GP, RW Kinross Sean Conn'eary of Highlander

Born: May 18, 2008

GC Kinross, DM
MacGilli's Oliv'ear Twist of Kinross

Sean is a long-hair brown mackeral tabby and white boy. He has his father's color as well as his wide, round eyes and solid body. He has his mother's tightly folded ears.

Sean is currently busy going to shows. His show presence and acceptance to all the pre-show activities make him an ideal kitten to show. He is keeping close records of all his wins, as he is looking for a coveted National or Regional win as a kitten.

Sean became a Grand Premier at the Siamese Alliance of America show in Lebanon, PA on May 23, 2009. The show was a one-day, 6-ring show, and Sean accumulated all the points he needed in the first 4 rings! Way to go,

Thanks to Teresa and Edwin for showing this boy to a one-show Grand!

Recent Accomplishments:

CFA - Region 4:
10th Best Kitten
Best of Breed Long-Hair Scottish Fold Kitten

CFA Breed Council:
Best Long-Hair Scottish Fold Kitten

National Best Long-Hair Scottish Fold Kitten
Region 4 Best Long-Hair Scottish Fold Kitten


The May cat loves his home and his food;
the ideal pet for the loyal cat lover.