(brown classic tabby & white straight-ear female)

Born: March 10, 1999
Dam: Crosshill Firth-o-Fourth
Sire: Crosshill 6

Fiona is a sweet, quiet, well-mannered girl. Her large, expressive, amber eyes draw you toward her well-rounded head and firm body. She is a brown classic tabby and white girl, and her coat is soft and inviting. In spite of her sweet nature, and unobtrusive demeanor, she can stand her ground in any confrontation, especially when it comes to protecting her babies.

Fiona's Grands are:
GC Kinross Floraidh - Floraidh
GP Kinross Sterling Cross - Sterling
GC Kinross Jamie Salé - Jamie



Born: June 16, 2000
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM

affectionately known as "Holly"
calico folded-ear female

Holly is a sweet, soft-spoken girl with one red ear and one red & black ear that fold tightly against her head. Her bright patches of black, red and white are stunning. At first shy, Holly is beginning to display her own personality, and is becoming more confident with us and the other kittens/cats.

Her new family in New York consists of Ted and Joanne, and other animal friends. Hear what Holly has to say now...

blue mactabby straight-ear female

Mi'ya is a long-haired blue mackerel tabby. If anyone ever thought that girl cats weren't as friendly as boy cats, these girls certainly dispel that myth. Mi'ya would come up to us and, with those wide eyes filled with love, ask to be petted. She would take her "pets" and then run off to play.

Princess Mi'ya now lives with Karen and Mary in New Jersey. We received a wonderful update from Miya on her 10th birthday (June 16, 2010). She sent us this drawing of herself. Read the #3 update on this link for the latest news! Let's see how she's doing...

brown-patched classic tabby and white folded-ear female

Floraidh has her own page. Let's go and read about her, and see her babies that were born on December 30, 2001.


Born: April 3, 2001
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM

(tortie and white SE female)

They say torties have a bit of an "attitude." However, Bella is a sweet-tempered girl. Although she wants to be in on all the action, playing/fighting with her 4 brothers, she will cuddle up to us whenever we sit down. Those eyes -- copper, and oh, so round -- make her captivating and beautiful. She now lives with Justin and Jessica in Rochester, NY. See what they think of her...

(brown classic tabby and white longhair SE male)

Cujo has got to be one of the gentlest kittens around...he gets it from his dad, "Gabriel." His soft coat, with the white chest, accentuates those round expressive eyes.

Cujo with his older brother Samtoo. Barbara from Elora tells us how he's doing...

(brown classic tabby and white shorthair FE male)

Fraser is a very affectionate boy; he loves attention and needs to be with his humans all the time. Fraser flew all by himself on an airplane to Nova Scotia, where he now lives with Chad, who simply cannot live without a Scottish Fold. And Fraser is everything a good Scottish Fold is: in-your-face, quiet, playful, and, of course, handsome! Here's what Chad has to say about Fraser...


aka "Wally"
(black and white shorthair folded-ear male)

Wally is a very special boy. You can just tell by his picture that he bears his name well. His extremely friendly nature is combined with a spontaneous, fun-loving spirit. His soft and plush coat is gorgeous; those eyes and black chin draw you toward his well-rounded body. He will play until he drops...literally. He and his brother, Sterling, attended several shows together, until Mary and Don spotted him, and were not content until they owned him. Actually, the truth of the matter is...Wally owns them!

Wally now lives in Rhode Island, with his new housemates, Marbles and Checkers, and his servants, Mary & Don. See how Wally has wrapped Mary & Don around his paw! Wally now has his own home page. Check it out!

Just recently, Wally's nephew, Kinross DK Lloyd Alexand'ear, has joined the family.

(long-haired silver classic tabby folded-ear male)

Sterling is a gentle, yet very playful boy. He attended a few shows as a kitten. He didn't mind all the travelling and all the adoration, but his preference would be to stay at home and play.





Born: February 8, 2002
Sire: IGC Beepafold Elvis Stojko of Kinross, DM


* affectionately called Posie
* dilute calico folded-ear short-hair female

Posie is a talkative girl, and will voice her opinion at any time, for any reason. She was the designated "leader" in this litter, yet, after all her activity, she loved to be held and cuddled. She would reach out with her paws extended as if to say "please pick me up." Posie now lives with Maggie & Alan in Toronto, and shares her new home with Orion. We're looking forward to some interesting stories...

*calico folded-ear long-hair female

Jamie is a sweet, demure and very feminine little girl. She has a very distinctive red blaze in the middle of her forehead. She is cuddly and loves to be petted and held. Her show career started in June 2002, and on her very first day as a show kitty, she came home as the Best Kitten in Show (CCA). We knew from her very early days that this girl was destined to be a winn'ear! She now has her own page, where you can see her recent accomplishments and more pictures.

* blue patched tabby long-hair folded-ear female

Bridget is a sweet loving girl, gentle in her demeanour and affectionate with her humans. Sue and Rob, her new owners, say she is a perfect little angel. This is what Bridget looks like now. Bridget now shares her home with Kenzie, her little half-sister.

* Brown classic tabby long-hair straight-eared male

Buster has gorgeous, wide open eyes and a long and soft silky coat. He is an extra-friendly little guy who loves to interact with his humans.