Born: December 28, 2010

Dam: Kinross Good Golly Miss Molly, DM
Sire: GC, BW, NW Kinross James McGlynn

You can follow their progress from birth to present on Facebook here.


Junip'ear (Junie)

Junie is a blue and white bicolour girl with folded ears and long hair. She is an extremely sweet girl.
One minute she is active and dashing around in a frenzy, the next minute she cuddles up and wants to be loved.

Junie is now living in Kentucky. The picture below was taken on her trip to her new home. Read how she's fitting into her new home...

Kinross Shakeara

Shakeara is a blue tabby and white folded-ear, long-hair girl. This little girl is the troublemaker in this litter. She can mix it up with her brothers and the other kittens quite quickly. But she can also be the sweetest, most loving, most affectionate kitten when she's ready for loving. She has attended several shows already and is doing quite well. Go to her own page...

Pussy Willo

Willo is very similar in look to Junie. You had to look at their face to tell them apart. Willo has the blue markings going over her right eye; Junie over the left. They are also similar in their personalities.

Willo now lives with Linda and Mike in Cambridge, Ontario. She now has a new brother, Taco. She has settled in very well. Here's an update...


Kinross Steven Tyl'ear

Stevie is a blue and white bicolour boy. He also has folded ears and long hair. He is the largest kitten in the litter, with his round head and tightly folded ears. He has been to a few shows already. He now has his own page.

Wallace (Wally)

Wally is a blue van boy, with folded ears and long hair. He loves to mix it up with his sister Shakeara. He is very affectionate; he will jump up on our laps and beg to be petted.

Wally now lives in Wisconsin with LuAnn and Jeff, and their resident felines. Here's the update on his new life there...


#1 - Well we certainly have an adorable knock your socks off pussy cat. My girlfriends went nuts, his parents & relatives plus the techs at the Vet. She had her checkup & socialized as usual. She sits between the shower
curtains to make sure you come out! Sits in the sink & lets the water drip on her head. Brave..she ventures into pug land & goes up on the sofa. They haven't figured her out (small,fluffy, ears don't stick up) what is she? She leaps over the baby gate if she wants away from them. Very intelligent, show her once & she's got it!
Taco & her are playing & sit looking outside. They both like to watch U tube cat videos. She likes her quiet privacy either under the tread mill or under the bed skirt. I comb her & we all have play time before we go to bed. We just love her!!!!!! Can't get enough of that little face. She meows loudly, softly & silently, she's so sweet & cuddly. Bought the food you suggested & she's doing fine. Thank you for our beautiful little Pussy Willo.

#2: Our baby Pussy-Willo is really growing into a beautiful girl. She has a white ruff that comes to a point like a lion, pale shaded almost stripes on her sides, fluffy britches I guess you call them & a various coloured plume tail. Tufts on her ears & feet are still there. She is very cuddly in the morning & wraps around my neck like a fur collar. She can give you an "Amy" look & really belt out a strong meow if she is in the mood!! She is earning her keep. Since she can't mouse or bird catch, she discovered after many trips to the drapes a nasty nest of ants on the floor. Good kitty!! We kept wondering what the fascination was & she was trying to tell us. She has done a great job of bringing Taco out of his shell. He stayed so close to Niko in the bedroom while he was sick, he wouldn't come out with the pugs. Now they lay in the window, play tag, fetch & they are all together. At 4 pm it's so cute all four of them line up for cat treats. They are not allowed to steal each others & they just show up at 4. We take the pugs for a short walk & by around 10-10:30 Willo & Taco get up on the bed for play time. Sometimes Taco just watches her, she's so energetic & funny. Willo & the pugs. She lays on the sofa between them or on them. No fear. Imagine Dino's face when she decided to share his supper! He's 30 lbs. I scooped her up just in case but they have her figured out. She plays tag with Lilo, & sometimes Lilo gives me "the look" when I call Willo my little Princess. Woops! I have cut her nails & left the little tufts not without fussing of course but she doesn't mind combing. She has the back gate figured out & gone to the back door. I hung a mat on it & it's sort of working for now. I have to keep a large glass lid on the side of the stove she liked to jump up on. She thought she'd help Mike cut & share pizza one night. The lid has discouraged her. I moved my figurines from the TV as they became a batting game!! I'd forgotten what it was like to have a toddler in the house!! She's just a sweetheart with personality & those beautiful copper eyes. She's brought new life & fun to all of us.

#1:Wally did great on the trip home we had him in the cage until Chicago and then I went in the back seat with him. He checked out the back seat and then went back in the cage and laid with his head on the edge of the cage and slept. He still has to get my three girls to accept him but he was just checking out the house yesterday after we got home. He slept with us and later in the afternoon we let him roam the house again and the girls are a little more comfortable. He sure does have a voice and uses it a once in a while during exploring. I am sure he will quiet down after he gets used to everything. So far so good no fights and just a few hisses.

#2: Well Wally is getting along better with the girls. He just ignores them and two of them don't seem to care about him. The one still lets him know once in awhile she is not happy with him but is following him the most. He comes for his loving at least once a day and the motor sure is loud. He just seems to go with the flow and not let things bother him. He still talks now and then but not as much as before. It actually helps us figure out where he is as he goes from the finished basement to the upstairs. Jeff said the other day Wally was so interested in the computer printer as he printed lotsof pages Jeff had to laugh at him as he watched it. He still runs when he hears different noises but once he figures out what it is he comes back. He sure loves the feather wand we have and knows right where we keep it. We love having him as he is a great cat. Thanks for letting us become his new owners.

#1: Wanted to give you a little update on Junie. She is doing great!!!! Fitting in just fine and actually trying to take over. I think it is just a matter of time until she is the boss. She sleeps with us most night but still tends to be a busy girl at night also!!! She is very vocal, which I love and we have a wonderful conversation in the mornings when I am getting ready for work. She is into everything these days, including the bathtub!!! She fell in but did well and didn't panic too bad. She then licked herself for a couple of hours!!! She is a babydoll and we love her very much.




Updated June 2011