Cream Mackerel Tabby & White Longhair Male
aka "Kotter"

Born: January 4, 2005
Rum Gully's Dottie McPherson, DM
IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM

Kotter gets his name from his dad, Gabriel. The TV series' main actor's (Kotter) real name was Gabe Kaplan, and because Kotter looked so much like his dad, we wanted to pay tribute to "our" Gabe by naming his son after him. Kotter has definitely taken many characteristics from his dad: his gentleness, his coloring, his wide expressive eyes, his captivating show presence, and his affinity and friendliness with both his human family and his feline companions.

He has accomplished his goal of becoming a Grand Premier in CFA at the Hamburg, NY show on November 26, 2005. This will complete his show career, and he has now found his special "forever" home where he can be pampered, and where he can return that love to those around him. He lives with Carole, Bill, Alex and Kenzie in Paris, Ontario.


"The intuitive January cat can be a loyal and trustworthy companion."