Born: March 18, 2003

Dam: CH Deekay Dorothy's Ruby Slipp'ears
Sire: Valafold's Rowdy Roddy Pipe'ear


This little guy is active, yet cuddly when he wants attention. He and his brother, who looks very similar, love to play together. He will purr the minute you pick him up and will curl up on your shoulder. He is a red and white classic tabby straight-eared boy. He now shares a new home in Ottawa, Ontario, with Johanna and two other feline housemates. Here's what Joanna has to say...

Here's Ceri in his new home:



This is the other boy in the litter. He is not quite as active as his brother, but still loves to play and tussle. He is a red and white classic tabby straight-eared boy. He and his brother love to be together.

He has just met his new housemates, Heather and Angus. They all live with Dianna and Frank in Kitchener, Ontario. Let's see how he's doing...


The only girl in the litter is a red mackerel tabby and white straight-ear. She is the leader of the litter. Although she is active and playful, she, too, will curl up on your lap after she has played and eaten. She has just joined Zachary and Timothy as the baby of the family. Sue, from Burlington, Ontario, tells us how they're getting along...

Here are some pictures of Riley (and Zachary) in her new home:

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