(blue/cream British Shorthair female)


Born: July 30, 1997
Dam: Denimar's Magic Moment of Petagaye
Sire: Petagaye's Captain Morgan

Rose is, well, Rose. She can be extremely friendly, and then she can be evasive. She can be very talkative, and then silent as a mouse. She can be stubborn, and then sweet and loving. Rosie was the "alpha queen" (top girl) in the house. Her size and weight demonstrated her superiority (in her mind, anyway), and for speed, she certainly won the prize.

Rosie is now retired, and living a life of ease with Pat in Auburn, New York. She is sharing her home with two of her kids (Elvi & Duffy).

Litter #1 - December 26, 1999
Litter #4 - November 8, 2001
Litter #2 - May 29, 2000
Litter #5 - May 1, 2002
Litter #3 - January 5, 2001
Litter #6 - December 8, 2002

Grands that Rosie has produced are:
GC Kinross Blue Skye - Skye
GC Kinross Arabel of Mirificats - Arabel
GP Kinross Bonnie Belle - Bonnie (CFA & CCA)



Born: December 26, 1999
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM

cameo and white SE female

Maggie now lives with Sandra in Oakville, Ontario, and follows her around everywhere. A new addition, Maggie's younger brother, Stewart, has joined them.

Check out the stories of Maggie & Stewart in their new lives

brown mactabby and white SE male

He is an active, energetic boy who was friendly with everyone who would take the time to play with him.

Findlay is now settled in his new home, and loves to talk with his humans. He is a gentle, laid-back boy, and purrs endlessly. Let's see how Findlay is doing...


blue mactabby female

Skye was active on the show circuit, and is now a International Grand Champion.

Check her own page for more pictures and recent accomplishments.



Born: May 29, 2000
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM

blue mactabby and white folded-ear male

Stewart was an extremely friendly little fellow, and did not hesitate to show his affection to anyone. He is now living with Sandra in Oakville, Ontario. His older sister, Maggie May (born to the same parents on December 26, 1999) welcomes him to their home. We are looking forward to hearing about the sibling rivalry...

More from Stewart's new human


blue and white folded-ear male

This kitten was nicknamed "Stevie Wonder" a few days after his birth. While his eyes were still closed, he would amble to the edge of the kitten cage, rocking his head back and forth while talking to us. He responded early to our voices and touch, and since then, has expressed his friendliness by purring endlessly. We will miss this little purr baby, but wish him happiness in his new home with Barbara in Elora, Ontario.

Samtoo adopted a baby brother recently. Now Cujo and Sammi love to watch the birds together. More from Samtoo's new life...


dilute calico female

Catriona is a beautiful dilute calico girl, with a distinct "blaze" marking on her forehead. She knows exactly what she wants, and is not afraid to express those desires. She was the undisputed leader in the litter of six, which consisted of four brothers and one sister. Catriona is an interesting blend of both parents -- both in colour and personality. Her mother, Rose, is blue cream and determined; her father, Elvis Stojko "Gabe", is cameo (red) and white, and quiet and gentle. Put these all together and you have...Catriona!


cameo and white folded-ear male

This little guy is the spittin' image of his dad (almost...) with the personality to match. See how gentle he is with his sister, Duffy, in the picture above. Do many brothers put their arms around their sisters? Elvis Jr. (affectionally known as Elvi), now lives with Pat in Auburn, N.Y., where his dad was born. His sister, Duffy (below), recently joined their household.


tortie straight-ear female

Duffy is a feisty, yet lovable girl. She lives with her brother Elvi and Pat in Auburn, NY.


brown mactabby straight-ear male

Mackenzie is a gentle kitten, loves to be in on all the fun around the house, and is deadly in his speed and accuracy in attacking the many toys and wands that they play with.

Mackenzie has found a home in Mississauga, Ontario, with Bev & Duart, and their animal friends.



Born: January 5, 2001
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM

blue-cream straight-ear female

Kira is a sweet, chubby little girl who loves to play-fight with her brothers and sister. She was the only straight-ear in her litter. Her soft, extremely plush blue coat with spots of cream is so inviting to touch. Kira now lives with Jeff, Irene and Alexander in Elora, Ontario. Hear what they have to say about this little girl...


Black smoke folded-ear male / Blue & white folded-ear male

These 2 boys do everything together -- where you see one, you see the other... Rory is a cuddly lap kitty, whereas Glen would rather sit beside you. Now they live in Hollywood, Maryland with Andrea and Brian. They'll have twice the fun...Here's what their new life is like...

cream and white mackerel tabby folded-ear female

Arabel has taken lessons from her older sister, Skye, on what it takes to be a good show cat. For more details about Arabel's recent accomplishments and on her new life in France, check out her own page.



Born: November 8, 2001
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM

blue-patched mactabby and white SH FE female

Bonnie is a very friendly girl, seeking out human companionship whenever she can get it. When she was younger, she was simply too busy to sit down, but now she'll ask for petting and cuddling. She also gets along with all the other cats, Scotty was her favorite. Bonnie had a great start on the show circuit, and now she's back at it again. Check out her show page. Bonnie now lives with her brother, MacGregor (below), Heather and Morley in Toronto. What's her new life like? Let's see...

cameo mactabby LH FE male

MacGregor is a happy little guy, outgoing, affectionate, and loves to tussle with his sisters. He now lives with Heather, Morley and Jenn in Toronto, and is keeping them amused and busy playing with him. He now has his sister Bonnie living with him and is very happy with his playmate. See what they have to say about him...

dilute calico and white LH FE female

Curstaidh is a quiet girl, but as she matures, she is becoming more assertive. She likes to sit off to the side and watch the activity. That is, until the wands come out; then she'll play as hard as her sister, Bonnie. Curstaidh earned several Kitten rosettes at her first show in Ancaster, Ontario.



Born: May 1, 2002
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM

Kinross Blue Lace of Kerrilee
blue mackerel tabby SE female

This little girl is extremely independent -- just like her mom! Lacey has left Kinross Cattery to join Kerrilee Cattery in Toronto, Ontario.


Kinross Hughey of Farrar
blue silver mackerel tabby folded-ear male

Hughey was the only fold in the litter. He is a friendly boy who loves to play and look cute. Hughey now lives with Lisa in London, Ontario.


black & white straight-eared male

This little guy is a sweet boy. He is the most laid-back kitten in the litter, but loves to play. He especially likes to jump on his sister. Orion has joined Posie in his new home with Maggie & Alan in Toronto. Let's see how they're doing...


Born: December 8, 2002
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM


This little folded-ear short-hair calico girl is an active, mischievous sweetheart. She is the leader of this litter, always the first to try something new. She has gone to her new home in Toledo, and we hear that she is a bold little girl, fitting right into her new surroundings. Here are some stories that we are getting...

Kinross James Stewart

This little guy is a short-hair silver mactabby and white folded-ear boy who loves to climb the cat tree, and then find a comfy spot to sleep.

Stewie now lives with Rachelle in Toronto, Ontario. We hear that he is extremely affectionate, and he loves visitors, especially when they pet him and give him LOTS of attention. What do Stewie's new humans think of him?

Lindsay Skye

Lindsay is a blue-cream long-hair folded-ear girl. She loves to cuddle in your arms, and her soft coat is warm and inviting to pet. She loves to be where the action is, and the kitchen is a favorite spot.

Lindsay Skye now lives with Janice in New Jersey, and she's purring up a storm there... Let's see what Janice has to say about this girl...


This little guy is a blue mactabby and white long-hair folded-ear boy who has the sweetest look on his face. He loves to be picked up and cuddled, but his favorite activity is jumping on his brother, Stewart. Riley now lives in Calgary, Alberta, with Rebecca. They say he is affectionate and fun-loving. Let's read more about him...