GC Kinross White Rose

Born: April 28, 2012

Dam: Kinross Good Golly Miss Molly, DM
Sire: GC Kinross Jack Frost

Rosie is an all-white, short-hair girl. She has many similarities to her grandmother, Amy, but her true personality (and, obviously, colour) comes from her father, Jack. She is totally adorable, friendly and, like most kittens, into any trouble she can find.

Rosie is now a Grand Championship. She obtained this status at the Cleveland Persian Society Cat Show in Parma, OH.

The pictures below were taken by Yuriy Ilnytskyy at the Parma, OH show in early October 2012. Thank you Yuriy, for these terrific pictures!

Rosie now lives with Sandy in Rochester, NY, and having a great time!



Recent Accomplishments

3rd Best of Breed Scottish Fold - Shorthair
Best Solid Color Scottish Fold - Shorthair

Great Lakes Region:
Best Solid Color Scottish Fold - Shorthair
Best Scottish Fold - Shorthair
Best Scottish Fold - Shorthair Kitten

Great Lakes Region Best Shorthair Cat in Championship
Great Lakes Region Best Shorthair Kitten
National 3rd Best Shorthair Cat in Championship
National 3rd Best Shorthair Kitten

Scottish Fold Breed Council:
Third Best Shorthair Cat in Championship
Third Best Shorthair Kitten

Update from Rosie's new mom: Rosie is a delight!! She makes me smile and laugh all day with her antics. You were certainly right about her being a good eater. Seems she loves fish fry, filet, shrimp, veal French and a small vanilla sundae with whipped cream of course on Saturday nights......actually she looks for a taste of everything we cook or bring home from a restaurant! However, she plays so hard, I don't think she is gaining weight....that's a good thing.

She is very smart! She must have seen me put her springs, when I find them, in a basket I have on the center island. This morning all but one of the springs, which was buried under something else, were gone. I am starting to find them now. She must have taken them all, but the one, out of the basket during the night.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity of having a Scottish Fold. What a wonderful breed!!