*affectionately known as Mikey
*blue classic tabby and white male

Born: June 2, 2004
GC Kinross The Littlest Angel
Valafold's Rowdy Roddy Pipe'ear

Mikey has just become our newest CFA Grand! He achieved this distinction at the Bedford, NH show on July 23, 2005. Many thanks go to Mary for showing this special boy so well!

Mikey is a one-of-a-kind boy. His zest for life is evident in everything he does. That exuberance, however, sometimes gets him into trouble, but he always seems to nonchalantly shrug it off and go on with living! "Mikey likes life" is an understatement; it's more like "Mikey embraces life with the greatest gusto a Scottish Fold can muster!"

At the same time that Mikey is portraying his mischievous side, he also has a gentle and mellow side. He will purr endlessly, kneading any soft surface as if it was made just for him!

Mikey's new home is in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, with Mary, Don, DK and Wally.

Recent Accomplishments:

2005 - 2006

Scottish Fold Breed Council:
National 2nd Best LH Scottish Fold In Premiership

National Best LH Scottish Fold In Premiership
Region 1 - Best LH Scottish Fold In Premiership

2004 - 2005

National 6th Best Longhair Scottish Fold Kitten
Region 4 - 2nd Best Longhair Scottish Fold Kitten

Here's Mikey in his new home:


The June cat is energetic and intelligent,
interested in everything and everyone,
he hates being shut in.