Born: November 17, 2007

Dam: Kinross Cutie Honey of Foldy
 GC Kinross Jeff Gordon of Foldy

Kinross Duncan Ben MacIntyre

Duncan is a brown mackerel tabby and white van boy. He has long-hair and folded ears. He is extremely friendly and loves to play with anything!

Duncan went to his first kitten show recently. He loved the show and thought it was great to have all this attention. Duncan now lives with Mary & Don in Rhode Island. He shares his new home with three other Kinross cats: Wally, DK and Mikey.

Here's what they are saying... Here is Duncan now:



Kinross Rosina (aka Goldie)

This is a red and white straight-eared girl. She takes after her grandmother, Angel, with her beautiful ear furnishings. Goldie is a sweet, lovable kitten who loves to play. She is the only girl among four boys. She is planning on staying at Kinross. Check out her own page.


Kinross Sherman

Sherman is a cream van boy. He has straight ears and long hair. He has a wonderful round head and very solid body. We called him Sherman because he was built like a tank...and the name stuck! He is extremely friendly and LOVES to be cuddled.

He is now all grown up and living in Russia.

Angus MacLeod

Angus is a blue tabby and white boy with straight ears. He is a very active boy who loves to check everything out. He loves to jump on his brothers and sister.

Angus now lives with Victoria in Mississauga, along with his housemates Simba and Artoo (another Kinross cat). What are they saying?


Brody is a brown van boy. He has straight ears and long hair. He is always trying to cuddle up with someone, whether it is another cat or a human.

Brody now lives with Montana in Mississauga. He shares his home with two dogs, one small and one large. We hear he is getting along with everyone very well! Here's what they're saying...

1. Angus seems to be doing just fine. He weighs almost 5 pounds which is good but now we're afraid he's going to be one huge cat! Artoo beats him up but he's beginning to stand his ground and rolls over most of the time. Artoo is the one making all the racket which makes one think someone is getting hurt. Right now, Angus is sleeping in the bathroom sink while Artoo is 5 feet away sleeping on my dresser. Sometimes they share the dresser but not for long.

1. "IN".

-In the tub
-In the 'fridge
-In the pots and pans cupboard

He's so cute!

2. I took Duncan to the drug store in the stroller today. He was a big hit. Everyone ooo-ed and ahh-ed, and he acted like a little prince accepting the admiration of his subjects. I even took him out of the stroller and let the pharmacy assistant pet him. Now he's just exhausted and dozing in the sun. The other boys have been asleep all day and don't even know we went!

3. When we brought Duncan home, we were shocked to discover that he doesn't much care for chicken. A fold without chicken? How could this be? We soon found out. One evening we were eating dinner on the coffee table in front of the game. Duncan jumped on the table, grabbed a piece of my salad, then ran off with it. I was shocked. The next thing I knew, he was crying and jumping on the counters every time I pulled out a head of lettuce. Then came the tomatoes. I was chopping tomatoes, and he started doing his crying act. I gave him a bit thinking to gross him out and quiet him down. Not our Dunc! Oh no! He wolfed that tomato down, then begged for more. (Which he didn't get.) At Fourth of July dinner, he demanded watermelon. Then yesterday, I came into the kitchen to find that he had unwrapped a loaf of my homemade banana bread, and was chowing down on it. The banana bread went into the 'fridge, and I went on an errand. When I came home, Don had Duncan in one hand and half eaten package of hot dog rolls in the other. We thought we might have a vegetarian, tree hugging feline here, and I started to search for little kitty Birkenstocks on the web. Then tonight, he helped himself to some heavily seasoned, peppery steak. I think I have this figured out. Forget the Birkenstocks. We have Alton Brown's cat! And Alton is NOT getting him back!


1. Just thought I'd sent some recent pictures of Brody. We received your card and my daughter was thrilled...thanks!! Brody is such a fun cat...we all adore him!!




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