GC NW Kinross Brannigan

Born: February 20, 2009

GC Kinross, DM
MacGilli's Oliv'ear Twist of Kinross

Brannigan was very busy as a kitten. He was out on the show circuit almost every week for 4 months, travelling far and wide. Tina and Joan showed this gorgeous boy for his entire kitten career, and did a super job! He made many Best Kitten finals, with several Best Kitten in Show awards. He was a great traveller, and looked forward to the treats that he knew were coming when he was finished with each judge. Thank you so much, Tina & Joan, for your dedication and love in making this kitten a winner!

Brannigan finished his kitten show career as 19th Best Kitten in CFA!

Brannigan granded at the Dayton Cat Fanciers show in Dayton, OH on November 14, 2009 - a 2-show Grand!!

We are so proud of you, Brannigan!

Recent Accomplishments:

CFA: 19th Best Kitten 2009/2010

ISFA: Best Shorthair Kitten