Born: October 17, 2002
Dam: Kinross Sarah Ferguson {Fergie}
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM {Gabriel}


Emma is a red mactabby and white folded-ear kitten. She is extremely friendly and spends most of her time looking cute...that is, when she's not racing around the house, or chasing her tail, or jumping on her sisters, or cuddling with her mom... (She's the one yelling for food in the picture above.)

 Emma now lives with Karine just outside of Montreal, Quebec, and shares her home with 3 other cats. We're anxious to hear how Emma is charming the household... Here's what Emma looks like now {she's taking her own picture with the webcam}.




This girl is a straight-eared cameo and white short-hair. She is an extremely active girl who loves to run! But after her activity, she will sit still long enough for mom to give her a bath...maybe. Lately she has been seeking out human attention and will fall asleep next to us.

Peaches now lives with Saira in London, Ontario, and shares her new home with another Kinross cat, Oreo.



This little girl (we call her Suzi) is a long-hair, folded-ear, red mactabby. She is a cuddly, friendly kitten, but certainly does her share of tussling and wrestling with her sisters, and is not frightened in the least by the adult cats in the house. One of the pictures above shows Suzi with her grandma Seasaidh.

Suzi recently flew to Seattle to join Denis and Peter. Let's see how she's doing...



Camelia is a long-hair, folded-ear cameo & white girl. She is posing sweetly with her SE long-hair sister, Kenzie.

Camelia is now living with Jo-Ann in Rochester, NY. and has another feline playmate, Scotch, that she's trying to make friends with. Wonder how they're doing?...

Here is Camy in her new home:



Kenzie is a long-hair classic tabby cream girl. She is one of the more active girls in the litter, and loves to play with the older kittens who are 10 days older than she is.

 Kenzie how lives with Sue and Rob in London, Ontario, and is trying to make friends with her older half-sister, Bridget. Here are some stories of her new life... Here are some pictures in her new home:


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