GP Kinross Nicole Hudson

Born: May 25, 2014

Dam: Kinross Sheona, DM
Sire: GC MacGilli Duke-of-Argylle of Kinross

Nicole is a short-hair, silver patched classic tabby and white girl. She is a sweet girl who never put up with anything from her brothers. She was definitely the boss of that litter. Nicole now lives with Pat in Auburn, NY. Pat named Nicole after Nicole Hudson who is part of the Celtic Thunder group. She has fit in very well into her new home and bosses her older brothers/cousins around.

Nicole has been making the rounds at various shows, and is quite comfortable among all the commotion. Nicole became a Grand Premier at the Genesee Cat Fanciers show in Brockport, NY, on March 7/8, 2015. Thanks, Pat, for showing this pretty girl!