Born: April 28, 2012

Dam: Kinross Good Golly Miss Molly, DM
Sire: GC Kinross Jack Frost

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Kinross White Rose

Rosie is a white folded-ear, short-hair girl. She is an active girl who loves to tear around and get into trouble. Here is Rosie's own page.


Kinross MacCloud of Intrepid

This little fellow is a white straight-ear, short-haired boy. He has a solid body and a great coat. Mac is now gone to Iowa.


Lord McDuff

This boy was the largest kitten in the litter since the start. He is an all-white, long-hair, straight-ear. We thought that he was going to have folded-ears, but at the last minute, they went straight. He is a loving boy who loves to eat! McDuff now lives in Waterloo, Ontario with Lloyd & Trish. He is successfully making friends with Sierra Blue, a Himi girl.


Kelli is a long-hair, straight-ear black and white van kitten. She is probably the most calm and laid-back of all of them. But when she wants to move, she can really move! She now lives in Siberia.


Mya is a long-hair, straight-eared black and white girl. She has too many black spots on her body to be considered a van. She and her sister, Tia, now live together in Brantford, Ontario with Lynn & Ron. Here are some updates. You can see a picture of them together now in their new home below.


Tia is a black and white van. She also has straight-ears and a long coat. She was the smallest kitten in the litter when they were born, but she developed normally, and became the largest girl in the litter.

Tia now lives with her sister, Mya, in Brantford, Ontario.


Tia & Mya:

#1 We so love them and are great company for me when Ron is away. It was the right decision to get them.

#2 I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much we love these 2. They are our little Angels. The little one seems to be smarter & the boss. She will steal Tia's food after she quickly mauws her own down. I have to stay while they eat so Tia gets her share. Tia plays with the plastic springs & carries them around in her mouth. Mya has a fuzzy ball that she carries around & when I hear her crying
loudly, I know she has it in her mouth & looking for us to throw it for her to fetch. She runs & gets it then brings it back, dropping it in front of us to throw again. She started this game herself.
I just want so say how grateful I am that we could take both of them. They are deeply loved by us & everyone who sees them!

#3 I have sent the pic to all our friends to show them off. They have brought such joy into our lives.




Updated January 2013