Born: March 4, 2007
Dam: GC Kinross, DM
 MacGilli's Oliv'ear Twist of Kinross


Kinross Mavis MacKenzie

This girl is a long-hair, folded-ear kitten. She is the funniest kitten in the litter, always doing things that make us laugh. Mavis now lives in Oyster Bay, NY with Eileen, Chris, Patrick and Tallulah. We hear that she is continuing her mischievous ways and keeping everyone entertained.

Kinross Matilda of Waterdew

Matilda is a long-hair, straight-ear girl. She is a black and white van, which means that she is predominantly white, with a black tail and a black spot on her head. She and her sister Mavis are always up to something. But she is a sweet and friendly girl who gets along with everyone.

Matilda now lives in Israel with Meital at Waterdew Cattery.


Genevieve is a brown mactabby, short-hair, straight-ear girl. She is active and fun-loving. She loves to play and run. She is a solid girl, and is the largest kitten in the litter.

Genevieve now lives with Madeleine in Virginia.


Mysti is a brown mactabby, folded-ear, shorthair girl. She is a sweet and cuddly girl. But she also loves to jump on her sisters and make a mad dash up the cat tree.

Mysti now lives with Sharada and her family in Toronto, Ontario. They say she is fitting in very well.


This is the only boy in the litter. He is a sweet, laid-back kitten. He is a brown mactabby with short hair and folded ears.

Squez now lives with Rosie and Will in Buffalo, NY. He and Annie's girl, Ion, now live together there.

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