*affectionately known as Skye
*blue mactabby folded-ear female

Born: December 26, 1999
Dam: Petagaye's England Rose of Kinross
Sire: GRC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross

Skye is an adorable girl, with large amber eyes that reflect her keen interest in the world around her. Her soft long blue coat stays neat and clean, and is so soft when you pet her. She loves to play and will seek out any opportunity to have a good time; either with the other kittens or with the laser light; and the bed mice don't stand a chance when she's around. The "sweet look" that is so important in the face of the Scottish Fold is very evident on Skye. A sweet girl she certainly is.

Litter #1 - February 6, 2003



Congratulations to Kinross Blue Skye upon receiving the coveted title of Grand Champion in CFA!
This was accomplished in two shows:
Schenectady, NY (September 16-17, 2000) and Syracuse, N.Y (September 23-24, 2000).

CCA's Best Longthair Scottish Fold for 2000-2001
CCA's 12th Best Cat in Region 1 for 2000-2001

CFA's Best Longhair Scottish Fold in the Great Lakes Region for 2000-2001
CFA's National 4th Best Longhair Scottish Fold for 2000-2001

ISFA Region 4 Best Longhair Kitten for 2000-2001
ISFA National 6th Best Longhair Kitten for 2000-2001
ISFA Region 4 Best Longhair Cat for 2000-2001
ISFA National 4th Best Longhair Cat for 2000-2001

Granded in CCA on March 18, 2001


The December cat is a happy-go-lucky puss
that will prove a diligent mouser and entertaining character.