Born: October 1, 2004

Dam: CH Deekay Dorothy's Ruby Slipp'ears
Sire: Valafold's Rowdy Roddy Pipe'ear



This is a folded-ear red and white mackerel tabby boy. He is the largest kitten in the litter. He loves to play with the furry mice and is a great soccer player with the ping-pong balls. He is extremely affectionate and will turn on his purr instantly.

Darwin now lives with Tanya and Mike in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We're looking forward to hearing how he is charming them...

Here's Darwin in his new home:


"Tigger Too"

Tigger is a folded-ear red and white classic tabby boy. He is an affectionate little boy who will ask to be picked up and cuddled. He is adorable with the little tear-drop marking on his nose.

Tigger now lives with Michelle in Toronto, Ontario. She says that she's not getting much work done, or getting much sleep...

Here's Tigger in his new home:




 This little girl is a straight-ear red and white classic tabby. She is the leader in her litter; usually the first to try new things. She is afraid of nothing, even the older cats do not intimidate her. But she is also extremely friendly and will cuddle with us until it's time to play again.

Macy now lives with Lawrie in Toronto, Ontario; she now has an older brother and sister to play with. We're looking forward to hearing how she's getting along with them...

Here's Macy in her new home:


GC Kinross Mist 'O The Moor of Wodfold
aka "Misty"

 This little girl is a folded-ear red and white mackerel tabby. She is extremely friendly, and her favorite spot is in our lap. She has gone to Jacksonville, Florida, to live with Lizz and her feline friends. You can see more pictures and information on her own page. She has gone to several shows and feels very comfortable there. Here are some things that she has to say . . .



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