Our National Winners!
GC, BW, NW Kinross James McGlynn, DM
21st Best Cat 2005/2006

GP, NW Kinross Make A Memeary of Believers
11th Best Cat in Premiership 2008/2009

GC, NW Kinross Brannigan
19th Best Kitten 2009/2010

GC, NW Kinross Sapheara
6th Best Kitten 2010/2011

GC, BW, NW Kinross Ears 2 Howie
12th Best Kitten 2011/2012

Annie is a DM
Gabriel is a DM
Dottie is a DM
Little Dot is a DM
Molly is a DM
Amy is a DM
Jimmy is a DM
Sheona is a DM

Sheona & Duke - April 21, 2015
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Upcoming Shows:
Taylor, MI: Nov 14/15
Oaks, PA: Nov. 21/22

Show Cats:
GP Kinross Nicole Hudson
GP Kinross A Wee Dram
GC, GP Kinross Ewen McGregor
Kinross Eilidh

Our latest CFA GRAND!
GC, GP Kinross Ewen McGregor