Born: March 1, 2002

Dam: CH Deekay Dorothy's Ruby Slipp'ears
Sire: Kinross Sterling Cross of Kerrilee



This little calico straight-eared kitten is an active and vocal girl. She is turning into a sweet, friendly girl, and likes to curl up on a willing lap...or her brother! {see below} Cammie now lives with Wayne & Karen.



GP Kinross DK Lloyd Alexand'ear
* affectionately called DK {stands for Don's Kitty}

DK is a folded-ear red and white mactabby boy. He was the smallest kitten at birth, but now ties with his brother for the heaviest! He is the most cuddly of the four, taking any chance he can to "reach out and touch" and will fall asleep in our arms if given the chance. But when it's playtime, watch out!

DK has joined the household of Don & Mary in Rhode Island, along with Wally (PR Kinross Sir Walter Scott and DK. He has already charmed them {let's see how...} with his constant purring, cuddling and buddha sitting! Let's go and check on him in his new surroundings...


Kinross Silv'ear Lining
* affectionately called Sylvie
*silver patched mactabby and white female

Sylvie is an active kitten who loves to play with her siblings. She is keenly interested in everything that goes on around her. She's trying to help the Toronto Maple Leafs score that winning goal! She will be ready for her first kitten show in a few weeks. See more pictures of Sylvie on her own webpage.

Kinross James Boswell
* affectionately called Boz
* red mactabby and white male

This straight-eared red and white mactabby boy is a sweetheart. He loves everybody. He loves to play hard, tussling with his brother and sisters. But what he likes the most is to chase the tinsel/feather wand! Click on the picture {where he's standing in front of the ribbons} to see what happens!!

Boz now lives with Lauren & Tom in Massachusetts. Let's go and see {and hear} what he's up to...

Here's Boswell in his new home:

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