Born: August 9, 2007

Dam: Karraway Lil Orphn Annie of Kinross, DM

Sire: CH Kinross Highlander


Taz is a blue tabby and white, long hair, straight-ear boy. He is an active, fun-loving boy. He is very friendly and gets along with everyone.

He now lives in Mount Albert, Ontario with Eric and his family. We hear that he is doing very well there. Here's what they are saying:

Thank you for the Birthday card that you sent to Cashmere for his Aug 9th Birthday. We had actually changed his name shortly after we got him
and he is now called " Taz " due to the fact that he races through the house. I have included some pictures and as you will see he is very happy with his new home and we are very happy to have him. I must say that there is not a day that goes by that all of us love to play with him and he makes us laugh with some of the crazy things that he does. Most of the nights he sleeps with myself and my wife and it tends to become a fight with him for pillow space. He loves to look out our front window at the birds, I think the birds like to tease him. We have a large tree in front of our window and there was a birds nest in it that drove him crazy for months. Thank you again for Taz, he is a very special cat to all of us.


Romeo is a blue tabby, shorthair, straight-ear boy. He loves to jump on his brother. He also likes to play with the metallic wand. He will curl up on our lap when he's tired. Romeo gets along very well with all the other cats in the house, and teaches the little kittens how to use the hammock as a trampoline!

Romeo now lives in Lincoln, Rhode Island with Lisa & Mike's family. He shares his new home with another cat, Roxie, and is even trying to be top cat! Roxie bops him on the head to remind him who is really top cat!

updated April 18, 2008