Kinross Hanna

Born: June 29, 2011

Dam: Kinross Good Golly Miss Molly
Sire: GC, BW, NW Kinross James McGlynn

Hanna is a silver tabby and white straight-ear girl. She is a wonderful example of what a straight-ear Scottish Fold should look like. Hanna will be staying here at Kinross.

Litter #1 - October 29, 2012

Litter #2: June 3, 2014

Born: October 29, 2012

Dam: Kinross Hanna
Sire: GC Kinross Jack Frost

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Stormy was born during Hurricane Sandy that blew through the night of October 29, 2012. She is a blue tabby and white long-hair girl with straight ears. There was only one kitten in the litter, so Mom Hanna is giving her all her attention.

Stormy integrated easily into life with all the other cats. She is totally fearless. She has no idea that she is smaller than everyone else! She has picked Rosie to be her buddy and big sister!

Stormy now lives with Karen and Mary in Lebanon, NJ. She shares her home with Dixie, a mellow Chinese Shar-Pei. Within the first 24 hours of meeting Dixie, Stormy was asking her to play. Here are some pics of her new life with Karen & Mary:

What they're saying about Stormy:

Your WILD CHILD is home safe & sound & exploring her new digs!! She is the toast of the town on facebook with more likes than we can count. She is fearless rubbing up against the dog & bugging her to play .
Dixie is gentle and Stormy has rubbed up against her, they have kissed each other and seem to be working it out. Stormy thinks it is fun to chase and be chased. We make sure she has a safe retreat area so she isn't overwhelmed or frightened. But she can stand her ground & glad to see it! They are starting to get tired and now is the first time I have seen Stormy relax and taking some time out... (Believe it or not)
Her ears are now proportional with her face. She is getting more muscle vs baby fat, gets lots and lots of activity, and has the sweetest personality. When you pick her up she is relaxed, no claws ever and when she wants down and has had enough she just tells you. Incredibly soft voice, not very loud at all. She is a water child and plays with the kitchen faucet, then stands up in the small sink where a wooden cutting board is placed, to look out outside the window at the river birch and bird feeders. Yet she is still all kitten, with that sideways "run-hop" at the speed of light. Every day she makes us laugh. .



Born: June 3, 2014

Dam: Kinross Hanna
GC, RW Kinross Eragon

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Claymore is a singleton, but he was never lacking for companionship! His mom Hanna was with him 24/7. Once he met the other kittens, he bonded instantly with them. This boy was fearless. And friendly! Always in our face, on our laps, under our feet!

Claymore went to a few shows, but he decided that he would rather spend time looking out windows and playing with humans. He's living with Lauren and Jonathan in Pennsylvania now. After an initial adjustment period, he's fitting in just fine.

What they're saying about Claymore:

I'm happy to report Claymore is doing much better! He is eating dry and wet food and socializing both with us and Peyton. He enjoys looking out the window and sitting at the table and on the sofa with us and playing with the many toys he has. I started a new job on Monday, and things have been a bit hectic. This weekend is the first time they've been left alone together, and it's been fine. We'll send you a few photos either today or later this week.
Claymore is doing so well!!! He loves sitting on my lap when we are in the family room and he sits on the chair next to Jonathan and me when we eat. He waits outside my door in the morning and we cuddle before I go downstairs to make lunch for Jonathan. Jonathan's bedroom door is open and sometimes he sleeps with Jonathan and sometimes he sleeps in the cooler family room. He is very vocal and super affectionate. We ADORE him and he seems very happy. He and Peyton play together and sometimes curl up together and groom each other. Peyton bosses him around, except when it comes to food; then he steals her food and hogs the dry food dish a bit! He loves the catnip bow Ev made for him and when Jonathan gives it to him he rubs his face against it and purrs (we keep it in a drawer so Peyton doesn't take it and hide it). The squirrels where we live eat pumpkins, so we put pumpkins out in the snow and Claymore sits by the big picture window and watches "squirrel tv". I am so glad we got him sooner than expected; I think he missed you, Ev and Ewan terribly at first but he now loves his forever family. But if you ever want to skype or FaceTime to see him we are happy to do so.