Blue Mackerel Tabby & White Long-Hair Male

Born: October 24, 2007
Kinross Little Dot, DM
GC, BW, NW Kinross James McGlynn

Luke is the only boy in his litter, with three sisters. He was very gentle with them, but would not hesitate to jump on them if one of them started something! Luke is extremely friendly. He loves nothing better than to shove his nose into our face and demand to be petted!

Luke is carrying on the family tradition on the show circuit. His sisters - Jann and Maddie - are already seasoned show cats with their "Grand" designation.

Luke obtained his Grand Premiership status at the Medina, Ohio show on August 23, 2008. This was a very special moment for Kinross cattery because this achievement made Luke's mother (Little Dot) a DM (Distinguished Merit). Not only that, but it made his grandmother (Dottie) and his grandfather (Gabriel) DMs as well. This was a moment that was 10 years in the making!