Born: December 30, 2001

Dam: GC Kinross Floraidh
Sire: Valafold Rowdy Roddy Pipe'ear of Kinross

Red and white classic tabby with white SE female

Rosie is a very sweet, fun-loving girl. She loves to cuddle and will purr loudly at the slightest touch. Rosie now makes her home in Manitoulin Island, Ontario, with Ray and Gloria, and Jenna, a retired breeder from Kinross Cattery. They're already good friends and have lots of fun together! Let's see how she's doing now...

*affectionately known as Heather
* brown patched classic tabby and white folded-ear female

Heather was the only folded-ear kitten in the litter. She takes after her mother quite remarkably...coat colour and pattern, and many similar habits and expressions. She started her show career in June 2002; and, following in her mother's pawprints, is extremely comfortable at the shows.

Heather now lives with Dianna and Frank in Kitchener, Ontario. Her feline housemate is Angus. Heather has settled in, and from all accounts, things are progressing well. Heather attaches herself to whomever walks in the door first each evening; so there's a race to be first. Here's what they say about Heather...

Heather and Angus welcomed a new kitten into their home recently. Robbie made himself right at home, but Heather and Angus weren't too sure about this youngster. However, in time, everyone has made friends.

Here's Heather in her new home...


This girl is a cuddly sweetheart, purring all the time. Her rich red classic tabby pattern and the white chest, make up a striking coat. And with those wide round eyes looking for lots of love and attention, how can one resist petting her? She now lives with Pat and Alice in Windsor, Ontario. Here's what she says about her new life...

Fergie has welcomed a little brother, Andy {Annie's litter}, to live with her. We hear that Andy is keeping her on her toes...Here is Fergie in her new home:



Lassie and Heather were very much alike. The only difference was that Lassie has straight ears, and Heather has folded ears! Otherwise all 4 girls spent most of their time together. Lassie now lives with Ruth in Ancaster, Ontario.
Here's the latest on Lassie . . .

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