Born: February 20, 2009
Dam: GC Kinross, DM
 MacGilli's Oliv'ear Twist of Kinross

GC Kinross Brannigan

Brannigan is a folded-ear, short-hair boy. He is a brown classic tabby van. He is the most laid-back kitten in the litter. His favorite toy is the tinsel wand.

Brannigan now lives with Tina & Joan in Ohio. Here are the updates...

Brannigan is now a Grand Champion in CFA. He had a riot going to lots of shows. Check out his own page.


Poppy is a straight-ear, short-hair girl. She is a brown mackeral tabby and white. She is very affectionate and easy-going. Her favorite toys are the tinsel wand and any thing that dangles.

Poppy now lives with Jessica in Niagara Falls, NY. Here's an update on her new life...

Here's Poppy now:

Kinross Good Golly Miss Molly

Molly is a straight-ear, long-hair girl. She is a black and white bicolor. This little girl loves to tease her siblings. She is active and playful. She is very fast when it comes to chasing the laserlight or a ball. Her delight in life is very infectious!

Molly is planning on staying at Kinross. Go to her page.

#1: Poppy is doing good. She has been eating a lot and using the litter box regularly. She definitely likes to be with us at all times and follows us into whatever room of the house we are in. At her first sighting of Skippy she puffed up her tail and hissed at him and he was a bit unsure of her. I think they just need to get to know each other. Yesterday he licked her head and they sat in the window together for a bit. Hopefully things keep getting better from here.
Look at that face.... Brannigan is doing fine. Tina says she has not gotten a bit of sleep as he purrs all night and roots in her hair and neck. He is eating like a piggy and is happy. He was fantastic for his bath, never said a word.

Page updated June, 2009