GP Kinross A Wee Dram

Born: May 25, 2014

Dam: Kinross Sheona
Sire: GC MacGilli Duke-of-Argylle of Kinross

Stevie is a long-hair silver classic tabby and white boy. He was always the largest kitten in the litter. Stevie is a perfect example of what the Scottish Fold should look like...wide expressive eyes, tightly folded ears, solid stocky body and a broad, round head. On top of all this, Stevie is a kind and gentle boy who is proving to be a perfect big brother to Jasmina. He has learned to give Bonnie lots of space, and MacGregor keeps an eye on all the antics. Stevie's human dad Morley takes lots of photographs. Here are some more pics of Stevie, his feline housemates, as well birds and flowers.

Stevie became a Grand Premier at the Just Cat-In Around show in Melvindale, MI on April 11, 2015. Way to go, Stevie! Thank you to Heather for showing this boy amazingly well!