for me. She has toys but seems to be most happy with a cork and a foil ball. She chirps when these are played into a place she cannot get at, and she needs me to release it. She was at the vet's today for a visit. He was quite taken with her, best Fold he has seen in his practice. He just stood back and admired her, and asked how many rolls of film we had used in a week!

#5 Just a quickie update. Since she did not recognize "Lizzie", we call her Heather now. I hope you don't mind. We think she fits the name well. This is day four on their own, not counting my couple of hours each of Sat. and Sun. on their own. So far, no problems. They can pass each other without issue, and stay in the same room, although they are not getting real close. I think Angus has decided he wants to, and walks up to her without being big eyed and snarly, but his early aggressive behaviour has made her timid. She is on the defensive with him right now. Heather loves her corks, the toys were a real waste of money. She just "goes" in the early evening when Angus has gone to bed. Just races, chases, takes a water break and a lie down, and then goes again. She is so amusing. She snuggles the first one home at night, a real purring machine. Frank races to be home first!

#6 Both kitts were sleeping nose to nose about 6 inches from each other's nose, purring. She stretched out and touched his hind toes. No reaction. Then she turned over, stretched again and touched him again. He does not like his hind legs/feet touched by anyone, so he just re adjusted his bod but no issues. I am very ecstatic about the developing relationship. She can get close to his dishes and he does not react. She did give him a little bop on the nose this morning to eat his food. My neighbour brought a mouse yesterday - I don't what is in it, but she loves it! A crazy woman (cat). Carries it around in her mouth, plays and tosses. I take it away after about 15 minutes so she does not have a stroke!

#7 Our little girl is learning her name "Heather". She and Angus were sharing the bed when I left this morning, keeping their comfort zone intact, but still, sharing. There has not been, at least in my sight, any exchange of anger in two weeks. Still likes to sniff his bum (a first for him) and he just looks around, and she's off. When we toss her little mousie, she will bring it back to your feet to toss again. Smart girl! She has come to love mornings, when Frank is gone early, and there is just me and the kids. They both snuggle, one on each side, equally getting soft words and strokes. She will come over to snuggle with both Angus and me, and then Angus leaves - not up to sharing that much right now! Heather is busy having a self grooming right now...she follows me around like a little doggie.

#8 All is well here. We love her more each day! Heather follows me everywhere. She still fetches the mouse and when she drops it at my feet, I say "good girl, good girl" while stroking her and she purrs, and then I toss it again. She likes to get on Angus - there's a pic. He's good, does nothing at all. Heather comes and finds me at the PC after dinner and stares at me. What she wants is that we go up to the loft. I go up, she following, I turn on the boob tube, and she snuggles under a throw. I cover her up like a baby, and it is not surprising for me to get up in the morning to find her still there on the sofa. She will come in and get me up when she feels like it, but mostly is a patient cat waiting for the activity to start.

#9 She is such a delight to us. I just wish you two could see her cuddle in the evening, sprawled in a throw, watching the boob tube with me, then coming directly to bed when I do, as I am first abed at night. She likes it when I read for a bit then, so there is plenty of stroking time. Angus comes to bed with Frank, as he generally spends his snoring after dinner time in the family room with him. At some point, they make strategic moves to be "closest to mummy", which leaves me very little room - one on my pillow, the other at my neck!



Letters from Gizmo and Zoe's new family, Gail:

#1 They sure do keep me on my toes when they are out and about. Between them and the renovations going on, my house is in chaos. Oh well, by spring things should be settled down considerably - the renovations will be done or almost and the kittens will be a little calmer????? They are so adorable together - I am keeping the Walmart film dept. busy, but I don't take as good a picture as you do. They move too fast!!!!!!!!!!

#2 Well, the kittens are doing fairly well. Gizmo is a chewer on things. Found him chewing and sucking on the tail of one of those mice you gave them. Took it away. Came home Friday morning to find the tail on the other one gone. Can't find it anywhere. Probably one or both ate it. Either I will find it eventually, but I've searched high and low, or they got it into tiny pieces and I won't see it, or it happened before the other night and I never noticed it either.???????????????? They were at the Vet's today for their final shots. In two weeks Gizmo went from 4.2 pounds to 5.2 and Zoe went from 3.0 pounds to 4.1 pounds. Pretty good eh? I was comparing their bone structure when they were both stuck to my lap like glue the other night, and Gizmo is quite a lot bigger boned than Zoe so I'm sure that is the big difference. They are eating well etc. Both full of beans and wild at times, so continue to be contained in the spare bedroom when I am sleeping or at work. Not too bad, as it is a 12 by 12 room. Some day they will behave well enough to be out all the time.

#3 Gizmo and Zoe are doing well. 5.9 and 4.9 pounds respectively. They are full of beans. The renovations are done in my basement, so I will be cleaning up this weekend, and then they will be allowed to explore the basement which is still empty. New adventures will abound for them, I'm sure.

#3 Gizmo takes up all the room if he is on my lap. However, Zoe seems to get hot quickly, and goes off to lay right beside one of my hips. If they are both wanting on my lap, then I have to extend my legs straight out on the coffee table, Gizmo will be on my entire lap and Zoe will be on my legs. Then I cannot move. Am I spoiling them or what? Usually they will just rest their heads on my lap and go sound asleep. Both of them are busy bees! They chase each other around a lot, and Gizmo can be a bit rough at times with Zoe. The Vet says they usually work it out, but "Mommy" gets worried. I cannot keep up with them and what they can get into. They will try to upend every wastebasket to play with the contents and/or get into them, and then proceed to eat what is in the baskets, such as kleenex. I was cleaning the new rec room on Saturday and heard them playing. I came upstairs to find my desk had been cleared of its items and things were all over the floor, and my bedside table was also partly cleared with a glass of water that was on it, upended all over everything. I had to dump a little dixie cup of water on Zoe on Saturday as she justpersisted in playing with the vertical blinds and undoing the chains. The word "No", my raised voice and a little tap on the behind didn't deter her, but the water did. I am going to get a water gun at Toys R Us. A spray bottle doesn't shoot far enough and I don't want them to know that the water comes from me. She didn't know that the water on Saturday came from me, as the blinds are near the kitchen sink, and I just threw it over when her back was turned. She hasn't touched them since, but I have my doubts that she is done with them.

#4 They are real live wires. Gizmo is my little suckie. Loves to be cuddled etc.whenever given the chance. Wednesday and Thursday were the first nights I let them have the run of the house at night, and they did quite well considering. Gizmo woke me up the first night at 0500 - I guess he thought I should be up, if he was. Last night was better. Tonight they are out and about for the 13 hours I am away when I work. Hope all is well in the morning!!!!!!!!! They love the water and play merrily in the sink when I turn the tap on for them. My mirror in the bathroom is staying very clean, as it gets a frequent wiping up after the splashing is done. Gizmo continues to drink from my water glass whenever he gets the chance. Zoe and Gizmo spend a lot of time in the window on the hammock I installed for them. Zoe "chatters" at the birds, bugs on the window etc.



Letters from Emma's new family, Karine:

#1 I'm doing fine and all my little family also. Emma is wonderful, she is getting along perfectly with the others. She is playing with my youngest one all the time and doesn't mind the others also. She loves to cuddle, and jumping on our feet is her favorite activity in the morning. She loves to jump on the computer screen to catch the arrow or anything that moves, so she is really helpful. I'm sending you a little picture of her and her brother sleeping on me at the computer. The quality is not perfect but it comes from my web cam.

#2 I also found that my 2 scottish folds are water addicted.. They love to play with it and to drink a lot more than the other ones... Emma loves to drink from a glass.. I surprised her a few times with her head in my glass when I wasn't there.

#3 Everyone here is doig fine, Emma is growing up fast... She is doing good. She cuddles with her brother, plays with everyone and lets Eddy clean her all the time. She is adorable. She loves to stand on top of the podium and control everyone. She sleeps with us and comes on our chest 5 minutes before the alarm and purrs and purrs. It's like if she knew it was time to wake up. I brought her at work with me and everyone loved her, she was the attraction of the day.

#4 I just wanted to give you some news of Emma. She is growing so fast... she's getting used to being picked up but she still prefers choosing when she wants to cuddle! She is really calm for a kitten except for her little crazy phase in a day...

#5 Emma is doing fine, she is the cat's little princess in here.. they protect her, they come as soon as she cries (and god knows she cries for nothing!). She's gonna have a little human sister soon so I hope she'll tolerate it well, because she won't be the center of attraction for a little while. Thank you also for the birthday card.. she was really happy!


Letters from Cammie's new family, Jo-Ann:

#1 The trip home was fine Camellia cried a good part of the way but got quiet when my friend scratched her chin. When I got home I put Cammie in her room which she explored thoroughly. She played with her toys and me Sat night, but was shy about being petted - however by Sunday night she was happy to cuddle in my lap and have her chin and ears scratched. She also liked to have a bit of a belly scratch.

#2 Sunday I put up the baby gate (you're right, Ev it lasted about 30 sec - Cammie climbed to the top, however when I was in the room with her it allowed Butterscotch to see her. She was most interested in him, however I found out that he indeed can hiss. He hisses whenever she comes near. When that happens Cammie backs away, hopefully it will stop soon. This morning I let her out to explore a bit while I got ready for work and she headed for the kitchen and went right under the stove. It was a good thing she came right out before I panicked. Now there is a towel blocking the bottom.

#3 So far things are going well I think. Camellia is a wonderful kitten - I just have to be careful not to spoil her too much. How can you say no when that precious face looks up at you.

#4 Camellia went to the vet last night - she certainly let me know on the way there and home that she was not real pleased about it. She got a lot of attention and fussing over at the vet and a clean bill of health. Mary, one of my vets, said that she was a beautiful healthy cat with a great personality.

#5 Cammie and Scotch continue to do well - they now touch noses and she rubs against him in greeting. Last night they both were in my lap for about an hour. He's beginning to play with her and I am keeping a close eye so that it doesn't get to be too much for her. I still separate them when I'm not there and at night. I think I will try to leave her out tonight and see how things go. She really is a great kitten and she has brought a lot of joy and entertainment into my life.

#6 Things are going well - Camellia and Butterscotch both are sleeping on my bed now and when Scotch is on my lap Camellia has to be stretched out beside him, have her paws on him, or snuggled up against him. They both seem to enjoy that and Scotch has begun grooming Cammie. The only problem is that Cammie likes Scotch's food and doesn't want to eat hers. Any hints. Today I separated them again while I am at work, but soon I think they will be fine together - one reason I separated them was so that that Scotch could have access to his food without Cammie eating it. They were playing last night and I worry as Scotch is so much bigger, but Cammie doesn't seem to mind and in fact will chase after him at times. I'm so pleased that they are getting along so well. Scotch seems to be much more alert and playful since Cammie came.

#7 She and Scotch are great pals and play together all the time. I think I need to get a larger kitty bed as Cammie likes to get in it when Scotch is there and there really isn't enough room for both. It has been really wonderful to see how their relationship has grown and how well they get along together. Scotch is pretty tolerant of Cammie getting in the bed with him, but after she spends several minutes getting comfortable (which involves a lot poking Scotch with her paws) he will get out. She also likes to lay beside the bed and bat Scotch in the face with her paws. He just closes his eyes and doesn't move.

#8 Sorry I haven't written in a while. Camellia is doing great. She now weighs 7 lbs 3 oz. She and Scotch are enjoying looking out the windows and front door at all the exciting things outside. They also like to chase their toys and each other. I couldn't be happier about the way they get along. I've got some pictures in my camera and hope to get them developed soon. If they turn out I'll have my cousin scan them into the computer and send you some. Camellia is now a beautiful little lady - her coloring has gotten darker and she is really pretty. She likes to be groomed in what I now call her "spa bed" - it is the bed on top of the cat tree. She will let me comb her there and seems to really enjoy it. With her darker coloring I think she looks a lot like Gabriel. She has the fluffiest tail. She continues to be independent and is not a lap cat, however she likes to near where I am - usually lying on her back with all 4 paws in the air. As you can tell she has brought much joy to Scotch and me! Thanks

#9 Camellia went to the vet on Saturday for her annual visit. She is 7.6 lbs and very healthy. She is really a beautiful sweet girl. She loves to be combed and play with her toys - especially the flyin feather toy. She will chase it for a long time and is quite good at catching the feather.



Letters from Posie & Orion's new humans, Maggie & Alan:

Yes, the kids are fantastic. I just had to take Posie off my lap so I could type this note. They are always close at hand and love to be in the middle of everything. We spoiled them they sit at the dining room table or on top of it, depending in their mood. We have been taking pictures but the camera we were using doesn't like white, so I'm gonig to start using the 35mm and hope for better pictures. We just love these guys so much they are "purfect"

Merry Christmas - We have written to Santa asking for more furry mice, because when we give them to our big sister Molly she EATS them! We know that our mom and dad bought us a new turbo scratcher. They also promised to get a new camera so they can send you pictures in the new year. It has been great looking at all the new additions to the family. I have only fallen into the bath tub once but my brother has fallen in twice and once into the toilet, HA HA. All the best in the new year. ........Posie, Orion, Molly, Maggie and Alan



Letters from Suzhou's new family, Denis & Peter:

#1 Suzhou is just doing great. She and our other cat and dog get along wonderfully. She has taken to sleeping on my son's pillow at night. My son loves how affectionate she is, and how mischevious she can be. One of her favorite things is to sneak into the cold fireplace and roll in the ashes. Needless to say, she has had a few baths.

#2 Suzhou continues to do great. Every night she sleeps on my son's pillow next to his head. I told him the other day, that sometimes animals choose a family member to belong to in a special way, and its clear to me that Suzhou has chosen Peter as belonging to her.

#3 Suzhou is doing great. She is now settling down a bit and seems very happy. She is a quiet, social girl with a fun sense of curiosity. She follows my son around and is interested in all he does- including wanting to be right next to him whenever he will sit still for a moment. She loves being petted and sitting on laps, but isn't much for being picked up and carried - something about that makes her want to hop down right away.


Letters from Kenzie's new family, Rob, Sue & Bridget:

I wanted to let you know just how the two girls are doing. At first Bridget was NOT happy to have a new addition to our household, but over time she had adjusted and now they get along and play together. Kenzie tends to stalk Bridget and when Bridget is not looking she ambushes her real good. At one time Bridget wouldn't turn her back on Kenzie and it was the first time ever that I have seen a cat walk BACKWARDS out of the room. Bridget loves to drink water out of a running tap and Kenzie tries desperately to copy her, but no success so she stays content drinking the water that accumulates on the bottom of the sink. Both kitties are definite water babies. Bridget has even sat on my lap in the tub while I was bathing. I was praying that no one would startle her..... Both girls are quite snuggly at night when you're trying to sleep and they have Rob wrapped around their paws. He is so in love with them. It's hard to imagine life around here without them underfoot.


Letters from Ookpik's new family, Sam and her mom:

#1 Just wanted to let you know that we all made it home safe and sound on Saturday. We got an earlier start than expected Saturday morning, our little girl was ready to go at 5:30 am and she sure let us know! She rode well on the way home, but not in her carrier, she prefered the litter box in the back of the car, where she slept 6 of the 7 hours of the trip. She is adjusting well in her new house. Not afraid of anything, she has explored the entire first floor and has already made friends with Harley, one of Mom's outdoor cats. The other 3 cats have kept their distance and prefer to watch from a distance for now. She is very bold and has the greatest personality, she has made a wonderful addition to the family. We will keep in touch and send pictures as she grows!

#2 She is still doing very well in her new home. Mom and Dad have a big 3 story Victorian house, and she likes to spend her time exploring it and finding holes to go into. Behind pillows, under your arms, anywhere she can fit!! She hasn't discovered the stairs yet, but it won't be long. Mom got her a 'big kitty' bed and she loves it! She spent a lot of time the other day climbing on top of her litter box and jumping into the big soft bed. She did that over and over for some time. The big cats in the house are getting more and more curious. They are beginning to watch her from shorter distances, I don't think it will be long before they are all playing together.

#3 Just a quick update on Ookpik. She is doing very well. The other cats have finally come around and become friends with her. They like to touch noses and sleep next to each other on the couch. She is still pretty active, but loves to take long naps during the day...a terror in between naps! Her new favorite activity is stalking Thea, Mom's Siamese. Here are a couple of pictures, she wanted us to show you her 'Big Kitty Bed!'

#4 Just wanted to let you know that things are going well with Ookpic. She has adjusted well. Mom wanted me to tell you that she has been the best kitten she has ever had. She has good manners and hasn't gotten into any trouble, if you can believe that! She now knows her routine and comes for supper and goes into her carrier when it is bedtime, and she also knows not to try to take the other cat's food! She likes to spend a lot of her time sleeping on the heating pad or in the sun, she also likes to rip and tear around the house and climb the big cat tree dad made her. She has become friends with the older cats and likes to follow them around to figure out what she should be doing (i.e. helping mom 'make' the bed).She is growing fast!



Letters from Riley & Rebecca:

#1 Riley (aka Malcolm) sends his best wishes. He's doing great.

#2 Riley has been a very good boy, and he looks a lot better now that he has cleaned the yellow kibble stains off his fur from his plane trip spillage. He is sleeping well and drinking lots of water to get used to the dry mountain climate. I was wondering if he has only ever had access to a certain kind of wet food. I randomly chose Fancy Feast "Seafood Feast" for his first wet meal here, which he gobbled up in record time. Since then I have offered him four other flavours but he turned his nose up at all of them. I was beginning to wonder if he was getting sick from the long journey, but I went out and got more "Seafood Feast", and then discovered he was not ill at all, just picky. I had a good laugh over that. He has expressed absolutely no interest in dry food whatsoever which is a bit of a concern. But he is going for his last set of shots on Monday, and hopefully my vet will have some suggestions. Riley is a very affectionate and fun loving boy. He loves his wand and a little set of furry pom-poms that I have. All in all he seems to be having a pretty easy time getting to know my other cats. He has explored all the levels of the house, and is quite thrilled with the novelty of it all. He wears himself out and then crashes for a couple of hours before the fun begins again. My daughter, Meghann, just loves Riley and is now interested in a Fold of her own.

#3 Riley's been doing great. He loves playing with the other cats, especially when it's a game of chase. His favourite play time activity is scampering up and down the cat condos and poking at the other cats from the top level. He loves to purr and flop around on the bed in the morning. He still doesn't like kibbles and is quite picky about the canned food that he eats, but he sure has a healthy appetite. He puffs out after he eats, and then waddles off like a little sausage. Although he's been growing lately he's still just a small boy, but that doesn't stop him from keeping up with the big cats. He loves to sit by the patio screen door in the afternoon, taking in all the fresh air and sun he can get. He finds the birds and the squirrels particularly fun to watch. His favourite little toys these days are the small furry mice put out by Hartz. He and Willow, the boss of the house, have a blast stealing the mice from each other and batting them under the couch. That's when the real fun begins; trying to get the mice back out.

#4 Riley is turning out to be just beautiful. Personally I think he looks like his dad, but has more of his mum's personality. I have attached a picture of him for you to see. He gets along with my mum's other cats very well. He's still the baby and they all like to give him a little wash every now and then. I nicknamed him Sherman because he's built just like a tank. He's also incredibly fast which, from the sounds of things, he gets from Rose.

#5 Riley has always been a wand lover and still has the one you originally sent with him. He likes this type of wand in particular because it has a pompom to grab on to, and it moves very quickly. The Hartz mice and soft balls are also some of Riley's favorite toys. He thinks it's tons of fun to stuff the mice under the couch, and then try to get them back out.


Letters from Lindsay Skye & Janice:

#1 Lindsay Skye is precious beyond words. She slept under my chin and kneaded and purred and nuzzled throughout the night and periodically would offer her belly. As I type this note to you, Lindsay Skye is purring and kneading on my lap. Last night I combed her magnificent fur and she enjoyed it! Tonight I may introduce her to the joys of poultry-flavored tooth paste!

#2 The little girl has out done herself this morning! While I was in the kitchen and Lindsay Skye was in our bedroom I heard the sound of her playing with what I thought was her Cat Dancer that I have mounted on the wall. When I came in, much to my astonishment (and delight!) Lindsay had delicately climbed onto the dresser where every imagineable bit of virtually useless junk is kept (including tiny perfume bottles . . . ), seized her beloved wand with colored plastic strands in her dear little fangs . . .then jumped off. She is definitely graduate school material! P.S.She is absolutely agressively affectionate!

#3 Lindsay Skye loves having her dear little fangs brushed . . . with C.E.T. (brand) poultry flavored toothpaste! I use the tiniest children's tooth brush I could find. She's wild about the taste . . .and she is sooo cooperative! No only does she have the loudest purr I have EVER heard on any cat, but she loves to make musical prrrrrt !!! For us it is literally love at first sight. As my mystical friend Barbara feels, our hearts --- Lindsay Skye's and mine --- were prepared --- each to receive the other! Either way I can't thank you enough for my precious baby girl!

#4 Shortly before I logged on Lindsay Skye prrrrrrt! then jumped into my lap, purring wildly. She eventually assumed a "meatloaf" position on my lap while continuing to knead and purr and smile . . . . In addition to her unusual intelligence Lindsay Skye is also very obedient. After I've told her gently "no" she never again has repeated the behavior. So far I've only had to ask her not to get onto the computer. When I'm not home, Lindsay Skye stays in my room where she plays with her toys, including a Cat Dancer which she loves and her scratch pad. She also likes to sit in my closet and make her way inside one of my slippers!

#5 Although, at least according to the calendar, Lindsay Skye and I have been together for only a short time, because we grow closer and closer it seems as though we have always been together. She is, without a doubt, the most affectionate ---- "agressively affectionate" (counter intuitive though that may seem!) I have ever known. She has a wonderful disposition. This morning she actually climbed into the refrigerator as I was preparing to make breakfast! Lucky for both of us her new mommie is a vegetarian so, unless she would like to eat yogurt and tofu, Lindsay Skye will not get excessive protein. She certainly was funny though!

#6 Lindsay Skye seems to have taken a fancy to the tall dresser near one of the large windows in our bedroom. I cleared it off and now she jumps up and views doves, pidgeons and hawks from her secure perch. She also enjoys climbing into my back pack. I'm delighted that she's a talker. We've already had some good conversations. When I'm ready to go to sleep she pads up to my chest --- right beneath my chin --- and purrs wildly.

#7 She is, without a doubt, the most exhuberant purrer I have ever known! I love when I am at the computer and she jumps into my lap --- coming out of nowhere --- to knead and purr whil gazing at me adoringly! When I'm in school I keep her in our bedroom. It has two large windows that she loves to look out of. Because it has a southern exposure it is cool and more comfortable than the other room, which also has windows in front. When I'm home, Lindsay Skye goes everywhere! Last evening as I was removing my contact lenses I saw Lindsay Skye --- barely one foot away (within my range of vision, such as it is!) ---- standing on her hind paws BALANCING ON THE SEAT OF THE TOILET!

#8 . . . it might be my imagination but it seems as if Linday Skye is getting larger by the day. Not fat --- just bigger! She gets even sweeter and more loving by the day! These past couple of days Lindsay has taken to jumping into the bathtub and enjoys peering into the toilet bowl . . . two nights ago she approached me, purring wildly as she has grown accustomed to . . .then reached up to chew on my right ear lobe! Perhaps she was reminding me not to wear my earrings to sleep! My precious little girl is full of surprises!

#9 In addition to the many interesting tricks and loving actions with which she has already delighted me, Liindsay Skye has outdone herself: when I'm not home to play with The Cat Dancer with her, Lindsay Skye has devised a way to position her Cat Dancer so that she can bat it around to her heart's delight with no assistance from me at all! I had even found a way to mount it on the wall but she much prefers her own method. Tonight I witnessed her on the bathtub rim in the "prairie dog" position, "walking" sideways towards the sink to investigate my contact lenses!

#10 Now that the weather has improved I sit on the porch with Lindsay Skye after work. I bring some of her kibble and fresh water but Lindsay Skye's favourite treat is hunting the bugs. At night Lindsay Skye enjoys watching the bugs from the window. When I call to her she flies through the air -- actually suspended in mid air like a feather --- then lands on the bed. From there, she trots toward me and positions herself under my chin, purring wildly while kneading and smiling. If I turn over onto my side, Lindsay Skye positions herself so that she is in my arms. She is so precious! She still resembles a teddy bear :)

#11 As I am typing this Lindsay Skye is sprawled on her back --- glorious belly exposed --- and entwined around my feet. It never ceases to amaze me how one as large as she can move with such agility and so quietly. Thanks to heeding your warning she is not fat . . but she is a very big girl and, when on her back, does resemble a bear rug! She is such a good hider. I used to panic when I would come home from work and not see her. I feared that she might have been foldie-napped! Then suddenly Lindsay Skye would emerge . . .gracefully and silently from an unknown hiding place (probably in another dimension!) then greet me with her tiny voice :) Believe it or not she has become quite a fan of getting her "dear little fangs" brushed. She reminds me by going over to her drawer where her supplies are kept. She has always enjoyed having her coat combed and (finally!) has gotten more accustomed to having her claws clipped. She is still a food-a-holic and, if I were to leave it unattended, would make quick work of my roasted potatoes with tofu. I think that Lindsay Skye has forgotten that she is supposed to be a carnivour! Considering her size that may well be a good thing. My mother was most amazed by her gentleness. Lindsay Skye's huge paws, while used for kneading, seem to be without claws. She never exposes them and, therefore, has large velvet hands. The only time I see them is when she is on my lap and I express each pad in order to trim hem. She is a magical comfort!



Letters from Katie's new family, Bonnie, MacGregor, Heather, Morley & Jenn:

#1 Katie continues to be such a joy! Everywhere I go, she follows me around and it chatting away to me constantly! When I sit down she comes running over, jumps up onto my chest and snuggles in under my chin and then I am covered with kisses and nose nuzzles.............what a sweetheart! Bonnie and Macgregor continue to get used to Katie. Bonnie and Katie touched noses yesterday and then Katie got excited and jumped towards Bonnie, at which point, Bonnie was startled and she hissed at Katie. Same thing happened this morning with Macgregor. Katie and Macgregor were on our bed, they touched noses and Katie jumped up, startled Macgregor and he hissed at her. All in all, the hissing and growling is definitely getting less and less. Katie enjoyed a snooze with Morley over the weekend..............she curled up beside him and the two of them were off to never never land in a few minutes! We play with Katie all the time and I think it's starting to rub off on Bonnie and Macgregor. Over the last few days, when I have the laser light out, Katie goes nuts chasing it and Bonnie has started to run around again too! Katie picked a toy which Macgregor loves and when I play with this toy, Katie plays with it and Macgregor has started to play with her too! Playing with the same toys certainly helps the transition!

#2 Last night we decided to leave everybody with free run of the house.............everyone was fine! Bonnie and Macgregor don't hiss at her all the time now. Katie seems to have figured out that she needs to give Bonnie some room and not get too close for now. Macgregor just sits and watches Katie in wonderment! Katie races around like a mad fool and Bonnie / Macgregor sit and watch her. One thing we have noticed is that when we play with Katie, Bonnie and Macgregor are eager to join in! Katie continues to be an "in your face" kitten.



Letters from Pico's new family, Snoopy and Viki:

#1 Her name is Pico, the definition is small but meaningful. Snoopy and Pico are getting along much better but will still wait a few days before I let her sleep with us. Snoopy still spits a bit but was just washing her a few minutes ago. So, all seems well so far.

#2 Thought I would give you an update on Pico. She went to the vet this morning for her 16 wk. shots. He thinks she is just adorable. Pico sure is a busy active little girl and also very loving. Snoopy and Pico both have the same personality which is just what I was looking for. They are getting along quite well, and keeps Snoopy active which is good because she likes to eat Pico's kitten food and looks like a Sherman Tank.

#3 Thought I would give you an update on Pico. Today I had her to the Vet. again to have her nails clipped and weighed, she is now 4 lbs. 4 oz. She is a very active and most lovable kitten.


Letters from Zachary, Riley, Timothy & Sue:

#1 I just wanted to send you a short e-mail to let you know that Zachary has settled in amazingly well. He is definitely a lap cat, and I should say a shoulder cat too. He follows me everywhere, and sits with me all the time. Soon as he loses sight of me, he cries. Timothy, my 19 year old, is slowly getting used to him. Timothy went from growling on Friday, indifference on Saturday, and finally gave Zachary a lick today.

#2 I just thought that I'd give you an update on Zachary. He is sitting on my lap as I write this e-mail, and continues to follow me everywhere I go. He has been on his own during the day for the past two days while I'm at work and is adjusting to it (probably much easier than I am at having to leave him). He is happy when I arrive home at the end of the day and I can hear him meowing as I call out his name. He sleeps with me every night, and has not tried to wake me up during the night, much to my relief. Once my alarm goes off, he is ready to play. He is adorable and the perfect little kitten.

#3 Riley and Zachary are sitting on the desk beside me as I type away. This is unusual as Zachary has ignored me since Riley's arrival, and the only time he bothers with Riley is to pick on her. Thank goodness Riley can hold her own with him. So for both of them to be lying close to me at the same time is a huge step for Zachary. I guess that he's figured out that she is here to stay and he better get used to her. He is slowly adjusting to Riley's presence as the attacking episodes are becoming less each day and, as of today, he is once again becoming more cuddly with me. Riley has adjusted to her new home amazingly well, despite Zachary. She purrs constantly, and prefers to sit on my shoulder rather than my lap. Both Riley and Zachary have a big appetite and are constantly fighting over the food. I have to separate them from Timothy during meal time as Timothy wouldn't manage to get a bite. Once the gate is removed, they both run to Timothy's dish to see if there is any food left there.36666666666666666666 (This is Riley's typing .. I guess she is trying to say hello).

#4 Finally, Riley and Zachary are friends. They follow each other around, play together and chase each other around the house. I bought them two new mice (to add to their 10 mice) and two small balls this afternoon, and they've lost them already. I'll have to do some searching around the house. There is probably about 5 under the television.You didn't have to worry about Riley's big appetite as she fits right in with Zachary. The two of them love food and never leave anything in their bowls, including Timothy's. I've started separating all three cats at meal times because I'm not too sure if Zachary hogs the food on Riley.

#5 Zach and Riley are doing well and continue to get spoiled.I think Zach would have loved to be an only cat, as he remains very possessive of me, and is very jealous of any attention given to Riley. Both Zach and Riley are sitting on the computer desk beside me as I type away.They are always by my side. Both of them continue to love their food, and never leave a spot left in their dishes. Riley's favourite toy is a ball to chase around the house, and Zach likes playing fetch with whatever he can carry in his mouth.


Letters from MacTaffy's new family, Gayle & Bruce:

#1 Our wee guy has not stopped purring since we brought him home. We call him Taffy or Mac sometimes. He is sitting on my lap as I type this letter. Mom and Dad are going to meet him next Wednesday. He loves to get up on the bed and sleep with us (preferably cuddled up on our chest or neck!) We absolutely adore our little guy, He is a real bundle of joy.

#2 The vet thought he was just beautiful. Mom and Dad think he is soooo sweet! He sat on Mom's lap for about 15 minutes. We just love him so much. You have a wonderful breed in the Scottish Folds. Thanks again for saving him for me. We have a mutual love affair going on. Take care and we will keep you up to date.

#3 Anyway, our guy continues to be a sweetie-pie but now sleeps outside our bedroom until Bruce gets up as he started with the acrobatics on Bruce's chest at 1 in the morning the other night (the little monkey!). This seems to suit Taffy fine as we have a kitty/person cuddle when I get up.


Letters from Cherrie's new family, Barbara, Shelton and felines:

The trip home went very smoothly--not a single peep out of her on the plane. She has now taken up residence under my bed! This cat is really very nocturnal! We only see her at night! We are still calling her Cherrie because she answers to it. No matter where she is she will answer if you call her name. That was very useful after looking for her and not finding her--she had gotten into my closet! She is really a sweetie--we put her in bed with us each night but by morning she is back under the bed. We wanted her to get acquainted with us first but I may just put her in the office with the other kittens. She may do better with company. We are very happy with her--it will just take time for her to adjust.


Letters from Pepper's new family, John & Peggy:

#1 Pepper arrived in great shape. She really is a gorgeous kitten.She just got a look at one of our boys, hissed, and now he's hiding. What a wimp! We'll call in a few days and let you know how she has settled into the family.

#2 Pepper is doing just great. She's eating like a little pig but plays alot so probably won't put on that much weight. She has let the boys know that she is boss and not to mess around with her. John took quite a few pictures of her tonight, hopefully they will turn out. Will send some to you when developed. She is a very affectionate girl but certainly has a mind of her own.

#3 Pepper is doing just great. Is playing with other cats now and giving them alot of exercise. She is a very good little girl and listens when you tell her "no". Her favorite toys are "spiders" made out of pipe cleaners. She carries them around everywhere including into the bed in the middle of the night!



Letters from Giselle's new family, Mellissa and felines:

Ellie is doing just fine. She has been out of the guest room for a while now. She is eating just fine and loves playing with her fake mouse. She also likes the laser pointer. She is getting along fine with our crew and even the dogs do not bother her. She has no fear of them. Our house is pretty wild right now. We kept a smoke tortie British girl from our March litter and a British friend gave us a CE white girl from an April litter, so we have a trio of wild little girls. They are fun to watch racing about the house. I wish I had half their energy.



Letters from Robbie's new family, Dianna & Frank (Heather & Angus):

#1 Robbie was nervous went I went in this morning, under the bed, then after a couple of minutes was up on the bed, purring, getting stroked, and playing with his mousie. Heather sure knows someone is here, and seems a bit "off", shall I say snubbing us? Guess I have to give her a lot of attention today.

#2 Robbie is very, very affectionate. You just pick him up and it's purr, purr. He lays on my lap while at the PC, sleeping. Frank said he was giving him morning strokes early in bed, and when he stopped, Rob gave his hand a little headbutt and nip for more. He knows the family room quite well and the living area, and so when he sees you heading downstairs, races way ahead, tripping over himself. He's a very good jumper. He can make the counter stools even when they are pushed in and, as they are fabric, with a little work pulls himself the extra half inch to get atop. The stool is fine, now working on "no" for counter top. He was on the back of the family room loveseat, eyeing a squirrel this morning, tail a-twitching. And an appetite! Gawd! He eats his little portion very quickly, then heads toward Angus because Angus lets him approach, and even moves aside! Robbie has made himself quite at home so far and with a little time Heather will enjoy his playfulness and companionship. Now, if I could just get Frank to call him Robbie rather than "sweetie".... he just may learn his name. :)

#3 Heather was, I admit, really out of sorts the first week. But in the morning, they do play? under the bed, one on each side of the comforter hanging over, and so it's a game of "I make the movement, and you jump at the cover, and then you find me, and we chase". But, after a while, Rob won't quit, and I think bugs her to death when she's had enough. She gets him on his back, and gives him a little work over until I say "that's enough, guys" and we have a break away. There is no fur missing or visible hurts on either. Oddly enough, he just keeps going back for more! He's purring throughout the episodes. I worry about her. She does not want stroking too much, does not sleep on the bed again yet, and does not reach out her paw in greeting anymore. I miss that so much!! She never seems really relaxed.I have seen her groom him for 15 seconds and then they are scruffing again. But he does love both of them, and rubs into their bodies for a walking snuggle. Angus just ignores the two of them! There are plenty of play toys, the turbo scratcher, the wand, etc., all of which Rob takes great pleasure in and is happy to play on his own. Then, sees Heather later, and over he goes, and away they are again.

#4 Heather actually came to me this morning and asked for affection while I was in the kitchen and no one was around. I do see slow progress. It's so nice when all three of them are in the same room, grooming or snoozing. She's down her now with me, we are alone.

#5 Heather is now accepting my attention and strokes regularly, and purrs when I do so. Frank said she and Rob were really playing when he came home, she running up the stairs, looking around for him to follow, and then on with the chase! There was a slight tussle while she was laying down just before dinner. He came over to her relaxing, had a little "go", but she put her paw on his, as if to say "now, you play when I want to, and now it's quiet time". So she gave a couple of quick groom licks to Rob, got up, walked a few steps away, and that was it. Few minutes later, Rob is laying beside her and they are quite cosy.. Heather is definitely setting some guidelines for Robert. The Heather fur on my counters says she is still taking liberties she never did before Rob, but I am correcting her, just lifting her down, when she does it in my presence. I think she just saw him doing everything, and so I am teaching Rob and reinforcing behaviour in Heather. As much as I love my kitties, some things are just off limits. She's yet to get back on the bed...that's when I know I have my girl = back! So, on a more positive note, I close off.

#6 Heather is right back to old self and more lovey as time goes on. She never was a lap cat, but evenings will snuggle by my side on the sofa and always first in bed when I retire early there with the boob tube. Robbie is still very active, but very affectionate. The two bird feeders at the back window keep both Heather and Rob engaged for hours.




Letters from Stewart's new human, Rachelle:

Stewy came up with us to the cottage and spent most of his time on the screened in porch chasing fireflys on the other side! We are having so much fun with him ~ such a great personality to have around.



Letters from Ceri's new family, Johanna & Wallace:

Ceri is doing extremely well! Has fit in very nicely, no problems with the other two. In fact, he and Wallace have actually become 'friends'. They play-wrestle all the time, and I have to say, Ceri is usually the 'aggressor'. Maybe they have a special bond because they're both Folds, I don't know.....If they could only talk....... He has to be just about the most affectionate cat I've ever had. Right now he's lying in my lap, sprawled aross my left arm, making it very difficult to type!! Without fail, when I'm sitting at the computer, up he comes on my lap, and tries to get right up under one shoulder, where he proceeds to rub his face back and forth against my chin, purring very loudly. Inevitably, I end up holding him up with my left arm (it's VERY important that he's comfortable, after all....), so my right arm's free to move the mouse. I'm getting exceedingly good at typing with one hand!!! And he's still determined every night to fall asleep sprawled across my face!! He doesn't seem to understand that I have a hard time sleeping that way.....At some point during the night, I have to toss him and Wallace out of the bedroom. Took some photos of Ceri and Wallace today: some are outside on the front lawn, and a couple of close-ups were taken when we came in. It was SO hard to get Ceri to sit still for even one second, and he was pretty tired when we came in (he went straight to his bed for a snooze!).


Letters from Cooper's new family, Julie:

#1 Well, I am at work going through my in-box and responding to e-mails. Cooper is sound asleep on my desk (on top of my papers, of course) after having a morning of looking into every nook and cranny. He is spending the days at my office this week while he adjusts at home - Vicki will be home for two weeks beginning Monday and can monitor the adjustment period. Cooper is not at all sure about the dog (all 12 lbs. of her), but Maggie would love to play so it will only take time. Our one female cat (the Alpha and "princess") is lying low. Piper isn't sure what to think. Pretty typical day in a new household. Cooper spent the night curled around my neck, purring louder than my husband ever snored! Thanks again. He has already won my heart and that of my staff.

#2 A quick update on Cooper. Well, he has taken over the household! Spent the first two days frequently under my bed as he became used to the new menagerie and now has the run of the house. I think he considers the dog a large kittie and something to romp with. He has totally won our hearts with his playfulness. He plays with great zest, tackling toes, kitties, and dog, and then collapses and sleeps so soundly that he rolls off couches, pillows and human tummies (one of his favorite resting places!). He likes to sit in the kitchen sink, spends time on his back like Piper, and has entranced my staff. We couldn't be happier with the little guy. We have noticed that he has really big paws and are wondering if he, like Piper, will grow into them and become a big boy! The fun is in the watching and waiting.


Letters from Jamie's new family, Diane:

#1 Jamie is settling in nicely. She took immediately to Jared and his friend John, who came to rescue us and fix my car when it broke down half an hour from home. She sniffed out her new home and seems to really like the top of the cat tree and a spot on the floor by the heater. Jared was cleaning out a bit and she kept jumping in and out of his boxes. She's interested in everything, especially dinner. :-) She's claimed a chair as hers, and puts her paws up on the table to see what's going on every time we eat. Jared won't let me put her dish up there, he says its encouraging a bad habit. I guess he's right but she's just so cute she could probably get away with anything. I hope she doesn't try... how can you say no to a face like that? She loves to cuddle by Jared on the couch and climbed up to sleep on top of his shoulder last night. I'm surprised at the things she can hide under. She checked out under our hutch which is about two inches off the floor. I guess if she really decides to hide on us, we're not finding her until she decides that its time. Hope she doesn't like to play hide and seek. :-)

#2 Jamie has been particularly cute lately. We've noticed that she will pick her tail up between her paws and use it as a pillow. She's taken up a perch on one of our bookshelves where she can survey the living room. I guess its time to move the breakables higher up. Most of our friends have now decided that Jamie is the cutest cat in the world and want to take her home with them. She takes well to strangers and absolutely loves all their attention. I wonder now if our longtime friend John comes to see us or just makes excuses to see the cat. :-) Thank you, again, so much.... We absolutely love having her around and she seems to love being here (particularly if meal times are any judge ;-)

#3 She likes to wrestle with Jared (just his hand of course). Its kind of cute really. She'll grab his hand and pull it around then give a little nip and lick the spot. The have a time set aside each morning for cuddle and play. (Too bad is about 3AM so when he has to work nights she decides its time for me to get up. ;-) But she certainly is a sweetheart. Oh, yesterday I turned my back and she walked off with a whole piece of cornbread! It was just a pile of crumbs spread around my desk before I could do anything about it. She goes after crumbs of Matzo just as quickly so I think we've finally found a treat that she likes (she rejected chicken and fish Pounce so we were wondering if she would perhaps prefer a Kosher variety, too bad its people food....) She's lying on her back now reaching over her head to scratch a post we have set along the floor. Too cute.

#4 Jamie is doing wonderfully, and happy as ever... She's currently curled up for a nap on top of the stereo. Attached is a picture of Jamie proving to the world that she really is a *Scottish* Fold... We recently set up a new bar for our single malt collection and it has become one of Jamie's favorite new perches.

#5 Jamie isn't actually drinking from the bottles... Although she does seem to prefer to drink her water out of a cup on my desk than a dish on the floor. Since I started leaving her a cup she hasn't touched the dish, and it effectively solved the drinking from the toilet problem. We still keep the lid down because she apparently likes to swim. She enjoys her showers, too. Are you sure one of her parents wasn't a dog? I've never seen a cat with such an affinity for water. I'm not sure if she's bigger as I haven't weighed her lately although she did like to sit on the bathroom scale for a while. Never got a picture of that. She was just groomed and it's a bit dry here, so it could be static poof. Then again she steals table scraps if we don't keep and eye on her and clean up everything right away, so you never know. I think her favorite food is chicken cacciatore.


Letters from Willie's new family, Dominique & felines:

He is really very sweet and always ready to be petted. He looks very proud of his tail and seems to be trained to show how flexible it is, moving it around in every direction when he is satisfied with brushing or stroking! I have planned to attend a show in center France on NOV 16th where I'll be very proud to bring him.

I am just busy preparing Willie's place in my home pages. Willie looks quite happy and playful now after a long period of adaptation. Apparently the travel has been a very difficult experience for him. He shares a part of the house with a jung blue british short hair of mine and they are now very close friends. Its funny to see so different cats playing together with most excitement. He also is very tender with his baby mate. When I am busy with the PC he comes and plays with my hand and the mouse. I hope he will soon turn his attention towards the girls.


Letters from Fiona's new family:

#1 Fiona has had a busy first day...She will be in our daughters old bedroom for the first few days. She is happy to be in the crate when she is tired but the rest of the time she wants to play and climb on me. She has been to the vet and everyone there thought she was wonderful and very healthy. She had a very brief meeting with our 11 year-old cat, Zoe. They growled at each other and then Zoe left the room. Fiona does like her food and makes moaning sounds when she eats. She is one sweet kitty...Thank you

#2 The first week, Fee spent in a basket in the alcove under the kitchen counter. She only came out for meals and to use the litter box. Our 22 year-old son, Andrew came home for the weekend to see her and they became instant friends and since then there has been no stopping her. She has explored every room of the house and bounces from one piece of furniture to the other. She likes to nap on top of us and she does like her food and ours as well (which of course she is not allowed to eat). Zoe (our old cat) is still trying to figure this all out. She has not gone into hiding which I guess is a good thing. Everyone thinks Fee looks just like an Owl. So sometimes we call her Hoot. We all love her very much. Thank you so much for this lovely pet.

#3 She does not mind being picked up most of the time and she purrs alot when we stroke her. She falls alseep in my arms sometimes, being cradled like a baby. Another cute thing she does is when she on the alert, she will raise her upper body and sit, like a rabbit or a groundhog. Fee is a joy to have around...

#4 Just a quick note to let you know how Fee is coming along....She is very curious and loves to follow us around the house to see what she might be missing. She likes her naps but when she is well rested, she scampers around, checking out everything. Fee should be known as a Silver Patch and White Retriever. She has a small soft ball that she plops down in front of us and waits for the throw..then she chases it and brings it back for us to throw again. She is soooo clever..


Notes from Snicker's new family, Bev, Kellie & Shae-Lynn:

#1 Snickers is doing very well here. Everyone who meets her just loves her. They especially like that her fur is so soft and she looks so cute. We would like to thank you for all of the time that you spent with us when we came to pick up Snickers. You gave us a lot of interesting information and the toys and food was a pleasant surprise. Thanks also for the follow-up calls. It is nice to know that you are truly interested in your cats and their well-being in the homes in which they are placed.

#2 She really likes sitting and laying on the couch (her favourite spot in the whole house. Snickers is really growing and she is a very good cat. She loves playing with her toys and enjoys sitting and looking at our budgie bird Scooter. She also really likes sitting on the window sill and watching the trees and the snow falling.


Notes from (retired) Fiona's new family, Janice & Deb:

#1 I'm just letting you know that Fiona is doing fine. Sunday night she jumped into my bed twice so then I knew she and I will get along just fine. She sleeps all day and runs around the house at night when we are in bed. Even last night when I was in bed reading, she came into my bedroom and sat there looking at me. This week when I get home from work I pick her up and cuddle with her and give her a combing. Thanks again...and...Fiona is in good hands.

#2 Fiona is just fitting into our home very nicely. She now has the full house to terrorize. My sister - Deborah says we now have a dog the way Fiona runs around the house. We both love her. Thanks again. Our house seems lively again.


Notes from (retired) Rosie's new human mom, Pat:

#1 Rosie says hi. She is doing great. Still not sleeping with me, but absolutely at home. Loves the bathtub. Me, I am tired of washing in cat hair.... She really is fitting in great....

#2 Rosie says hi. She has really settled herself in. The cat tree in the dining room is her favorite spot. She does not share it often. She races into the bathroom most times I head there. I have been trying to get her to come to bed like she used to, but she says she does not want to. She talks to me often. I know where Duffie got her squeak...

#3 Rosie is doing great. Come to bed most of the time now.... It is amazing how well she has fit in.... I keep showing her to people and explaining that she is the mother of the kids. Boy, are they confused....


Notes from MacLeod's new family, Lauren & Tom:

#1 Well, MacLeod went to ground under the bed just as soon as I had thecage open. Not to be surprised at, poor thing the number of strange experiences he'd been through today! But he's been out since, and I've actually seen him drink from his water dish. Also, evidence indicates that he's used the pan, and some of the food is gone. Boswell is intrigued and disgusted. Intrigued by the other animal in the house, and disgusted that we've brought in another cat. I got out a wand, and sort of led Boz about the house and then just sort of casually into the room, where he instantly gave up on playing to track that new smell to its source. Who came out to see what was going on in a few moments. Much hissing and growling ensued, and Boswell was banished-though, to do him justice, Cloudy hissed first, and stood his ground like a trooper, leaving Boswell to sort of slink away We'll take it easy. I'm not stressing them any more tonight. I've been in to play with Cloudy twice, and he's eager to check out the totality of his new digs, but not just yet

#2 Well, it's been an exciting two days. Today, thankfully, we saw the dawn of détente, and possibly of glasnost. For a few moments, while Cloudy was playing with a ball, Boswell was following along. And later, when I tried to give Boswell his morning jumps (and Cloudy had to participate), Boswell made a few choice remarks and left the room, instead of crouching there like the MGM lion. Boswell knows a lot of words that I had no idea were in his vocabulary. Many of them are low and throaty. Tonight has been quite peaceful. After sampling everything, Boswell hopped up on the bed in what we are starting to call Cloudy's room and watched as Cloudy ate his share of dinner, played around me as I did some exercises on the floor, and generally watched suspiciously. That's his major activity these days watching. Preferably from about a meter away, but occasionally less. And this requires constant tracking of the Suspicious Character. We are figuring out ways to give each of them bits of private time. I had a long cuddle with Cloudy when I came home from work, after making sure that Boswell was quite done with his petting.

#3 Well, things are definitely more peaceful around here, though I get the feeling that complex, high-level negotiations are still going on. I took an overnight trip out of town this weekend, and when I got home Boswell came to greet me and have his usual petting at the end of the bed. In the midst of this, up jumps Cloudy, runs straight over to Boswell, and butts his head under Boswell's chin. Boswell then proceeded to sniff him thoroughly, all over. Normally, they prefer to be about three feet apart, and they seem to spend a lot of time stalking each other. If Cloudy is playing with a toy mouse you can be pretty sure that Boswell is not far away, watching him. And there seems to be a fair amount of racing around and meows and counter-meows, though it's not always clear who starts things and where they finish. They both are eating well. Boswell seems happier and calmer. Sometimes I think he's looking for Cloudy when Cloudy has gone to ground somewhere (backs of closets are a favorite). Other times, they ignore each other.

#4 There's still plenty of racing around, and Boswell will watch Cloudy when a "busy fit" hits him for as long as Cloudy wants to run in circles. They also spend more time in the same place, without seeming to be aware of each other--Cloudy in the window-sill and Boswell under the table, and vice versa. I would guess that Boswell has probably lost about 1/2 a pound chasing him. Cloudy himself is one of the most amusing cats I've known. The way he runs around with his tail in the air as if it were a flag is just so funny, it makes me grin every time I see him. The pleasure he has in having his head and face scratched is so intense, he seems to nearly swoon. And he's such a purring machine--the perfect companion for an afternoon nap. I also must mention Cloudy's good manners--well, the good manners they both have, really. For example, I've never met cats before that didn't attempt to destroy the toilet paper, but these guys just look at it and look away. I never, ever worry about unexplained messes. Both of them allow me to cut their nails and groom them. And so on. They both have just about abandoned Iams for Nutro, and I can see a definite difference in Boswell's coat. Cloudy continues to be a little beauty, with that wonderful, indefinably sweet expression. To sum up, I'm still a bit worried about poor old Boswell--I miss my big boy's company. But I'm not concerned any longer about him being actively mean to Cloudy, and they do seem to be doing more things together, so perhaps a bit more time...

#5 Boswell and Cloudy are now at a point where I think we can say they have made their adjustment to each other. They still try to stare each other down, and that invariably turns into chasing each other around the house, but there's no vindictiveness in it. Everyone's ears are pointing forward all the time, and everyone knows when the game is starting and when it needs to end. Boswell doesn't feel like he needs to be checking up on Cloudy all the time, and Cloudy has learned that when I say he needs to leave Boswell alone, I mean it. (Boswell, bless him, is learning that one a leeetle more slowly. Thank goodness for squirt-bottles! Because things are calmer, I'm able to give Cloudy more individual attention. He's such a sweetie! He will happily lie in the crook of my arm for hours at a time, half-asleep and purring. Then it's a yawn, a stretch, and time to find a toy mouse for a 20-minute work-out. He's warming up to Tom, too. (It probably helps that Tom does all the feeding.) Cloudy enjoys being with people even more than Boswell does, and I thought Boswell was the ultimate Companion Cat. I'm also looking at the way they communicate; what happens when Boswell claims dominance and Cloudy doesn't want to give it, or Cloudy pushes in front of Boswell for some attention that Boswell is used to getting first. It's getting to where I can see a "fight" coming, and guess what? Cloudy's usually the instigator! These things usually end with Cloudy hiding somewhere Boswell can't get to, while Boswell roams the house crying for his friend/sparring-partner/occasional chew toy. Boswell also seems to be getting more out of life. I find him playing with toys again, by himself, or just contented to sit and observe while Cloudy plays. He's a lot more active than he was. The demanding behavior that we used to see (clawing the Venetian blinds, pawing the washing-machine, etc.) is way, way down. We are careful to acknowledge his primacy (first pet when one of us comes home always goes to Boswell), and that's done a lot to reassure him. Last night, Boswell settled down in the curve of my knee, his favorite spot, and Cloudy stretched out over Tom's toes, and all was quiet from 11 PM right through till 5 AM, our normal rising time. And when we all got up, there was a quiet nose-touch for "Good morning," and then everyone headed into the kitchen to supervise the getting of breakfast. So that's all right


Notes from Calum's new family, Carole, Bill & Alex:

#1 I cannot begin to tell you what sheer and utter joy Calum is giving to us. He is like a little water spider, constantly on the move. There are cat toys EVERYWHERE, on the floors, hanging from under the chair cushions and door knobs. His favorites are a furry 6 legged spider which is hanging in the doorway of his tent which he also loves and a rather rude looking furry bird with a leather nose like a hedgehog and a feathered tail. He leaps and bounds and wrestles with them, bites them and then he gets all silly and does the sideways dance. He purrs non-stop (very large motor for such a little guy) and loves to be stroked picked up, played with (all the time), hugged for about a nano second and then back to business. He wears himself out by about 2.00pm and then has a nap. I simply cannot stop watching him and playing with him and he seems to have bonded with me instantly. He loves being in Bill's office and exploring the files and dancing on the computer keyboard. If he cannot find me in the house, non-stop meowing begins since he hasn't quite got his bearings. Alexis' nose is out of joint but she expresses her hostility simply by the occasional growl and a lot of muttering. Quite frankly, I think she is intimidated by all of Calum's high energy play. This morning, they did 'nose-to-nose' so I don't think it will be too long before she is comfortable with him. No sign of any physical aggression at all (not that I expected that.) Calum went to the Vet yesterday and the entire clinic came to a standstill as all the Vet Techs and receptionists oohed and ahed. I also talk him up to my store to meet the staff. He loves to visit but does NOT like being in his carrier. Calum has displayed no interest in the canaries other than the odd glance; he leaps and bounds across the furniture and thinks that our breakfasts should be shared with him. I am not being too strict at the moment but am gently explaining what is permissible and what isn't. Bill and I think that he is absolutely the most gorgeous, funny loving creature and feel so blessed to have him. One of Calum's most endearing qualities is that he is always making eye contact with those gorgeous eyes; it seems to me that most cats don't do a lot of direct eye contact. No question that he is a major distraction since I haven't been near my office until this morning to do e-mail, run the business etc. I did buy Calum more new toys yesterday (as if he needed them.) Bill just shakes his head.

#2 I am so in love with this little fellow. How could you not love someone so sweet, so bright, so loving and affectionate? he is settling in so well, has established his little routines and keeps us in fits. He just loves to be picked up and stroked or to sit quietly on a knee. I don' think he has any bones - he is so relaxed and is able to twist himself into the weirdest positions. And when he looks up with those huge eyes, I just melt. He and Alex are getting to know each other now and she is doing a lot of now kissing and sniffing. I think that they will become friends.

#3 It is hard to believe that we have had Macfeezer for almost 1 month. He has gained about 1 pound. Loves to eat, little piggy. However, he gets his measured breakfast & dinner and then that is it. then he runs to Alex' bowl & pushes her out of the way & starts to eat hers. that is under control. We pick up her bowl as soon as she leaves it. He did get us once however with the inevitable overnight result, thus necessitating a bath first thing. WELL!! even with Bill and I both holding him in the sink, he was incredibly strong and feisty. He loves to be brushed, combed and carried and loved. He plays like a kitten obsessed and keeps us laughing; he also loves us to play with him. Calum and Alex are now friends; One of Calum's favourite tricks is to leap onto her back and wrap his front arms around her. She then grabs him and the wrestling start. Alex will tolerate only so much and then she will push him to the ground, sit on him & give him love bites. This little guy doesn't know the meaning of 'no' and bugs Alex at every turn. Of course, his favourite target is her tail. He has taken only 2 test jumps at the canary cages, one of which was successful. However, a little spray from the water bottle appears to have done the trick & his now singularly disinterested. He follows me like a dog and loves to help with the computer keyboard, Having just discovered the cursor on the screen, he thinks that the computer is for his exclusive entertainment. I love watching the frenzied play & then the ensuing instantaneous naptime. The photo of him hanging off the shelving unit is one of those moments; he was simply hanging down sound asleep. We have a condiment carousel on the table in the Florida room and that is a favorite place to sit knowing that we will spin him around. He sits on the windowsills when we work in the garden and thoroughly enjoys all the wildlife activity out there. Scratching boards & pads are available in most rooms & he is pretty good at using them. We let him sleep in the bedroom with us one night. That will not be repeated soon since he spent an hour leaping around the bed and thundering around under the bed. Alum's favorite toys are his tent with the 8 legged spider hanging on it, the spin ball with the scratching pad and the little furry mice. I must have bought him at least 12 of them and they always disappear. Search as I do, I still cannot find them. He is sitting on my desk as I type & is actually asleep having just eaten dinner. In short, Kinross Calum Macfie continues to enrich our lives every day and gives love and laughter in never ending quantities. And he takes my endless kissed and hugs as his proper due!!. Blessed is the home with a Scottish fold!

#4 That little fellow just gets more beautiful each day! he has britches; he has a very full plume-like tail; his face is absolutely gorgeous & those eyes are quite beyond description. We have never had such a funny cat before and never one with such a loving personality. he uses his paws in a human- like way: if I am brushing his head & neck and proceed to the lower body, he puts his paw on my hand & directs me back to his head. He chatters away; if I meow, he meows. He sleeps draped on my pillow around my head or just flops across my neck or on my shoulder. When HE thinks that is time to wake up; he licks my eyelids; if the response isn't fast enough, he just keeps patting my face with a paw. He and Alex have extended wrestling bouts daily; if she has had enough & glares at him through squinty eyes, he will lie down for about 10 seconds, whereupon he leaps most disrespectfully on her back, flips HER over & bites her every where. Never any squawks from either one; Calum keeps his claws sheathed and the bites are gentle from both. If he REALLY tests her patience, she will regally tower over him and smack him with her paw albeit with great gentleness. I am totally mesmerized by his beauty and the gaze from those copper eyes into mine. And now, I shall take him to the vet & he won't love me anymore!!


Notes from Jackson' & Sunshine's new family, Richard & Jacinthe:

#1 I am so happy with Jackson, he is so cute and funny. The minute he does not see me or hear me, he meows so loud and as soon as he sees me, he stops. He follows me everywhere even in the washroom. I have to be careful because he gets so close that I am afraid that I could walk on him sometimes.

#2 We finally called the girl Sunshine thinking that this name suits her very well. She is so cute and friendly. She has lots of energy, she keeps running after Jackson and jumping on him. She is as curious as Jackson, she wants to discover every little corner. They play and fight together a lot. She is a lot of fun. They seem to enjoy our company because they are never very far from us. They even watch us taking our shower, they just sit down there and watch, so funny.

#3 Jackson and Sunshine are doing extremely well. They have so much fun together and we are having a wonderful time watching them play and chasing each other around. It took a couple of weeks before Sunshine jumps on my lap but now that she does, Jackson is jealous and jumps on me trying to find the best spot closer to me and the minute Sunshine moves to stretch or else, he takes her spot. It is hilarious and very interesting to watch. They don't sleep with us normally because we put them in the basement for the night but we had to sleep in the basement for a couple of nights because of renovations on the 2nd floor and that's why they slept with us. In the morning, when Richard opens up the door from the basement, they spend a bit of time with him on the main level and then realize that I am not there, so they come upstairs and jump on me so I have my personal alarm and I love it. They always stay around us, if we go upstairs, they follow us, if we go back downstairs, they come down with us, we just love them and they make us laugh a lot.


Notes from MacDougal's new home:

MacDougal was very wonderful as I thought. I'm really proud of MacDougal. And I have one more good news. In the CFA Cat Show which was held in Seoul on June 20th, MacDougal became the Best cat in all of the two Rings. So, it became a high score cat. Everybody praised it is an excellent Scottish Fold. For this Cat Show, the Japanese judges called Yayoi Satoh and Yoko Imai came. And CFA international division East Asia Director also came as a guest, and he praised MacDougal a lot by saying that its ear set and head type are great. There were a lot of praises about MacDougal and they say it's hard to see that kind of Cat even in Japan^^. (I was really proud of him!) And I was really surprised at knowing that MacDougal is a born Show Cat as you said. At first, I thought MacDougal is shy, but it was not in the Cat Show at all. On the contrary, not only it was not afraid at all, but also it showed a good manner when it was in front of the judges, and it got a storm of applause. Today MacDougal got all the love and interest from many people who attended. (Many people acclaimed MacDougal at the moment when it won the Best High Score Cat) Words are not enough to express my appreciation for MacDougal which showed a better performance in the Cat Show than I expected. I couldn't be happier that MacDougal came here. MacDougal makes me happy with only a single glance.


Notes from Gizmo & Fuzzee's new family, Terri, Brian & Rachel:

Just to let you know, Gizmo and Fuzzee are settling in nicely. Both can be quite vocal at times, very loving and playful and Gizmo has a very loud purr. They get along great together. They are also great with Brian and I--still adjusting to Rachel's enthusiam (but they do like how she plays with them with the wand and we are constantly supervising at this stage). We are just thrilled and love them already. Thanks to you for making our family complete again.



Notes from Nuke's new home:

#1 Just thought I'd let you know the little guy is definitely settling in. He doesn't want to be locked up away from everyone else, so this morning we put the dog in the living room and shut the French doors and put the cats in the kitchen side of the house and shut the French doors so everyone is happy. Mufasa and MacTavish were curled up sleeping with each other last night. Purrarican is still trying to figure out what to do about the little guy but they are warming up to each other. No hissing, just a lot of back arching. MacTavish was having a ball with the toys last night. Thanks again we are all enjoying him very much.

#2 Yes, he is officially named Boomer aka Nuke. He is doing so well. My vet gave him a quick check up and pronounced him healthy and he goes back in tonight for his shots. My vet likes to meet the animals first and just handle them and then have them come back so they kind of know him before he comes at them with a shot. Mufasa loves him and is giving him baths already. Purrarican is still warming up but we've stopped hissing and don't always remember to do the back arches at each other now. He loves his crinkle balls and yarn and is VERY helpful when my son is playing his video games. He has definitely decided Eric is "his". He follows Eric everywhere and will follow Pedro and me only when Eric isn't around. We've all learned to look down before stepping anywhere as he is always at our feet. His purr is unbelievable and he is still soft and silky. His favorite place to sleep is the back of the glider. We are really enjoying the little guy and all of our friends and family think he is just the cutest thing.

#3 He is the most incredible acrobat I have ever seen. The stealth toe attacks he does are hysterical. :-) Though the little butt wiggle is a dead giveaway he's up to something. The mighty hunter took out a moth last night and he was not amused when we took it away from him. He and Mufasa are getting along great and have started playing with each other. Purrarican our Alpha kitty is adjusting more slowly. Nuke has absolutely no respect for him ;-) and has a great time irritating him. I've gotten a couple of the "why did you HAVE to get him for" looks already.

#4 I'm amazed that my son has taken to Nuke so fast. He's usually more a dog or ferret kind of person. He just loves his little face and thinks it's hysterical when Nuke does his flips and the stealth toe attacks. Eric has a chair shaped like a hand that he sits in when playing on the computer and Nuke has learned that his paws are just small enough to fit through the finger openings. He has taken to "tickling" Eric when trying to climb the chair to get into Eric's lap. Not to mention the dance of the mighty kitten warrior the other night when Eric came out wearing his lion head slippers. I hope those pictures come out. I was laughing when I took them.

#5 Nuke is already running our lives. He has my son very well trained all ready to the point that Eric will look for him before closing his door to avoid the "HOW DARE YOU SHUT THAT DOOR TO KEEP ME OUT" meow. It is so funny to watch the two of them together. Nuke is all of what 5 lbs. maybe and my son is almost 6' and will get crammed into a little space so Nuke can stretch out on the bed.

#6 Oh yes, everyone is in love with this little guy. He was running around the house yesterday with his piece of yarn and tackling it all over the house. He was having a ball all by himself. He is such a little nutcase! :-) I trimmed his nails the other day and let's just say that that is NOT one of his favorite things. He survived and decided the treat after wasn't so bad. He has taken over a couple of Mufasa and Purrarican's favorite places to sleep and it's a riot to watch the two heavyweights move over so Nuke has more room. :-)


Notes from Liam's new home:

Liam and Boomer are best friends now--but Liam is definitely the alpha! When I get in bed in the morning after work I have one on each side. Both trying to get close to me. If Liam sees Boomer getting a little attention he comes running, sits close and stares at me. They are so funny together. Boomer is oblivious. He gives Liam head butts. Which at first he did not like at all. But now he is coming around. He can swim very well by the way. He fell into my bath tub of running water last Sat. But I was very close and heard the splashing--he won't go near that tub now! Graceful he is not! But he is my "dream cat" I love his red classic pattern and his big beautiful eyes. Thanks to both of you for this beautiful boy. We will do our best to show him to Grand and make you proud.


Notes from Misty's new home in Florida:

#1 Hello from Sunny Florida! It's ME! Misty! Guess what? I spent last night snuggled up with a boy! He's a human boy and he told me I was beautiful. I purred for him all night, I even woke him up once I purred so loud! I have not met any of the other furries here, but I have seen lots and lots of paws come under my door. I played smack paw with some of them! And there was a HUGE paw that my new mommy said belongs to something called a dog? I wasn't sure about a dog, but my new mommy says that I will like her. I've used my litter pan and had a nice breakfast so far today. I wanted to let you know that I am safe and happy in Florida and made it through my first night just fine!!! My new mommy keeps kissing me on the nose! Love from Misty

#2 Little Miss Misty is going to see Dr. Kevin tomorrow morning for her well-kitten visit. She came out to explore around the house today and you are right!! That is one confident kitten!! She went sashaying thru like the Queen of the World! She found the toy stash, and the cat beds and was NOT happy with me when I put her back into Rob's room so I could do some stuff. What a doll she is!! I can't thank you enough for entrusting us with this wonderful bundle of folded fur! Going off to play with her now! She had the whole office wrapped around her tiny paw within 10 minutes! The vet pronounced her totally healthy and absolutely gorgeous! Last night we were watching a movie and she was curled up sleeping on Mike's chest. What a personality she is!! We allowed her to do some exploring around the house yesterday and she was onto, into and around everything. Even found a stash of toys under the sofa. She was delighted to find a ball with feathers on it and chased it all around the house. When we put her back into her room we put the feather ball in with her. I heard Mike closing doors downstairs a minute ago, so I'm fairly sure he has her out again. He's just smitten with that kitten!!

#3 Misty is showing quite the preference for the men of the family!!! Little flirt! She sat with us out by the pool yesterday and was quite interested in the birds and squirrels. She was also a big help to me with my crocheting yesterday -- NOT! She has become fast friends with My Beloved Boy and they were playing with her feather ball yesterday. My 16 year old son is sick. As in fever of 103, chills, runny nose, hacking cough, etc. Little Miss T has not left his side all day! She is curled up right next to him on his pillow keeping watch. I carried her out earlier for her exploration time and she beat feet back to Rob's door and glared at me until I let her back in. Apparently she was On Duty!! Sweet girl! She had ice cream with Mike last night, and is spending a little more time out of Rob's room every day. Right now she's curled up on his head -- he is home with a cold or the flu, and she is cuddling with him. Kitten therapy -- best medicine in the world. This morning while I was holding her, the dog wandered by and Misty didn't hiss at her! First time she hasn't hissed when she saw the dog. Poor Ms. Harley wants to sniff at her and Miss T is having NONE of that thank you so much! She is such a sweetie! She has gotten used to being held and cuddled by us, so I carry her around the house all the time to look at things. She's so alert and interested in everything.

#4 Finally!! Little Ms. T is starting to come into her own a bit here. She is now fully out and about in the population. She eats with the others and uses the litter room. Rob is happy to have her litter pan out of his room. She is still pretty much hissing at all the other cats, but she DOES like the dog! Go figure...... She sleeps with Mike and I now and the purr motor gets really revved up about 3 am. She also enjoys a brisk game of "Chase The Cursor" on the computer, which results in interesting things being inserted in my e-mails and other written things. Since Rob is on spring break this week, the house is full of kids coming and going and I have everyone pick her up and cuddle her some. She is doing pretty well with that too, and I have high hopes for her not being scared by the judges next weekend. I wish you could have seen her early this morning curled up with the dog, snoring away. Right now she is sitting here on my desk washing her flank and looking out the window. She really seems to be getting comfortable here and we are SO excited!!! Lizz and Misty

#5 She is so funny with the dog!! Ms. Harley is not a very big dog, nor a very brave one. Miss Otter Pop had been Harley's official pet cat up till now, but she is being challenged by Miss Misty. She and Harley lie curled up together, it's really cute!!

#6 The other really GREAT part is how much she just came into her own this weekend! When we got home she strutted out of her carrier like the Queen of the Nile and just took over the house. The other intact girl who had been stalking her got QUITE the surprise when Misty reared up on her tiny hind paws and smacked BACK! I could not have been more thrilled with how she showed this weekend. She came out on the grooming table to be looked at by the gate, she purred when people petted her, she showed those huge eyes to the judges.... she was just wonderful!!


Notes from Huxley's new home:

He is a real delight & he & our other cat get along famously - like brothers. His favourite toy is still the sparkle stick, but he also loves when sunlight bounces off my watch face onto the ceiling & walls. (He makes that chirpy sound like when cats see a bird.) He loves to cuddle, too. He & the other one lay on their backs when they are just lazing around - not sure if he learned it from the older one or if that is his natural tendency!


Notes from Arwen & Frodo:

Thanks for sending us a card for our 1st birthday! We got lots of presents, including a new wand toy with a purple feather boa on the end of it that we love to chase and bite and lick. Here are two pictures of us, taken on our special day - we decided to be nice and share the top of the cat tree! Love, Frodo & Arwen

P.S. Our mom Sarah wanted to say something - Can you believe how big Frodo is now? He's still a bit lighter than Arwen but I think he's the same length now. They are definitely the cuddliest and purriest cats we've ever met and they convert everyone they meet into cat lovers.


Notes from Oliver's new home:

#1 What a sweet, sweet boy! I was having a helluva time getting to sleep last night. My little Olly-bear decided to help me get to sleep by coming in, cuddling up next to me and sharing my pillow. He put his head on my pillow next to my head, touched my cheek with his paw, then put his paw on my hand. And purred. And slept. I didn't, but he did. I kept reaching up and petting him, which made his little motor purr louder. He got up and repositioned himself against my side, under my arm, so I curled my arm around him and off to sleep he went. I didn't, but he did. This went on for most of the night. He got up around 2am and left. He came back around 4am and snuggled up against me again. I think that's when I fell asleep....finally. He left at some point, but came back about a minute before the alarm went off at 6:30. I'm very sleep-deprived, but my heart is filled. :)) Such a little love bug. And CUTE!

#2 Oh what fun! For some unknown reason, I decided to give the mafia kits their once-every-2-3-years bath on Saturday. I dunno.....I guess I thought their white fur needed some sparkle. And I needed to be beat up. Thankfully, I was smart enough to trim their claws first. This was Oliver's first bath. Oh my GOD!!! (help me) I have never seen kangaroo legs like that before! Oliver's got springs in his legs even a dirt bike would be envious of. LOL

#3 Oliver was patrolling the french doors the other day when Fibber wanted back in the house. They were pushed to, but not completely shut. I asked Fibber if he really wanted in because Oliver was waiting on the other side. He looked at me, then reached his paw up to the door and hooked it to pull it open. He hesitated long enough for Oliver to stick his head in the opening, then he promptly whacked him on the head. Oliver ran and jumped up on the dining room chair, and Fibber walked inside. Life's good! LOL

#4 On Monday, we thought we lost Oliver for sure. We're pretty good (borderline paranoid <g>) about head checks periodically, especially when we're going in and out of the house. Our rule is to watch our feet when we go out of the house, but sometimes we aren't as observant as we should be. Our babies are very good about not slipping out, especially since we've cut them off from the back garden (till the yard is re-fenced). And Oliver has never really shown an interest. However, we absolutely could not find him Monday afternoon. Joel was busy organizing and going in and out of the garage, so I was a little worried when Oliver didn't come running for his favorite mylar wand toy. All I usually have to do is rattle it and Oliver comes flying into the room. I rattled that wand all over the house, out on the porch, and even in the garage. Then, when my heart started pounding and I told Joel I thought we had a problem, I went out on the deck and rattled it. Nothing. No Oliver. Okay....now my heart is really pounding. Joel was frantic, looking under the front bed (again). I looked under our bed (again), this time with a flashlight. What did I see? A furry, round, grey head and big gold eyes looking back at me. "Oliver!", I said, "Why didn't you come out?" His reply: "Mrrrowww?" It's his normal "Hi" sound. I just fell back on the floor and laid there, sighing.


Notes from McGyv'ear's new human, Linda:

#1 Well, the trip back was very good. McG meowed for about 1/2 hour, gradually slowing his cries, until there was only an occasional mew. He had actually started to purr about 45 minutes after departure and purred (loudly) for hours. He settled into the guest room just fine. I decided to sleep in there last night, and he hopped right up on the bed and loved being stroked. He spent some time under the dresser too, just peering out. He didn't eat a bite or drink anything all the way back and still didn't seem interested in anything during the evening. However, during the night, I heard him using the Robo-thing, and he ate 2-3 morsels of his food, and took a few laps of water. He also used the litter box twice! Whenever I opened the door, he stayed across the room, but tried to look out. This evening, when I returned from work, I went in and he was actually out from under the dresser! (He had been there all morning). About the third time I opened the door (to take him some fresh water), he darted out and quickly trotted though all the rooms, stopping and listening here and there. He didn't seem frightened, just curious. And then he hopped up on a dining room chair (under the nice dark shadow of the table and has remained there for the last 30 minutes! So far, so good! I think he's ok with the new set-up. I combed him a lot (which he loved), and stroked him a lot, tickling him under the chin - which he is crazy about. He purrs all the time and seems to be very intent on checking out the windows and noticing small movements. He has impeccable manners and is so gentle - I think you are wonderful cat-parents and his other cat friends (also socialized wonderfully in the Kinross school of perfect behavior) must have had a good influence too!

#2 Good news - McGyv'ear has started to eat - exactly 48 hours after arrival. This morning, he hopped right in bed with me and purred like crazy. Of course in the middle of the night the little catnip mouse he had absolutely no interest in (jingle bell on the tail) suddenly become fascinating and he meowed and batted the mouse around for about 15 minutes. I'm so glad he is starting to relax.

#3 This morning, I took an old down pillow, (complete with pillowcases) and put it in a large wooden box under my bed. He went in, but didn't stay. Hopefully, when we start sleeping in my room, he'll be comfortable, and still have his privacy. Right now, he's still spending some time under the dresser in the guest room. When I woke up this morning, he was lounging on the piano. It's interesting, he doesn't wake me up, which is very nice. He's extraordinarily polite. We went through the morning ritual - a combing, and then spying for squirrels. He is eating. He loves the blue wand and it will even bring him out from under the dresser! When he gets a couple of rooms away from me, he starts meowing loudly (I think it's his sonar). All I have to do is meow back and he's fine! I absolutely adore him and am so happy that we found each other (McG, you guys and me!).



Notes from Tallulah's new family:

#1 Tallulah had a timid start, but by 9 pm she was up and at it. She carefully came out from under her hiding spot...under the dresser...she had her Iam's chicken...played with her feather toy (she actually likes the plastic stick end the best) and pulled on her brand new scratch post. So all and all she is adjusting quite nicely.

#2 Tallulah is Chatow Indian..it means little wood or water sprite. She really fits the name....right now she is being called Tullibelle mostly...as we gush over her daily. She is still a bit timid, not in Patrick's room...there she is completely at ease. In fact she becomes "Diana the Huntress", as she stalks the ladybugs...there is no rest for the weary, poor little tyke, she is on guard all day long!!!!! She seems afraid of the staircase right outside Patrick's room. I've been coaxing her up and down with food. Which reminds me...she has a giant appetite. We have the kibble in front of her all day, but she really will not go by her bowl without a glance and a lick....maybe she just is making up for Wednesday and Thursday when she wouldn't eat... I'm sure she would eat a can of wet food a day!!!!! She now sniffs our faces and purrs.

#3 We had a houseful of 24 people at Christmas, so I'm still recovering. Tallulah stayed up in Patrick's room and made a few "appearances". Patrick would bring her down to an audience of no more than 2 people at a time. She would lie in his arms, on her back mind you, and gaze up at her adoring fans. She is quite comfortable with the attention. She had her first trip today to the vet. She was very verbal in the car and I was happy for it. On her trip home from the airport, she was totally quiet and shell shocked...at least today she voiced her objection.



Notes from Gracie's new family:

#1 She has been such a blast at work this week. Yesterday she was sleeping in one of my stackable file trays--it's about 4" tall and she crammed herself in there. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera: (Today she's in her bed on my desk and she is sound asleep on her back right now. She prefers to be up on my desk, which is great because we share kisses and headbutts. She's sucking in her sleep so she must be soundly out!! She's doing well with the boys and is now trying to get them to play chase with her. Max and I were playing hide and seek last night and he was hiding behind a quilt on a quilt rack when Miss Gracie came in the room. You could only see Max's little pink nose and his tail. Grace wiggled her butt and then pounced at him. Scared him to death. He didn't hiss but he sure ran out from behind the quilt fast. Gus is doing better with her than Max--he will let her get right in his face and even eat off his plate; Max can only take so much "face" time before he takes off. Teddi.....still grumbling a bit.

#2 I've got Miss Gracie in my lap as I write this but not for long--she has too many kitten things to do. Grace is OVER 2 lbs. Grace did super with me at work this week but we've started leaving her out for a few hours at a time in the house while we're gone and she's done wonderful. Quite often we can't find her when we get home but as soon as I call her, she appears like Bruce said--puffing that little chest out. She's been sleeping with us since Thursday night and she is quite the cuddler. She likes to get up under my ear and snuggle in my hair and go to sleep. She pretty much sleeps through the night. Tomorrow will be the first day I leave her all day when I go to work but she's up for it I think and I'm not worried about the other cats bothering her. We had to wire the fireplace screen closed last night as she discovered how to get up on the raised hearth in front of the fireplace. It's so fun to see the world through kitten eyes--especially Grace's since she is so adventurous. She's a little monkey--climbs on everything. Her favorite thing is to wait around a corner for me and then pop out like a little wild thing while she is making that trilling noise. We chase each other all over the house. I've been brushing her and trimmed her nails for the first time--she was so good. Also have been introducing her to my finger rubbing her gums with a small amount of cat toothpaste so she can get used to having her teeth brushed. She doesn't mind at all.

#3 McKenna looks good and is a ball of fire although not as much as Gracie who is a wild girl running through the house at break neck speed and trilling as she goes. She was actually wrestling with Gus yesterday and she was winning :) Gracie snuggles more than any cat we've ever had. I sleep on my side and she nuzzles in between my chin and my shoulder every single night. When the alarm goes off, I get huge purrs, lots of licks (esp on my eyelids--ouch!!). She's a little tomboy for sure. My Teddi definitely has the "HRH" attitude but not Gracie. She just wants to wrestle and tumble...and EAT!!! I can't believe how much that little kitten can eat (and poop) LOL.

#4 Gracie is growing like a weed. You would not believe how big she is now. I love her SO much and we are having a great time with her. She has got a fantastic personality. We put up the Xmas tree (without decorations) on Sunday just to see what she would do. She ignored it until Monday night; now she plays underneath it and jumps on the bottom branches but I don't think she weighs enough to tip it over. It's artificial, btw. As much as I like the smell of real trees, I think the problems of having them with cats are too much. So far, so good with the tree but Baby Jesus is having a tough time staying in the manger. Max has always moved him and the sheep around and I think Gracie must have seen him because I caught her with Baby Jesus in her mouth yesterday. But she's doing pretty well with the tree. What she won't stay away from is the FIREPLACE.

#5 She has discovered the jacuzzi in our bathroom and that she can get in and out of it (before, she couldn't jump that high). So last night she was moving around in there like a ping pong ball. For some reasons the nozzles where the jet water comes out fascinate her (of course, there was no water in the tub). I took her to bed with me and she jumped out and ran and got in the tub where it sounded like a herd of elephants was instead of a 4.5 lb kitten. We did this three times and then I gave up. She finally came to bed after she was done doing whatever she was doing :)

#6 Having Miss Gracie as a kitten right now, I could fill books. We were out of town over the weekend and our petsitter called and said, "Gracie just sits in front of the frig and stares at herself". Oh....I forgot to tell her that Gracie's most recent game is swatting ice cubes around so if she's sitting in front of the frig, it's her trying to cue you to drop an ice cube on the floor. My husband said it's really a great thing that they don't have opposable thumbs--otherwise they'd have absolutely no use for us.


Notes from McKenna's new family:

#1 McKenna and Madisen are playing consistently now. They wake us up each morning to the "kitten races". Madisen actually wanted to play after only about 3-4 days, but McKenna still wasn't ready. We love to just watch the two of them chase/stalk each other....they've made us laugh until we cry! We are so happy that Madisen loves her little playmate. She must have been bored and lonely. She's acting like a kitten now too.

#2 McKenna is still the Canadian, though -- she prefers to sleep on the cold tile or wood surface (right next to her bed or blanket), while Madisen is bundled under the covers, sleeping in her "tent bed" or curled up in the sunshine. (She's the desert cat!). When the nighttime temperatures get down into the 50's, Madisen automatically switches to her tent bed. Yes, 50's is cold for us!

#3 Here are a few photos I took about a week or so ago. They had been sleeping next to each other in the sunshine until McKenna decided to play. It looks like Madisen is "boxing" McKenna, but they were just starting to play at that point. Seems like McKenna has always been part of our family. She fits right in and we absolutely LOVE her!


Notes from Jack's new family:

#1 What a day! We are so happy to finally have Jack here safe and sound. He is asleep as I write this...... such a tired boy after a long day. He should not be bothered by the show halls because the trip didn't seem to faze him too much. Not even the 200 Parakeets that flew in cargo with him from Atlanta to Phoenix. Jack has already investigated the entire bedroom/bathroom and played with the teaser stick (thank you) as well as the laser light. He did start crying after I left the room once - it appears he doesn't like to be left alone right now. Pat was on the bed (which is pretty high off the ground) and said, "Jack, you are not alone." Jack jumped on the bed, made sure Pat was really there and then jumped back off to go and investigate some more. And YES, he does like to purr as well as knead on his new bumper pad bed. Pat will bathe him tomorrow so he is all spruced up for Dawn's picture taking session. Thank you! I love him already.


Notes from Kotter and Kenzie's family:

They are such wonderful travelers, sharing the same soft-sided carrier that we open when we are underway. With furry beds & the litter box, they are very comfortable and oh so good! We were s happy that we took them with us. Kotter is just so incredible even with his lopped tail. And Kenzie just gets prettier each day. She is still very petite and will remain so now given her age. She loves her brother & her sister and she is now so much more outgoing & confident thanks to Kotman.

Forgot to mention that Kotter can hear us open a Yogurt container when he is sound asleep upstairs! Down he comes & cannot wait for us to give him the little cup to lick. How he gets his tongue down to the bottom is beyond me. He sure does love it!!


Notes from DK's family:

Over the weekend, I noticed that DK had some odd gunk (that's the medical term :) ) in his right ear, so this morning, I decided that I'd better call the vet and get him in to have it checked out. The only appointment they had was at 4:00 with a vet I've never seen, but the practice is excellent, so I took it. Unfortunately, they were pretty behind schedule, because they had had a dog come in with a broken leg, so we had a long wait in the examining room. Long to me that is, DK was busy holding court. The receptionist and vet techs kept coming in to pet him, bring him treats, and generally ooo and ah. DK sat there purring away and eating it all up. And then The Evil VET walked in. Now mind you, he'd never met this vet. But he immediately knew that she was The Evil Vet, stopped purring, and got whinny. It was the funniest thing you've ever seen. That boy really knows who's who!!! :)))


Notes from Skye's family:

It'll be a miracle if any of the decorations survive the assault again next year. Skye cramming herself inside a ceramic pumpkin was the highlight. Let me tell you it's creepy to look over at a pumpkin and realize it's looking back at you. Oh, and she managed to make a copy of Nuke's rear end the other night. He was sitting on the copier/scanner I have and she stepped on the buttons just right. Nice picture of a furry little rear end. *sigh*

All your kittens should come with a disclaimer "WARNING cute face will cause addiction to Scottish Folds while hiding their evil tendencies!" :) Miss Skye has taken to digging in my Christmas cactus plant. Especially after I've just watered it. She then will take her muddy self (if she wasn't caught in the act) and proceed to curl up in the tapestry bag I use for school. Everyone thinks the muddy paw prints on my homework are soooooo cute. Especially after they saw a picture of her. They all this she's this adorable little angel. Yeah right! Spoken like someone who has never been owned by a Scottish Fold. We won't even go into the frog scene the other night. Let's just say that baby frog will think twice before EVER going into a house again. Although the sight of Skye "hopping" behind the frog was pretty funny.

I used to close the door whenever I drew a bath but Miss Brilliant ran headfirst in one night because she wasn't paying attention so after that I made sure I leave it open and she paid for it. :) Her royal highness was not amused at getting the royal fur wet. Her and Nuke are hysterical to watch. They both do this butt wiggle where, as they are wiggling, the butt is going up at the same time. It's really funny to watch. Especially when they get Mufasa to forget his dignity and play too. Mufasa tries to imitate the butt wiggle and it just looks like he's having a seizure in his rear end. It really is funny to watch. Purr-a-Rican on the other hand will just pounce - no warning.

The other night we had the battle of the cannonballs. Of course it was done totally by accident and we had two VERY upset furballs. I had drawn my bath and was in getting my pajamas, robe and slippers when all of a sudden Skye goes ripping through the hall at full speed, jumps to hide in the bathtub (which is how the game is suppose to be played, you hide in the tub and then pounce on Nuke when he comes ripping in right behind you) and KERPLASH!!!!!! huge waterfall of water as she sailed into the bath with this look of total shock when she realized it was full of water. Nuke comes ripping in to see what the commotion is all about and jumps for the toilet (because mommy is always thoughtful and remembers to put the lid down ­ Dad, however, is another story and Dad had been the last to use the toilet and mom hadn't noticed) so yup you guessed it - Cannonball right into the toilet. I'm trying to fish Skye out of the tub because she can't get traction (and not get clawed to death in the process) and now I'm trying to stop a frantic Nuke from bolting out of the bathroom and spreading water everywhere. My thoughtful husband is in hysterics laughing and is absolutely no help whatsoever. After managing to corral both of them in the bathroom. I then added insult to injury by using the blow dryer to dry them off a little. Needless to say I was on the shred list for about two hours. Until I took out the kitty toy and then all was forgiven.


Notes from Maudie's family, Mary, Don, Wally, DK & Mikey:

Maudie hasn't warmed up to Don at all. As a matter of fact, she's even hissed at him. Until tonight... We grabbed her before Don went to bed to check her butt. Then I put her on the bed. He crawled in, and she's been there with him ever since! He's thrilled and so am I!

#2 Maudie and Wally will now both hang out on the bed with me at the same time. Wally's not too thrilled, but he deals with it. Maudie isn't the least bit bothered by him.

#3 Maudie is turning out to be very picky about her wand toys. She only likes certain ones, and will give you a bored look if you try to get her to play with the wrong ones. Maudie is a toy transporter. Everyday I put all her catnip toys, balls, etc. in her room, and every morning they're back in our room.

#4 Maudie definately likes me better than Don and makes it quite clear. But if he goes to be first, she's right there with him. Any human in the bed is better than no human.


Notes from Mae's new humans:

#1 Mae is doing very well. She is so pleasant and wonderful and we are enjoying her so much. I swear I can see her growing every day!!! She is providing us with lots of laughs and entertainment. She has slept with us every night ­ since the night we brought her home! She is a real pillow hog and stretches out the whole length of the pillow. I have numerous padded beds and kitty bowls for her and she won't sleep in any of them. I have a nice hammock for her ­ and again she likes to hide under it and use it as a pouncing station instead! Mae is eating well and drinking well also. I bought her one of those drinking fountains and she drinks from that. I don't think she is so "quiet" any more!!! She is always full of energy and loves to play. She loves that mouse you gave us ­ that may be her favorite toy. She also loves to bite toes and knees at night and loves to try to bite Jay's necklace when he is sleeping. We just love her so much and thank you so much for socializing her so well. She certainly loves attention and people and is not shy. She is all over you if you are sitting down eating near her and tries to steal things off your plate!

#2 I am looking forward to staying home with Mae and just reading a book or two and relaxing with her! She is still as lovable as ever and certainly a very bright spot in my life! We are so pleased with her. I don't think we could have found a better kitten anywhere! We also found out that Mae goes absolutely crazy when there is popcorn around. She tries every which way she can to get to or into the bowl or at a piece if you drop one. She tries to pull the bowl down with her paws if you hold it up and will try to climb all over you to get to the bowl! It is quite funny to see because she won't give up! I never knew cats liked popcorn. I am mean and only give her one piece after I tear it into about 10 smaller pieces!

#3 Mae is growing like a weed. She is about 4 lbs now. She is such a joy and I can't get enough of her! I think she has figured out that she is going to be very spoiled. She is wonderful with people and is not shy at all. She is so affectionate too. She plays and runs around like crazy for about 25 ­ 30 minutes and then she just plops down for a 5 minute rest and then takes off again. She will crawl right up on my chest and just stretch right out and purr like crazy while I cradle her in my arms. She is just so sweet. She can be a little devil now and then too ­ but that can only be expected! She hasn't missed a night of sleeping with us, on top of us, beside us, etcsince the night she arrived. Her coloring is coming in a little darker now and she has beautiful markings. She terrorizes our 16 lb dog! Mae runs full speed at the dog and then stops about 8 inches away from her and the dog usually runs away or cowers. It is actually entertaining to watch!


Notes from Little Princess's new humans:
Today was the first time we left the house and kept all the doors open. We came home and no blood or guts. It's been a little bit of a bumpy road for all three felines. LP is a pretty tough cookie when it comes time to defending herself. I think it will get better each passing day.

#2 I have to tell you both, I don't know what you did, or if all of your cats and kitties are as sweet, lovable, and cuddly as Little Princess. I am in absolute heaven. She snuggles up with me at night and purrs. During the day I can pick her up and hold her almost all the time. What a honey. Hats off to both of you. You sure know how to make wonderful and beautiful kitties. I just want you to know how very happy and in love with this little girl I am.


Notes from Izzy's new human, Pat:

#1 Just updating on Issy. Isabel is doing fine. She found the wet food right after we got home and is now eating at the dry food bowl. She is really being a kitten. Just bounding around here and exploring things. I have forgotten how unkitten-proof the house is anymore. Found her snacking on the electric bill. Told her she could have it if she really wanted it. She seems to love the little space under my computer desk... Lots of playing in there so far. She also found the one round condo that Beeper loved and was in it. I don't think anyone has been in it since he passed on. I am now getting some hissing from the guys. I am sure they will settle down. Seems Rozie and Duffy have their noses a little out of joint, but I think given a day or two, all will be well. I am just spending the weekend with her. No plans till I teach Sunday afternoon... Just play with Issy. Thank you again. And again and again.

#2 She is exploring... So far she has the run of the house, but I am here. I have to decide if I think she is safe enough to leave her tomorrow when I go to teach. She has spent a good part of the evening sleeping on my chest. I think she tuckered herself out exploring. She just curls up and purrs herself to sleep.

#3 No one has really warmed up to her yet. Hope seems to enjoy her. I had her on the bed with me last night and it did not bother Hope at all. I think the others will come around. Me, I have done nothing but play with her and hold her all weekend. Have to get ready and go to my Sunday class. Hate to leave her. I can see me tomorrow when I am gone all day. She loves to just curl up and get cuddled. I am constantly putting her down at a food plate or the litter box, to make sure she knows where both are. She is sooo sweet. I am in love.

#4 Issy survived her first day of me at work. I skipped going to my music group last night to sit and play with her. She is sleeping with me. I worry about her having enough canned food, so my other guys are having a great treat with the number of cans I keep opening. I know she eats hard food, I have seen her. I don't even like to leave for work and have her stay home. She is so cute. Today I don't get home until late tonight after leaving at 6:15. So, as you can guess, I am worrying about her. She is bringing me sooo much happiness.

#5 I am definitely as bad as any first time kitten mom. I am finding that I am laughing with my cats more since she came than I have since I lost Beeper. She has somewhere she goes in the bedroom that I have not figured out where... But she always pops back out of whatever hiding place she found... I can't wait to get home tonight to just pick her up and hold her some more. Thank you again for her.

#6 Just wanted to update you on Issy. She has settled in nicely and holds her own with the crew. Rosie is still a little bent out of shape over her, but is coming around. The hisses are far less than the first week. She is another bathtub kid. She has learned how to get in and out of the tub and joins the others in there. I was not happy to see that. Now I have to remember to close the bathroom door when I run the bath water. (My water pressure leaves a lot to be desired, I start the tub, make tea, check email and then take a bath) I don't want her jumping into a full tub. To my dismay she is no longer spending the entire night on the bed. She likes the cat tree next to the bed, which has moved Hope to either the bed or the cat tree across the room. Yes, there are two cat trees in my bedroom. She is eating the dry well now. She bounces around like she has always been here. Nothing seems to phase her and she puts up with my constant desire to pick her up and hold her...

#7 Issy is a doll. I really enjoy her. She is just what I needed to pull my spirits up.... She is growing so fast. It is hard to remember how quickly they change, it has been a lot of years since I had a little one. She has rounded out some too. She keeps telling me she is a big girl now, hops in and out of the bathtub, climbs the cat trees and chases toys without a thought of the others. Rosie does get upset with her getting in the tub. That is Rosie's domain. She allows Elvis and Duffy in there, but really is not wanting to make room for Issy.

#8 Just filling you guys in on Issy. She really has grown and filled out. Rosie still hisses at her, but does not phase her in the least. She plays so well. Two nights ago she started chasing Elvi around to play with his tail. Elvi was not impressed and ran more from her, which lead her to chase all the more. She is my cuddle kitty and a true bathtub cat.... Thank you again for my Issy.

#9 Issy is growing so fast. She is sooo much bigger. She seems to have bonded the closest with Chris. He grooms her and plays with her. They really get going with each other. Issy is really doing what she needed to do to pull me out of the low from losing Beeper. She is so sweet and really makes my day.


Notes from Zoe & Mimi's new humans:

The girls are doing very well - Both kittens have grown a lot - especially Mimi - their last weigh in was 1.1 (Zoey) and 1.4 (Mimi) kilos. They see each other about 3 to 4 times a week - they are so cute when they're together and totally exhausted from playing by the time we leave. Zoey is a little treasure and very affectionate - Mimi loves my Mom and my brother - my Mom's health and state of mind has actually improved. We are very happy that they have become a part of our family. Thanks.

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