Born: October 7, 2002

Dam: Karraway Lil Orphn Annie of Kinross, DM
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM

aka Katie

This little silver-patched LH girl, although the last-born, is the leader of the litter. She was the first to try something different than mom's milk, and she was the first to begin exploring her surroundings. Now she's always on the go, but still loves to cuddle when she's tired. Katie attended her first show as a kitten and even made a final, bringing home her very first rosette.

Katie is now living with MacGregor & Bonnie, and Heather, Morley & Jenn in Toronto, Ontario. She has been active on the show circuit, vying with her sister, Angel, for Best of Breed ribbons. She will soon have her own web page. Here are some reports on how Katie is fitting into her new home... Katie was recently shown on CKCO-TV News showing highlights of a local show. Check out Katie on her own page...

Pictures of Katie in her new home:

aka Angel

This little girl is a folded-ear long-hair dilute calico. She is super-friendly and loves to climb up anything...your arms, legs or the sides of her cage, and, of course, into boxes and baskets. She joined her sister Katie at their first kitten show, and she, too, brought home a rosette. See more pictures on her own page.


Andy is straight-eared brown classic tabby shorthair boy. He is a gentle kitten with his sisters, but will take on his larger brother without a second thought. He is definitely a mama's boy, but is forming strong bonds with his humans.

Andy now lives with his cousin Fergie (from Floraidh's litter) in Windsor with Pat and her mom. We hear that they are becoming very good friends, and that they chase each other around a lot. Then he will sit in a willing lap and purr.



This boy is a long-hair silver van. A van is basically all white, with colour on the head and tail, and a maximum of three body spots. He is the largest kitten in the litter. He is a sweet, loving boy who will take any opportunity to play. He now lives with Gail in Barrie, Ontario. He took his littermate Zoe {see below} along with him. The two of them are often curled up on Gail's lap together. Let's see how they're doing... Scroll down to see what Gizmo looks like now...



This little girl is a folded-ear long-hair tortie and white. The term "tortie" means that the black and red colours are mottled together instead of distinct areas of black and red (which would be a calico). She is a quiet girl, but will take all the loving and attention she can get. She lives with her brother Gizmo, along with Gail in Barrie, Ontario. See above link to check out how Zoe and Gizmo are settling into their new home...

Here are Zoe & Gizmo in their new home:

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